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Dutch coast near Groningen

I don't know why, I end up a lot with this kind of postcard photos. I'm afraid I'm catering to much the taste of my friends & family :-o Next time i'll be there, i will force myself to get more out of such a scene. Or, I should start tu run a business selling postcards.

Almost a "decisive moment", suddenly the sheep looked my way. Goningen, Netherlands

Finally, something close to a street photo, and defenitely a decisive moment. I really like this one.

Sunset on a beach in Finikounda. The mood was incredible, it looked surreal with the boats behind the tent.

Lindau, Bodensee, Germany. Again one of my "postcards", but I like the tranquil mood. Misty evening, around sunset.

Watching photos.

Prague. Everytime I see this photo, i'd like to jump in my car and go there. Sad that I'm lousy at handholding below 1/30..


A dutch cemetary. Misty winter evening, just before dark.


abandoned house


Old lady