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I am a avid outdoors person and love getting out in the woods, on the trails and on the lakes to explore all the outdoor and nature opportunities during Minnesota's four seasoons. I enjoy sharing the nature photos I have been able to take with others. My greatest photo challenge is to try to get to places that others are not likely to get to or to try to find a unique photo opportunity in common places. I am a licensed social worker of over 18 years and find getting out to take photos a great break and a chance to recharge so I can help people during the work week again.


Minnesota wildlife

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Sunset Photos

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Newest Photos to Portfolio.


Common Loon family

Baby Owl

White tail deer fawn

Silver Lake Sunset





Black Bear

11 Painted Turtles on a log

Ruffed Grouse

Bald Eagle

Mallards at Sunrise

Frozen Water Drops on a branch reflected on a lake.

Double take

Redwing Blackbird

Old Log Cabin

Old Log Cabin ( side view)


Old Boat frozen in the weeds

Spring reveals past deer hunting success

Old Boat and Frozen lake

Young Buck-Shedding winter coat and growing antlers

Fallen leaves on old road

Golden Tamarack Tree Rreflections

Tamarack Branch in fall

Fall view of a small pond

Oberg Lake & Peak fall colors

Soiux River on the Echo Trail during fall season

Fall deep in the Aspen forest

Maple tree and stone wall

Scenic Fall View along the Honeymoon Trail.

Wagon Wheel & Log Fence.

Old hunting shack


Endless Fall Trail

First ripe Blueberry of the Season

Wagon Wheel & Flowers

Orange Hawkweed & Barn

Old Farm tool in Field of Wild Flowers

Calm Summer evening view of Coe Lake

Old Bikes & Flowers at the mail box

Winter Creek on a cloudy day

Lone Cat tail on a Beaver pond

Empty Bald eagle Nest in the Winter

Old Maple tree stands alone

Old truck

Old Bike up in Tree

Old Farm view in Winter

Golf Course pines in the WInter

Winter River Bank

Winter Creek

Winter Reflections after the Storm

Old Boat Houses Reflected

Fallen Leaves

Fall color in city park

Strange Fall color combination

Fall Puddle Reflection

Lake view through the Fall colors

fall walk on the Floating bog walk trail

Summer view of Old Iron Ore Mine pit

Winter Old Farm View

Old Shed

Beavers work not done yet

Winter Ski Trail through the Red Pines

Beaver Lodge and Fall colors @ Beaver Pond

Weeds in the Bay

Deer Skull in the Bog

Old Tractor in Field .

Pearly Everlasting Wild FLowers near old fence

Beautiful farm view in Summer

Young Spike Buck in the Fall Season

Calm Fall River Reflections

Scenic Fall Overlook

Still winter day at Laurentian Divide

The Echo Trail

Sauna on Rock Point

Male Pine Grosbeak

Spring Tulips Bloom

Pelican Taking Flight

Early Morning Camp Site View

Daisy's in full Bloom

Cascade Falls

Rusty Bridge over Shallow Creek

Hollow Rock Island

Upper Gooseberry Falls

Split rock Lighthouse

Small Island

Exposed Roots

Two Male Malards

Loon on Nest

"Humming bird" Moth

Winter farm scene/ Barn & horses

Winter sunshine through the tall pines

Closed for the Winter

Lake Superior Spring Ice Formations

Retired to the shoreline

Coe lake Sunset

Cold Fall Sunset with lake freezing over


Wild Flower Seed Pod

Rainbow over old Natural Ore mine

Fight for the Flower

Caterpillar on a Branch

Bee in Hollyhock

Summer Blue Sky and Sunny yellow Flower

Snowmobile Trail Through the Aspens

Strange Swimming Partners-Fish swimming below Duck

Young Whitetail Buck in Velvet Antlers

Loon with Minnow for lunch

Red Fox in the late afternoon sun.

Peek Golden colors of Maple Trees in Fall

Walking Bridge over small creek

Gooseberry Falls Minnesota State park

River flowing through the Fall Colors

Mushoom in a Bog during Fall Season

Sun Shining on Ripe Wild Cranberries

Oberg Mountain walking path in the Fall

Fall Colors begin to Reflect in a Lake.

High Falls at Grand Portage State Park in MN.

