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Valdez Landscapes

Alaska Landscapes

Alaska Wildlife

Valdez Boats & Harbor

Alaska Flora

City of Valdez

Alaska Panoramas

Thompson Pass

Trans Alaska Pipeline

Valdez May Day Fly-In

Dogs in Landscapes

Coaster Selections



Bright & Windy at Solomon Lake

Spring Water

Nice & Nasty

Powder Blue Evening

Supper Time at the Tide Flats

Spring Day at Float A

Magnetospheric Magnificence

A River Runs Through It

Tsaina River Rapids - Fall

Frigid Flow

Bay Glow

Below Zero

Arctic Willow salix artica

A Quiet Family Evening

Arc over Arch


Frigid Light

Anchored in Soft Early Light

As the Sun Comes Up

Beach Invasion




Dance of the Fireweed

Cool Shadows

Coppertone Bay

Clear the Deck the Eagle is Landing

Brushes and Palette

Enjoying the View

Drain Down


Expansive Brilliance

Fired Up

First Light over Marshall Pass

Fillerup please

Flaring with Flair

Fire in Front

Blowin in the Wind

Brilliant Ascent

Flight in Bright Light past Mountains of White

Flowing Fog

A Little Bit of Heaven

Serendipitous Serenity

Vista Veiled in Vapors

View From Within #2

Wooly Lousewort - Pedicularis kanei

Skyborne Fireweed

Morning Light at Rivers Edge

Valdez New Townsite - Early Spring

Grazing Grizzly

Thundering Down

Matanuska Valley Pan #1

Thompson Pass View from Cloud Level

Mountainous Harbor Winter #2

Still Water

Misty Harbor Morning

Moose Crossing



Karen Marie X2

Harbor Symmetry

Hit and Run Event

Winterized Harbor

Marvelous Morning

Cold Storage


Melting Down

New Valdez #2

Close Encounter of the Coyote Kind

Harbor Fog in Bright Light

Blooming Labrador Tea

Salmon Supply and Demand

Valdez Pink Salmon Seining

Hint of Matanuska

Anchored Admidst Great Splendor

Tidal View

Watching the Sun Set

Signet Soliloquy


Deva - Mountain Puppy

Deva - Mountain Puppy #2

Scenic Break

Reading the Wind

Portrait of Deva

First Snow Fever

Happiness is Fresh Snow

Breaking Trail

Looking Forward to the Climb

Dashing Deva

Glacier Girl

Munch Time


Willow Lake Vista

Fog in First Light

Fog Stream

Bronzed with Fall Capped with Winter

A Long Way Out There

All Pan Glow

At the Edge of Winter

Vaporous View

Blues & Brilliance

Long Range of Brilliance

Hiking Thompson Pass


Saturday Morning

Double the Range

Highway Gold

A Road to Rainbows


Powdered Palette


Booty Call

Morning Light on Fresh White

Spring Thaw in the Chugach

Long Lake Thaw

A Bright Future for Willows in Alaska

Mountainous Harbor - Frozen

Duck Flats Dazzle

Mountainous Harbor Winter 030710

Late Light at the Boat Harbor

Surrounded Seiner

Daylight in the Deep Freeze

Pursing the Pinks

End of a Long Day

Foggy Fishing

Holding the Hook

Towing & Plunging

Gore Point Gathering Point

Surveying Her Property

High Level Chilling

The Pause That Refreshes

Early Bird

Early Birds

Family Gathering

Family Picnic

Gossamer Grace

Happiness is a Swan Feather Pillow


Swan Soiree

Up Close and Personal

Royal Salmon Berry

Serious Attitude

Late Summer Tsaina

Autumn Tiekel

Beaver Pond Paradise

Down River 01

Shady Lane

Tsaina to Worthington 01

Last Blast

Deva and Her Colorful Carpet

