Chris Williams []

Where to start? I've been a user off and on over the years but usually a guest, one account I lost the password so I started a new one, I go by either Andrew or Chris and that's a long story there that I would be happy to share with you over a beer. I re-started in photography with the advent of the digital SLR, my 1st attempt in highschool was a failure, I could not conceive of aperture and shutter speed and how important they are to photography. Digital and dSLRs helped me there and within a few months I was shooting on full manual and happy! (ok, sometimes Av or Tv too!) I read a lot of photo books and have interests in many subjects. Living in Colorado we have some incredible scenery and I enjoy shooting. I have had the opportunity to photograph College hockey and Minor League hockey games locally and loved it, I have also shot some college football and basketball but realize that if the sport doesn't interest me, then photographing it doesn't either. Ice Hockey is a passion or religion depending on how you look at it. My interests in returning to are mainly due to a journey I started this year with film as opposed to digital and also other formats such as Medium Format and Large format photography. A local listing for a Mamiya RB67 got me interested in Medium format and developing my own film. I loved the 6x7 results but didn't care for the bulk and size of the RB, I'm a hand-held type I guess, so I upgraded to a Mamiya 645 AFD and while the size is a bit smaller the results are just as impressive. I would like to find a Pentax 67 eventually but it isn't required. I have also recently purchased a Calumet view camera, 4x5, and will begin that journey as well as setting up a basic darkroom for developing and printing black and white images. I am also reading more and more books, now reading The Negative by Ansel Adams as well as others. Chris