Birch tree and Fungi Growth

Calm View of Bird Lake

Frozen Falls

Minnesota Sunset

Old Boots in Old Farm House

Whitetail Deer doe.

Squirrel in Bird House

Fall Season and religion

Nature and The Cross

Lake Superiors North Shore

After the Storm Sunset

Pelican Lake Sunset

Beautiful Minnesota Sunset

Ready to Leave the Nest

Old Sauna Pails .

Snapping Turtle laying it's Eggs

Old Cars final parking spot in a field

Early Fall day on the Farm

Old Wagon Wheel and Fence along Old Cemetery Road

Common Loon on Minnesota Lake

Old Picket Fence Entry

Spring Puddle Reflection in the Park

Redwing Blackbird

whitetail Fawn Peeking around wood pile

Old Bridge Pilings accross a Lake

Secret Meditation Spot with a Great Fall View


Big Whitetail Buck in early Fall

whitetail deer Buck in Summer Velvet Antlers

Canadian Goose on a sunset flight

Wooden stairs on a fall walk in the Woods

Fall view of Split Rock lighthouse

Close up Fall View of Split Rock lighthouse

Old Maple tree and Split rail fence in Fall

Red Maple Leaves

Nuthatch perched on old antler

ICE OUT ( 1st day the ice was off the lake in spring)

Reflection of Old Hunting Cabin in Pond.

Bald Eagle

First Fallen Leaf of the Season

Anticipation of new life

Simple Beauty - A single wild flower

Falls First Hard Frost

Sunset in the Valley

January Sunset in the Park

Golden Summer Sunset

Sunset throught he trees

Spring Apple tree blossoms

Whitetail Deer shed in the woods during spring.

Sunset behind the Norway Pines

Female Mallard gliding through the shoreline reflections

Bridge over Black River

Male Mallard Morning Grooming

Pussy Willow Spring Blossoms

Lone Leaf ( stayed on the tree all Winter)

Loon swimming into the Minnesota Summer Sunset reflection.

Old Outhouse (has seen its better days)

Red squirel on Old Moose Antler shed.

Spring view of Chester Creek

Old Service station - Out of Business

Bridge high over Gorge

Toad in the moss

Spotted Touch-me-not, after the rain

Rainbow at the Park Fountain

Wild Flowers

A Frogs Last look at Life While being eaten by a snake.

Family outing ( Canadian geese)

Painted Turtle Sunning on a log

Pelican in Flight

Sunrise over the Pond

Twin Lakes winter snowmobilers rest area as the sun sets through the pines

Spring Sunset in Minnesota

Sunset through the Clouds

Robin lookinfg for lunch


Winter sunset through the trees

Spring Thaw

Early Morning Calm

Gone Fishing (1st day off of School)

Blue-Winged Teal


Blue-Winged Teal couple

The Beaver Pond

Minnesota wildflowers

Crocus blooming in Spring

Daffidil in full spring bloom

In full Bloom

Bee in Hollyhock

Columbine Flower


Ready to Kayak

Slow moving river

Tranquility on the water

Osprey & Nest on a power pole

Snowshoe rabbit

Late day at the Pond

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Hearts

Wild Flower visitor

Common Merganser

Spring Color


Yellow Tulip ready to Bloom

Dafodil in Full Bloom

Whitetail Deer Fawn

Fawn (close up)


Male Mallard Duck

Wild Blueberry Blossom

Birdhouse in the Blooms

Wild Strawberry Blossom

Canal Park on Lake Superior

Night view of the Aerial Lift Birdge in The Duluth Harbor.

Wild Flower

A Poppy ready to bloom


Look out, Big ship is coming

Lost boat

Lake Superior's North Shore view

Spring season brings new growth.

New life emerged

Dry land training

Standing out in a crowd

Poppy Blossoms

Lake Superior Sunrise

Baby Mallard Duck

Sunrise on Lake Superior

Bee on Blossom

Chives in Bloom

Morning sunlight Reflected

Pelicans sharing a Rock

Old Cabin reflected as the sun rises through the woods.