Happiness is a Mountain Pond

Stopping to Smell the Roses

The Beginning of Winter

Taking It All In

Tanker Dreams

Wonder of Worthington

Tsaina River Sunlight 1

Afternoon Light & Ice

Ice Fog Sunrise


Bayside Lookout

Leaving the Scene

Cloud Sprays & Tide Pools

Pump 3 Vista

Color Capped

Orion by Moonlight

At Home on the Range

At Home on the Range

South Fork Evening

Late Light on the Wrangells

01 - A Bright Future for Willows in Alaska

02 - A Peak at the Light

03 - Access to VCT 4

04 - Anchored in Soft Early Light

05 - Arctic Willow Salix artica

06 - Barges & Brilliance

07 - Beginning to Thaw

08 - Browsing in Brown

09 - Daylight in the Deep Freeze

10 - Discovered

11 - Double the Range

12 - Down River 01

13 - End of a Long Day

14 - Family Gathering

15 - Flaring with Flair

16 - Foggy Fishing

17 - Frigid Fire

18 - Help Yourself

19 - Highway Gold

20 - Hint of Matanuska

21 - Karen Marie X2

22 - Late Light at the Harbor

23 - Leaving the Scene

24 - Lightly Dusted

25 - Low Profile Blueberry

26 - Marvelous Morning

27 - Melting Down

28 - Misty Harbor Morning

29 - Moose Crossing

30 - Morning Light at Rivers Edge

31 - Motoring on Mountains

32 - Mountainous Harbor - Frozen

33 - Mountainous Harbor Winter 2

34 - Munching Mama

35 - Partners

36 - Peaceful Transitions

37 - Powder Blue Evening

38 - Powdered Palette

39 - Retreat Revealed

40 - Rivers Edge

41 - Royal Salmon Berry

42 - Scenic Rest

43 - Serendipitous Serenity

44 - Shades of Winter Blue

45 - Supper Time at the Tide Flats

46 - Surrounded 2

47 - The Last Leg

48 - Tide Flat Symmetry

49 - Tsaina River Rapids - Fall

50 - Tsaina River Rapids

51 - Two for One

52 - Upstream Vista

53 - Valdez Commuter View

54 - Valdez Vista

55 - Waiting for Spring

56 - Wild Snapdragon Mimulus guttatus

57 - Winter Worthington

58 - Wonder of Worthington

59 - Wooly Lousewort Pedicularis kanei

60 - Worthington Glacier View

Poignant Pond

Valdez Aerial Pan 06

Valdez Arm

Valdez Aerial Pan 09

Old Townsite West

Late Afternoon Stroll


Munchin Mama

Autumn Appetites

Camo Spruce Grouse

Scenic Rest

Swamp Buggy Lake

Early Fall Late Light

Heavenly Body

Cloud Lighting

Winter Water

40 Mile Flats in full Dress

Stand By Eagle

Fabulous Fireweed

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Nomad Station Wagon

Reina New Snow and Sunset

Upstream to Worthington

Pipeline at Sundown

Northern Girl in a Northern Town

Two for One

Winter Wharfs

Access to VCT 2

Thompson Pass Bow Event

Upstream Vista

Winterized Wharfs

Browsing in Brown

Help Yourself

Enjoying the View on Thompson Pass

Spot on Gadwall

Gadwall Tranquility

Drifting Off to Sleep

Gadwall Dreams

Down the Hatch

Lounging Lion

Moose Mug Shot

Munching Under the Moon

Fancy Flapping

3 of 5

Sleeping Cygnets

Fireweed Fishing

Iris Interloper


River's Edge

Significant Sunrise

Bright Day in the Bay

Tsaina River Sunlight #1

Bouquet on a Boulder

Butterfly Business

Dandy Host

Fireweed to the Fore

Shooting Stars in Stages

Sunset on Drum

Daylight Down

Decorated & Frosted Part 1

Decorated & Frosted Part 2

Sunset on Drum

Decorated & Frosted

Denali Foothills

