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I started digital photography practice in 2007, which eventually changed my perception about the world. I have been tirelessly exploring the scenes of nature near and far, and trying to capture those magical moments and transform them into eternal art. Now I am devoting my passion to landscape photography. My photography focuses are grand landscapes of ocean and mountain scapes, as well as fine natural substances. My ultimate goal is to capture true colors of nature around us.

Country: AU


Penrith Valley (January 2009)

The Entrance (January 2009)

Autumn Light (Mount Tomah Botanic Garden, May 2009)

Campus Winter (UWS, June - July 2009)

Seascapes (II) (Sydney, July - September 2009)

Yellow Mountains (Huangshan, 黄山, October 2009)

Seascapes (III) (Sydney, January - March 2010)

Reeds in the Lakes (Penrith, December 2009)

Seascapes IV (Victoria, March 2010)

Lake and Sea Views (April 2010)

Central Coast (Australia, June 2010)

Winter Campus (July - August 2010)

Li River (漓江, August - September 2010)

Yellow Mountains (黄山, December 2010)

New South Wales Coastlines

New Zealand 2011

Winter Greetings

Ocean Spectrum 2012

Li River 2011

Oceans and Lake 2012

Blue Mountains 2012

My Trees 2012

Grand Waterfalls in Guizhou 2012

New Zealand 2012

Canadian Rockies 2012

New South Walse Coastlines (2012)

Mount Huangshan 2013

New Zealand Landscape 2013

Great Wall 2013

Eastern Sierra 2013

New Zealand Alps 2014

New Zealand Coast 2014

Australian Coastlines 2014

2015 Images

New Zeland 2015

Li River 2015

Australia Landscapes 2015

New Zealand Southern Alps 2015

Patagonia 2016

New Zealand Southern Alps 2016

Australia 2016



The Entrance

Morning Light

Autumn Light

Autumn Light

Autumn Light

Moonbow over Coogee beach

Lone Tree

Misty Morning in Werington North

Lone Tree under Moon Light

The Lone Tree

A misty morning

Werrington Dawn

Yellow Mountains

Reeds under Moon Light

In my dream


Power of Ocean

Ocean Mist

Morning Wave

Apostles Sunset

Predawn at Gibson's Beach

Entrance Coast Sunrise

Hopetoun Falls

Tuggerah Lake Autumn

Norah Head Sunset

Ocean Twilight


A Misty Morning

Under the Moon Light

The Shining Tree

Yulong River Sunset

Morning Reflection

"Four Brothers"

Yellow Mountains (4): West Sea

Maroubra Beach

Church of the Good Shepherd

Wilderness New Zealand

Speed and Movement


South Face of Mt Cook Peak

Ocean Symphony

Dancing Sky


The Touch

Maroubra Swirl

Under the Storm

Echo Point

Rock Fishing

Coming Home

Li River Sunrise

A Dream World (Please view in large form)

A Morning Wash

Ocean's Fury

Morning Light

A New Day

My Ladder to the Water

Church of the Good Shepherd II

Li River Dawn


Wild Ocean

Dead Calm

Fingal Head

Li River under Golden Light

Curio Bay Morning

Three Sisters (Echo Point)

Under the Galaxy

Grand Waterfalls

Blue Ocean

The Last Shine

Tasman River

Wanaka Twilight

Mount Assiniboine

Kawarau River

Mt Assiniboine Sunset

Winter Symmetry

Wild West Coast

Wedge Pond

Crystal Giants

Morning Wave

Hooker Lake

A Blue Night

Mount Hallelujah

The Lost World

Cloud Sea of Mount Huangshan

Maligne Lake


Lake Hawea (Please view in large form)

Moeraki Boulders

Cathedral Cove (Photo of the Day August 9 2013)

Milford Sound Sunset

The Sky is My Companion

Morning Delight

Autumn Night

The Tree Is My Shelter (Please view in large)

Milford Sound: The World of Imagination (View in large)

The Sky of Great Wall

Roy's Peak (Viewing in large)

Be Together

Wanaka Autumn

Minaret Lake: First Light (viewing in large)

Minarek Lake: Calling from the Sky (View in large)

Cold Mountain: Devils Postpile (View in large)

Glenorchy Moonrise

Beyond the Plains (viewing in large)

Surreal Ocean

Golden Bay Moonrise (viewing in large)

Mountain Glory

Golden Bay: When the Tide receded

Conflicting Sky (Viewing in Large)

Morning Call

Glenorchy on Fire

Touching the Sky (view in large)

Mt Sefton Sunset (II)

View from Mountain Cook Range

Blue Lake (view in large)

Neverland Forever

Winter Light

Moonlight over Alpine Glaciers (View in Large)

Fury of Ocean (View in Large)

As Time Passes By...

A State of Tranquility (viewing in large)

Meeting of Waters

"Mountain Hallalujah" (II)

Lighthouse (view in large)

Morning Delight

A Frozen Night

The Gloaming of Cerro Torre

Patagonia: Autumn Impression

Patagonia: Dance of the Clouds

Mount Fitz Roy

View from Salto Grande

Sylvia Falls

Mount Taranaki - A Full Moon Night (Viewing in large)

Mount Taranaki: Winter Sunrise

Mount Taranaki: Morning Breeze

Mount Taranaki - A Starry Night

Morning Light at Cerro Torre

Li River Sunrise (II)

A Place of Secludedness (view in large)

Effulgence of Light

30 Seconds of Tranquility

In the Wind (view in large)

Glory of the Mountains

Fitz Roy under Moonlight

Morning Illusion

Norah Head Lighthouse

Mount Aspiring - Liverpool Hut

Morning of Tranquility

Roy's Peak

Sylvia Falls

A Frozen Morning - Laguna Torre

Laguna Sucia

Fitz Roy under Moonlight

Edith Fall

Meeting in the Sea