Chester Creek Falls (2)

Mallard resting in the Hawkweed

Snagged ( old fishing line and lures caught on stump)

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron in Flight

Vacancy at the old Bed & Breakfast

Potters Field A resting spot for the poor & unknown

Busy Bee at Lupin

Yellow Flag Iris

Wild Rose

Early Morning Sunrise accross lake

Orange and Yellow

Late day Sun shining through field of Lupin

White Campion in full evening bloom

The Good life A Black Bear resting in a tree

A Pair of Slippers. ( 2 Yellow Lady Slipper Flowers)

Old Cabin in the Minnesota woods

Iris in the early morning along shore line

Mother Mallard Duck and her young

Whitetail deer and fawns.

Field of Wildflowers in full Bloom

Resting in the Shade ( 2 Whitetail deer with Velvet antlers get out of the sun)

Showy lady's- Slipper (Minnesots's State Flower)

One Last Cast -(sunset Fishing)

IRON MAN ( A proud symbol of the Iron Ore Miners)

A pair of Slippers (Showy lady's Slipper)

Showy Lady Slipper side view

Sunrise along the old road

Butterfly on flower

Bee on Flowers

Going to seed at sunset

Colorful hillside

Old Farm Equipment and Buildings

Fight for the Flower (Spider -vs- Bee)

North Shore of Lake Superior

Face in the Forest

Four Mile lake summer sunset

July Summer Sunset in Minnesota

Cottage on Lake Superior

Frog close up


May fly & Lily

Butter & Egg Wildflower

Turk's-Cap Lily ( Wildflower )

Two turk's -Cap Lily's

Morning Dew on the Wild Blueberries

Clematis in full bloom

Dew drops sparkle in the morning sun light on grass.

Inching Along the Branch

Spider ontop of Bull Thistle

Flower and Buds

Purple Cone Flower


Endless Flowers

Togetherness ( Hazle Nuts)

Spider on Bull Thistle

Balancing Act ( DucksStanding on one leg)

Wild Rasberry ( Ripe & ready to eat)

Clematis after the Rain

Poppy ready to Bloom

Strange Flower !

Lake Sunset through the woods

Bee on Flower

Pumpkin Blossom

Splash of Summer Color


Frog on a Branch

Two Dragon Flies

Old Wooden Wind Mill

Old Lake Superior Fishing Boat

Old Cabin

Calm morning waters

Sunrise through the Forest

Morning dew on a spider web at sunrise

Can I come up ?

Sun Flower

Rugged Shoreline

Twin Falls

Sea Kayaking lake Superior

Dragon fly covered in Morning Dew

Young Common Loon

well traveled trail

Loon close up

Hawk on a road sign watching the cars go by.

September Sunrise accross the Pond

Early morning fall reflections

Foggy Sunrise through the catails

a colorful plant

Early morning Mallards on a Log

Dawn of a new day

Pitcher Plants in the Fall Bog

Snow Goose

Maple tree with Red Fall Colors

Fall Color behind the old wagon Wheel

Small Island framed in by fall color

Old stone Bridge fall view

Beaver lodge and fall reflections in the pond

Fall view along the stream's edge

Bright fall color around the small pond

Snow covered fall view

Blue sky and fall color along the partridge RIver

Birch trees reflecting there golden fall colors

Log shelter deep in the woods during fall season

Fall snow in the woods

Calm morning fall color reflections

fall view of a small stream in the woods.

Birch tree's golden color

Early fall morning lake view

Maple leaves and Fungi

Old deer hunting stand in the fall colors

Golden fall colors along the old mine pit

Birch trees golden fall color and old stone fence

Tamarack tree reflections and morning frost

Fall colors reflected

A Minnesota hunting Shack

Fall Color on the Little Islands

scenic fall roadway

Lake view through the fall colors

Barn View in the late fall

Aspen Forest ( all the leaves have fallen)

