Keith Lancaster [Blue-Olympus]

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I think that Photo Net gives all its members a wonderful opportunity to interact regarding their views and opinions on various photos. We can all learn from each other, everybodys opinion differs, but just be aware that at the end of the day it's only a photo!!.

As regards to the ratings issue on this site, I never give below 5, if I do not like a photo then I do not comment on it or rate it! I do note that some people (no names mentioned:-)) continue to give low ratings either anonymously or named without some explanation as to why. This is very counter-productive and ineffective as it makes sense to help each other and not just rate some shot low because your having a bad day!! Or are otherwise motivated!


Paris, France


La Tour Eiffel

Medieval House

The Iron Lady

Top of the World

Paris Lovers (A Secret Meeting)


Notre Dame

The World Famous "Notre Dame Cathedral"