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City Lights




Moraine Lake, Banff

Reflections On Baff, Lake Herbert

Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Maine

Sundown at Stonehenge, February 2008

Chincoteague Willet

Sunrise over Chincoteague

Dresden Reflection in Elbe

Bastei, Saechsische Schweiz

Sandy Hook

Monarch on Caryopteris

Acadian Sunset

Frauenkirche Dresden Sunset

Dinner on Chincoteague

Kansas Antique Eatery

The River

Peyto Lake Sunset, Banff

Lincoln Reflection

Mavis Staples

Liquid Tension Experiment

Puffin Pair, Machais Seal Island

Modern Nutting

Machias Seal Island

Portland Head Lighthouse

Dingwall Sunset

Sad Puffin #1

Willie Nelson

No Man Is An Island

Half Dome Sunset

From Atop Sentinel Dome

Black River Moss On A Fall Day In October

Three Graces

Hallowell Art

Postcard from Stonehenge

Chester Goats

Sonny Rollins

Ocean Sunset

Patriotic flight

Bow Lake

Acadian Dawn

Ghost of Jeffery Pine, Sentinel Dome

Painted Merced View

View From Within

Cypress Morning

Cumulus Cypress

Digging For Dinner

Mangrove Sunset

No Man Is An Island


Dion @ Community Theater Morristown

Franz Di Cioccio of PFM @ Nearfest 2009

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

Pastel Lighthouse

Sundown at the Clinton Mill

Praying Mantis

Teetertown Fall

Sunset Over Brigantine

Atlantic City Night

Sunset over Mulica River

Follow Me

Houses In The Field

Asbury at Night

Wood Duck

Florida Horizon

McIntosh Country Store

A Buggy Place

Hidden Smile

Alpha / Beta

Giants Bathtub Sundown

Dusk Reflection

Standing on the edge of the Grand Prismatic Spring


Teton Sunset

Common Merganser Family

Cunningham Cabin

Night Comes to Great Fountain Geyser

The Spinner

Great Fountain Geyser Under The Stars

Ethereal Sunset

Hot Water + Limestone + HDR

Sunset Over Giants Bathtub

Moose Drool


Two Jack Lake Reflection, Three Years Later

On the edge of dusk

Colored Terrace

Passing Storm Over Hayden Valley

Taughannock Falls In Winter

Gazing Across Cadillac, South to the Sea

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Panorama

Sundown in the Sonoran Desert

Costa's Hummingbird

Gulf Hagas Stream

Dunham Point, Deer Isle Maine


Little Whiteface Emerges from the Cloud Cover

Katterskill Carvings

Sunset on Delicate Arch

Mesa Arch

Nature's Carving

Bò Ghàidhealach

Trossachs Sunset