First snow fall

Park bench

Bird house and Berries in the Fall

Pond in the Tamarack Forest

Fallen Leaves

Trail through the fall colors

Foggy November Sunrise accross Silver Lake

Sunrise,Blue sky & Morning Fog

Old Red Wooden Wagon

Coe Lake evening Reflections

Foggy Morning Sunrise



Old log cabin

Old Wooden Boat

Ice formations along small stream

Late Fall View of Small Stream

Late Fall in Minnesota


Old farm Building


Hanging onto Fall

Winter Season Greetings

Early winter foggy morning

Old Deer Hunting Tree Stand

Parked for Winter

Winter morning shore view

Winter trail in the woods

Old logging road Winter View

Frosty shore

Early winter morning at Silver Lake

Red Barn in the Winter

Animal tracks on the fresh snow

Winter View of an old Iron Ore Mine

Winter Beauty in Minnesota

winter Creek

Red Squirrel in pine tree

Red Squirrel

winter morning sunrise accross the lake

Winter sunset through the woods

Winter view of the old farm Building

The last open water

Balancing act to keep one foot warm

View on to the frozen lake


Frosty winter shoreline view

The Ice Fisherman

Snowshoeing to the Gorge

Vermilion River

Winter View of the Elbow River

Whitetail Buck

Black Capped Chickadee

Ice formations from lake Superior waves

water from waves coates the plants

Ice forms on a rock arch

A bridge along 7 Bridges Road in the winter

A winter bridge view on 7 Bridges road

Old stone bridge in the winter

The sun breaking through the winter morning fog

Water slows at a small Beaver dam

Late day sun shines through the woods

Winter Reflections in the pond

Winter view of Split Rock Lighthouse

Old Tractor and Building

Old log Home

Frozen & dried out Rose hips in Winter

Looking over the Snow bank

guided by the light of the full moon

Laurentian Divide winter view

Old Barn in Winter

Sun shining on small stream in Winter

Winter view of the pine trees

Old Sauna building in Winter

Close up of old Sauna building

Old Red Barn

Red barn and horses

Whitetail Deer on the edge of the woods

snowy river bank

Small stream in the Winter

Sun shining through the tall pines

Old maple tree and fence.

Winter sunrise through the 3 Pines

Frosty February Sunrise through the winter fog

Old rundown Log Cabin

Old Log Cabin on Myrtle Lake

Winter Sunrise through the Cattails

Vermillion River view in winter

Winter Landscape in Minnesota

snowmobileTrail into the Frosty pine trees

Winter Sunrise at Canal Park

Stoney Point cottage on Lake Superior

Lake Superior Shoreline in winter

Winter Sunset in Minnesota

Sun Setting on a Fun Winter Day of Snowshoeing

Old Home still standing

Frozen Gorge

"Alligator head" ice formations

Late Winter view of Fall Lake

Winter Landscape

Old Blue Truck

Following close behind

Common Loon finds lunch

Fall view of Laurentian divide

Winter Sunset with long shadows

Canadian Goose in flight

Frozen in Place

Old vehicle and garage

This old Home

A puddle of melted snow

Old Stone Fireplace in the Pines

An old wooden boat

Cub Lake still frozen over in March

2 Whitetail deer enjoying the early spring weather

Sun shining on Kawishiwi Falls melting the snow & ice

Spring hike to the Vermilion River Gorge

Ice formations on a log

Vermilion River's Spring thaw

Ice lily pads on the Vermilion River

Calm Spring waters of the Vermilion River

Ice (Lily Pad) formations on the Vermilion River

Fork in the River during the Spring thaw

Baby Owl On Guard

Porcupine in a Maple tree

Fall view of Pike River Dam

Gooseberry Falls ( lower falls)

Rusty Iron bridge over the Lester River

Chester Creek in spring 2010

Lester River ( Spring 20100

Old stair way along Lester River

Falls at Lester River in Spring

Top view of Chester Creek from bridge

Lester Crewek Falls (3) edited

Old Abandoned Homestead

Not much left

" Retired "

Gone but not forgotten at Easter

Minnesota Spring Sunset ( April 2010 )

Bee in the Hollyhock Flower

Sunrise on a chilly spring Morning

Spring Reflections on a small Beaver Pond

First flowers of the season

Grey Squirrel enjoying lunch

Sunset over the horizon

Minnesota sunset after the rain.

