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I'm a retired Industrial Photographer...Started photography in the US Navy...Upon discharge I worked for the Space Industry thus starting my career... I worked side by side with Dr.Von Karmon of Aerojet General and CIT... I have owned three one hour photo shops with studios...After viewing digital prints at a Kodak seminar I decided to get out of the film business...Now, at 76, I can't get photography out of my blood and trying to perfect a table top technique in the "old masters" style... My current equipment is a Nikon D 50 with a 60mm macro and 18 - 200mm VR, a three foot light box and studio setup... Equipment I have used includes: 8X10 Sinar(Rodenstock, the sweetest of cameras), Speed Graphics, Hasselblad (another sweety), Mitchell 16mm, 40"X40" Clydesdale copy camera, K 20 aerial camera, Olympus, and many, many more... To my credits I have one magazine cover(Airways), Certificate of Merit from the US Government for an Air Force training film, winner Miss Texas contest (1986) and winner of New Mexico PPA show (industrial catagory 1968)...I photographed the countries first "Ear of the World" dish antenna at Point Loma, CA with a Hassie (35mm for slides) and a Speed Graphic...It was a blast making contact prints from 8X10 negs... I really have had no formal photographic instruction other than the Navy photo schools...I owe most of what I have learned from a very dear old friend, Ramon Reese, a Pasadena (LA) Art Center grad who took me by the hand and taught me everything he knew... I reside in Montana, a photgraphers paradise...


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Madison River Fog

Ghost Town Young Owl

Young Owl

Young Owl

Young Owl

Western Marshall


Seagull - Portrait

Seagull - Portrait

White Tail Deer

White Tail Deer

Violin Maker

Roman Wine Vats


Brothers In My Backyard.

Moose In Hiding

High School Rodeo

Portrait -

The Rogue River

Trout Art Madison River Days

Dandy Dandelion

Twin Lakes

Resting Elk

Portrait - Fly Maker-Madison River Days

Old MT Ranch

Macro D50 60mm Macro 2008

Making Flies 2008 Madison River Fly Fishing Festival D50 18-200mm VR