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Born in 1965, French. Professional photographer since 1988. Traveled Asia extensively as a free-lance photo-reporter and then for SIPA PRESS between 1990 and the end of 1993. Reconverted to commercial photography in 1994 and was for a while the assistant of brilliant German photographer Michael Link. See his work at

Then I moved back to open my own commercial photography studio In Malaysia in 1997, which I ran till 2004. Taught photography part time in a japanese art academy based in Malaysia during 3 years. And finally, I returned to live in France. Now trying to move more into portrait, glamour and fashion photography as far as commercial photography is concerned, and trying to step into fine arts photography.

Thanks for visiting my page. I particularly appreciate all comments from those who came here to learn & to share their opinions and their vision. I welcome all forms of honest criticism. I believe we are all and for ever learning...

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