Sunset & Reflections in a small pond

Pike River Dam

Waiting to be used

April Sunset on Silver lake

A Pair of Bleeding Hearts

Daffodils on Display

The Forgotten Decoy

Sunset at Great Scott Wildlife Area

Sunset Through the pines

Lone Daffodil in full bloom

Dew Drops


Going to seed

Barn & Old John deere Tractor

Snow Trillium in Bloom

Wild Blueberry Blooms

Early Morning Reflections along the River

Old Log Cabin along the Shore Line

Spring Foggy Sunrise

Foggy Morning landscape


Fragile new life for the New born Robins


Beautiful Blooms

Close up Beauty


Butterfly on the Lilac

Sunset through the Pines

Lupin reaching to the sky

Canadian Geese Reflected at Sunset

Rainbow accross the farm field

Fox Tail Grass blowing in the summer wind

Farm field full of wild flowers in bloom

Old Red Farm Wagon

Orange Hawk Weed with a Bee on it

Summer Reflection

Farm field and old Farm Building in Summer

Minnesota Landscape ( Beaver pond & Wild Flowers)

Ready to Pick ( Wild Blueberries)

Old Sawmill blade and wild flowers

Partridge River Bridge

The last minute of sun ends another summer day

The eye of the sunset

Goat's Beard in mid summer has gone to seed

A lone Kayaker at Sunset

A Goat's Beard seed drifts in the sky at sunset

Wild Coyote Pup in the Minnesota woods

Bee in the Bull Thistle

Old Barn and Wild Flowers

Old fence and wild flowers

Reaching up to the blue sky

Deep in the forest

sky reflections

Sunset through the Fox tail grass

Pine trees reflected at sunset in the pond

Two Painted Turtles sharing a rock

Loon in flight

Wild Black Bear

White Tail Deer in Minnesota


Visitor at the feeder

Old barn and wild flowers

Small falls at Kawishiwi falls

Kawishiwi Falls

Water cascading at Kawishiwi Falls

Toad on the Toad stool

Sunset after the Storm

Whitetail deer in summer Velvet horns

looking away

Sun shining on whitetail deer near the edge of the woods

Big buck bedded down in the tall grass

Whitetailtail Buck and doe bedded down .

bottom view of Qeen Ann's Lace flower

side view , Queen Ann's lace

Seed Pod of the Queen Ann's Lace flower

Black Bear taking a break in a tree

Black Bear cub

This is not comfortable -Black Bear cub

Black Bear cubs

Adult Wild Black Bear in Minnesota

Black Bear climbing a tree

Old Cady on the Rocks!

A Summer Landscape of Flowers & Blue sky

Metal sculpture of old saw mill worker

Angel Cloud at Sunset

A Rose

The Hunt

Morning view of the North Shore of Lake Superior

Palisade Head overlook

Gooseberry Falls - Lower Falls

Gooseberry Falls - ( Upper Falls )

Pitcher plant

First sign of Fall season- A fallen leaf

Pitchure Plant growing out of the moss

The start of Fall color in Minnesota 2010

Fall color in the park

Hydrangea Flower in full blooom

Delicate Beauty

Shoreline Reflections of Fall Season

Back in Time

The start of Fall color in Minnesota

Early fall view of old mine pit.

