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Two years High School photography, three years US Army darkroom lab tech/photographer (aerial film, 4 x 5, 2.25, and 35 mm). 6 horrible months in an Olan Mills studio, cramming 7 sittings an hour that ruined the spirit for 11 years. Started using digital with my job in telecommunications systems design. Watching the digital cameras mature is exciting and and a lot of fun... We've moved to the rural area near OKC - - Arcadia, Oklahoma - - 10 acres of Crosstimbers Forest - - hopefully we'll see and photograph more of the native wildlife and plants. Hope to retire one of these days photographing the outdoors and my wife drawing the photographs with color pencils and ink. Thanks for viewing and hope to hear from you.

Always in the learning mode.

Amazing how the new and old are alike. Dodging, burning-in, color correction, saturation and tone adjustments...Old darkroom and this newfangled digital darkroom are the same...Ya got to learn how to use the tools.....

"Ghost Rider"

CameraView's Digital Darkroom

  • Nikon Capture 4: Used to process raw .NEF files from my Nikon D2X/D1. I have the ability to change most exposure settings other than f/stop and shutter speed- the two critical factors a good photograph requires. This is where you have to do it right when shooting.
  • PhotoShop 6: Used for general darkroom work such as dodging, burning, exposure and saturation adjustment

  • Genuine Fractals: Used to reprocess finished photograph for enlarging/reduction to maintain image/pixel quality
  • Bibble: Can be used for processing most raw digital photography including Canon and Kodak

    Always have and will be in the learning mode.....

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