Thompson Pass Traverse

Gadwall Female 1

Gadwall Male 1

Background Billie


Family Fun

Wet & Waiting

Dandy Harbor

Harbor West

Enjoying the View on Thompson Pass

Mountain Traverse

The King on his Throne

Eli's Paradise

Winters Approach

Meandering Through Fall Colors


From One Pass to Another

The Last Leg

Vessel in a View

2007 Spring Harbor Pan

Mountainous Harbor 7

Windfall in the Fog

Andy Sea

Ice Flow Feeding


Pyramid Peak

Cloud Light

Ice Climber - Valdez

Frollicking with Fireweed

Pretty in Pink

Worthington Winter Wonderland

Frigid Fire

Expansive Evening

Tide Flat Symmetry # 2

Standby Eagle

Looking at You Looking at Me

Dalls in Denali

Sweet Sea Lion

Up Hill Battle

Early Winter Eagle

Dandy Details

Richardson Rhapsody

Valdez Tidal Vista

Testing New Wings

Traveling Tern

Gentle Landing

Freezing Grazing

Tern Takeout

One of a Kind

Too Close for Comfort

Tern on the Blue

Sea Lion Siesta

Puddle Run

Beaver Room with a View

Terminal Sunset

Scenic Harbor - July 2014

Vaporous Vision

Iris & Insect

Selective Snow Storm

This Storm is on Me

Ice Fog Fantasy

Truckin to the Wild Blue Yonder

Heavenly Pond

Family Fun

Casual Observation

Saucy Shroom

Denali Highway, Susitna River Crossing

Winter Ridgeline

Looking at You Looking at Me

Face Off

Dipping in the Dark


One on Guard

New Wings

Spotlight on Swans

Airspace Congestion

Highland Happiness

An Evening in the Mountains

Skirting the Hood

Climbing Hoodie Ice Falls

Partly Cloudy

Terminal Lights

Fish on Board

Assisted Seining

Standing By in the Fog

Sunny Harbor

Other Fireside

Evening Glow

Sun Down Wind Up

Bright & Windy at Solomon Lake

2017 Flour Bombing #1

2017 Flour Bombing #2

2017 Flour Bombing #3

Rooted in Chaos

Fall Downstream

Snowslide Gulch - December 2014

Scintillating Sunrise

Expansive Evening

Serendipitous Serenity

Waiting in Willows

Gadwall Mates

Fishing Partners

Roosting Robin

Foraging Robin

Attack Gull

Swan Cygnet Serendipity

Traversing Terrier

Marshall Pass Overlook

Cloud Level Dog Walk

Ice Climbing #1

Ascending Hoodie Falls

Belaying at the Base

Pretty in Quartz

Mini Mossy Waterfall

Descending to Thompson Pass

Alaska Navigator #1

Mountainous Harbor - Spring

Harbor Oversight

Cloud Explosion


Balloon Popping #1

Balloon Popping #2

Iris Partners with Passengers

Long Distance Sunset

Cabin Row

Riveting Ridges


Mist on the Mountains

5 in Tow

Floating Phalarope

Redneck Phalarope at the Tide Flats

Flashy Phalarope

Morniing Exercise

The Uphill Battle

Parental Procession

NAPA Valdez

Ice Climber #5

Autumn Quartz

Cascades of Colorful Carpet

Sharp Light on Rocky Pond

Stormy Bench

Handsome Harbor

Mountainous Harbor

Packing em In

Backlit Blizzard

Peak Velocity

Partly Sunny Robe Lake Afternoon

Evening Rest

Gliding Gulll

Cygnet Trio

Carnivore Conference

Nose Dive

Salmon Supper

Flower Side

Blue Spruce

Radical Reflector


Calm and Clearing

Cotton Candy Clouds

Valdez Winter Harbor Pan

Final Approach

Very Nosy Sea Lion

Sweet Sea Lion

Sumo Bear

Sea Lion Lunch

Winter Browsing

Winter Browsing II

Leaving the Pond

Pond Hopping

Moving Through Mountains