Great place for a Fall Picnic

Fall colors in the Maple tree forest

Fall view of Lake Ore-Be-Gone through the Maple trees

Aspen trees in their Golden fall color

Fall view of Bridge over Fayal Pond

Fall View of Wynne lake

Pike River Dam

Fall along the Pike River

Lake Vermillion ~ Stunz Bay

River along 7 Bridges Raod

Kiwishiwi Falls

Kiwishiwi Falls surounded by fall color

Kiwishiwi Falls

Fenske Lake Camp ground, Echo trail

Fall Reflections in a river

Myrtle Lake fall colors at sunset

Fall color beauty

Fall season view of a Beaver Pond

Fall Reflections at sunset

Wolf Creek falls

Shoreline reflections at sunrise

Golden Fall Reflections of the Tamarack Tree

Fall view of Enger Tower

Peak Fall color

Late October Sunrise in northern Minnesota

Golden Fall Sunrise

Sunrise on the horizon

Golden Fall Sunrise along the lake shore

Foggy Fall Sunrise

Fall morning sunrise landscape

Early Evening Sky Reflections

Frosty October Morning

Frozen under the ice

Frost on the Leaves, Branches & Berries

The Elbow River in late Fall Season

Fall View of Wolf Creek Falls

November Sunset view from the Cabin

Whitetail deer enjoying a Fall day

Ruffed Grouse

Sunset Beauty

Embarass River winter view

First snow of the Season

winter view of a pond

Red Barn

tracks in the first snow on a back road

Sunset, Fresh snow and Long Shadows

Winter Landscape view in the Park

Thanksgiving Day walk in the woods

Rose hips along the Rivers edge

Sunset Reflections accross Coe Lake

Partridge River bridge

Winter view of the Partridge River

Winter Landscape of the Elbow River

Winter Cottage in the Woods

A winter View

Winter Landscape

On a Frosty Winter Morning

Winter view at the Laurentian divide

Tracks in the snow

Cross Country ski trail

Rose hips through the snow

Small Stream in the winter

Mallard ducks toughing out the snow

Sunsets on a Minnesota winter day

Late December Sunset

Winter Barn Landscape

Old log Barn

Frosty Winter sunrise

Winter Sunrise through the Maple trees

Sunrise accross Fayal pond

Sunrise through the Pines

Winter Sunrise down the unplowed road

Old Red Barn in the winter

Winter sunset in the Park

Winter sunset through the pines

Old Homestead

Barbed wire on the fence post

Sun Dog at Sunrise

Whiteface River shoreline in the Winter

White Face River & the snow covered Pines

Winter Landscape view of the Whiteface River

Snow covered Pines along the River

Old Red Barn in the Pines

Winter Sunset

Cold January Sunset throught the trees

Hairy woodpecker

End of the Road Winter sunset

Road through the woods

whitetail deer trying to survive the winter

covered in snow

whiteface River ~Winter Reflections

Pine tree reflections in the Winter

Hairy woodpecker with an eye on you

On a winter Day in Minnesota

Christmas memories

Winter Farm Landscape

Reaching for the Sky

Winter Abstract

Tall Apsens reaching for the Blue sky

Deer Tracks on the road

Snowshoeing among the Tall Pines

Whitetail Deer Bedded down on the Pine Ridge

Frosty shoreline & reflections

Winter landscape at Jay Cooke State Park

Frozen Pond

Winter Sunrise in Minnesota

Old Minnesota Homestead

left out of the garage

Covered in snow

Ducks mingle in the foggy morning sunrise

Natures Window Art ~ Frost

Frost on the Window

Frost forming on the house window

Winter Sunrise in Canal Park Harbor

Iced in the Harbor

Covered in Ice

Light house reflection in the Harbor

Sunrise accross Frozen Lake Superior

Full Moon over the Cabin

Full Moon rising through the Birch tree forest

Winter Sunrise reflects on the frozen lake

Sunset accross the forzen lake

Winter sunset

Winter Sunset framed in by the old tree

Sunrise across the frozen lake & through the pines

Getting a running start for lift off

Trumpeter Swans spring return

Trumpeter Swan taking flight

Lift Off

Trumpeter Swan in Flight

Spring Thaw, Ice formations on the cattail stem

The Prey

Sunset Reflections accross the Frozen lake

Sunset at Kawishiwi Falls

Spring Thaw at the Pike River Dam

Wolf Creek Falls

Minnehaha Falls

Old Home

Foggy Spring Landscape

Cemetery Sunset

Winter Cemetery Sunset

Chickadee on old Moose Antler

Wildlife Reflections

Ruffed Grouse

Canadian Geese in Spring flight

Spring Snow fall

Spring thaw and and more Snow

April Spring snow storm in Minnesota

Spring Snow Landscape

Shore line Reflecitons

Old wooden Canoe

Old deer skull and Jaw bones framed

