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Brown Bears

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Brown bear at McNeil River Falls, AK.

Brown bear with salmon.

Cook Inlet during winter.

Sunrise over Turnagain Arm, Alaska.

Brown bear at McNeil River Falls, Alaska.

Rainbow over the Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska.

Sunset along the Denali Highway, Alaska.

NOAA boat dock in Juneau, Alaska.

My cat, Ghost resting on his chair

Torchlight parade at Alyeska Resort.

Flowers outside of Juneau, AK airport at midnight.

Creek at Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

Inside a culvert pipe.

Impatients, Flowers

Pelican sunset at La Paz, Mexico.

Night Drive.

Brown bear at McNeil River Falls, Alaska.

2% art outside of the Niagra Falls Civic Center.

Tree in Presque Isle State Park, Lake Erie, PA.

Goat Island, Niagra River.

Produce trailer outside Kent, OH.

"Peggy" at Lake Erie.

Chairs on the beach.

Fall Reflections (Trees)

Kennicott Glacier.


Roadside memorial marker.

Barrel at abandoned mine.

Lighthouse at sunset.

Snogun at Alyeska Resort.

Painted wall along a street.

Downtown Anchorage.

View from hotel room deck.

Mining bits and pieces.

Bald Eagle

Sleeping bear.

The Cape.


Sea Otter



Swiss cheese ice.

Bicycle in Cozumel, MX.

A friend of mine working for the USFS.

Another friend of mine from the USFS.

Gulls at the docks.

At the airport in Los Cabos.

Lost River, Yakutat

Cordova boat harbor.

Bottom of a root wad along the Lost River, Yakutat.


Sol, beer bottle.


Mexican cop on a Harley!

Pelicans getting ready to go fishing.

Dinner for two.

A beach with a view, and a seat...?

Jungle Cross.

Tricycle for hire.

Going Fishing!

Black Oystercatcher in Flight.

Sitka black tailed deer.