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Have been shooting again for the last three years, since my retirement. My equipment is mostly Sony/Minolta gear. Sony A100 and A700. A few of my friends along with the people on have helped me immensely. I should also mention my local camera club has helped quite a bit. I prefer shooting landscape images but also enjoy photographing animals/birds. Have not invested in a full frame as of yet but will someday soon. Photography is a great outlet/hobby. There is so much to relearn about digital camera, and the technology has come so far and has become very expensive. Not only in equipment but also the software for the post processing of your images. Like most landscape photographers I prefer to shoot at dawn or at dusk. I can't seem to shoot any decent images mid-day. But those early morning shoots are far and few between. (like to sleep in). I am thankful to all the people who have taken the time to view and critique my photos. Sometimes I scratch my head because of the ratings and wonder where I went wrong. But it just goes to show you the diversity that exists on this site. Everything is subjective, it's all in the eye of the beholder. Just have fun....

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Baby Fox @ Harringto Pk Reservoir

SlideRockStatePk Sedona Az.


Wolf Howl


Foggy Night on Boardwalk

Little Food Beggar

At the Beach Seaside Park

Red Mill Museum NJ

Blue Beauty



George Washington Bridge NJ Side

Abandoned Gravel Plant


River Walk along the Hudson

Sunset @ the Beach

Delaware River at Dusk

Bethlehem Pa.