Old leather boot on a stump

daylight coming in the old barn

Early Morning Shoreline

Late Spring Snow on Clear Lake

Reflections of a late Spring Snow

Pussy Willow in Bloom

Sunsetting down the River

Sun Rays after the Rain

Crane Lake Sunset framed in by Pine Trees

Northern Minnesota Sunset in May

Vultures Perch

Sunset at the Old Homestead

Tamarack Tree new spring growth

Early Wild Flowers in Bloom

Abstract ~ Culvert

First to Bloom

Summer view of the old Sauna

Old Homestead

Lester River Bridge

Watching the Sunset

Cascade State Park, MN

Rainbow at HIght Falls

Foggy Morning View

Ready to bloom

September Sunrise in Minnesota

Lone Maple Tree reflects it's Fall Colors

old Boat Houses & Fall color reflected

Foggy morning reflections

Sunset at the pond

Fishing at Sunset

Great place for a Fall Picnic

A successful Hunt

Log Shelter along the trail

Final Resting spot under the old Maple Tree

Old Log Home in the Fall Colors

Fall Landscape

A Fall horse back Ride

Foggy and Frosty Fall Morning Reflections

Old Logging Road in the Fall

Wolf Creek Falls

Fall reflections in a small pond

Picnic spot along the trail

Fall view of the Portage

Falls & Fall Colors

Morning Frost

First Light on a frosty cold Morning in Fall

Early morning calm

Blanket of Frost

A Foggy , Forsty & Erie Moring

Alone in the Fog

Sunrise through the Fog.

Deep in the Forest

Morning Shoreline Reflections in the Fall

Frosty Leaves in Late Fall

A Foggy Fall Morning in the Park

Early Morning in the Park

From days gone by on the Farm

Lone Kayaker on the Big water - Lake Superior

Sea Cave Kayaking Lake Superior

~ First Snow of the Season ~

First Snow

Partridge River

Frosty, Foggy Late November Morning

Along 4 Mile River

Partridge River Bridge

Winter's Magical Beauty

Winter Sunset

Silver Lake sunset

Amazing Winter Sunrise through the Trees

Winter sunrise ~ Canal park in Duluth MN.

Old Building portrait

Old Car

Frozen Love

Winter Beauty

Old Red Barn

Winter Trail through the Maple trees

Snowy day along the back roads

Winter landscape in B&W

Fayle Pond bridge at Sunrise

Twin Lakes Winter Sunset

Winter Falls

Forbes Dam in the winter

Winter Sunset in the Park

Mid winter Thaw at Sunset

Frosty Winter morning shoreline View

Endless Fence

Winter Farm Landscape

Old Homestead

Winter Shoreline Sunrise

Winter Shoreline Path

Ice Fishing at Sunset

Urban Fishing at sunrise

Winter MIne VIew

Frosty moning Landscape

Seven Bridges Road

Burning Heart

Winter Landscape

Through the woods

Freezing Falls

Winter Beauty deep in the woods

Ready to Fly

~ Frozen Heart ~

Frosty Winter Morning at the Falls

You wait all winter for this day

Spring Sunset ~ Shagawa Lake

Spring Walk Through the Tall pines

Spring's Simple Beauty

Sunset from the Island

Late day view from the Kayak

On my walk through the Park

Cedar trees after the snow

Lost Lake sunset

Spring Season Sunset













Walking Bridge over Dry Lake Falls

Chester Creek Falls

Daisies and late day sun

Lupine in Bloom

Lupine along the road side


Whitetail Deer in the Farmers Field

Stormy Sunset

Old Red Barn Reflection

Sand Lake Sunset

Natures Beauty

Kayaking at Sunset

Minnesota Wild Blueberries

Farmers Field

Sunrise on Clear Water Lake

Summer Sunrise

Tranquility on the water

New Life from out of the Ashes

Fall River Falls

Tall Pine sunset Reflections

September Minnesota Sunset

Late day Fall Season Shadows

Early Fall view from the top of the hill

Fall Season Reflections

Flowing with the Seasons

Fall Sunrise on Four Mile Lake

Hill Top Sunset

Summer is Fading

Fall view of the Hunter walking Trail

Pitcher Plant and Mushrooms in the Mossy Bog

Road Through the Country side

Ice on the Pond

Fall View along 7 Bridges Road

NIght landscape of the Moon Rise over Fenske Lake

St Louis River Bridge

Silver Lake Sunset

Baileys Lake Bridge at Sunset

Sunset at the Pond

Big Aspen Forest in the Fall Season

Put away for the season

Fishermans Point

The Back Roads

Sewing Machine Fence and Fall colors

Souix River Falls

Golden Fall Reflections

Fall scene along the Kjostad Lake road

Old Farm Building along the back Roads

Vermillion River Falls

Vermillion RIver

First snow of the Season

Oak Trees

November Sunset Reflections

Early Season Snowfall

Reflections of Winter

Frozen Over

Early Morning Foggy Landscape

Sunrise Through the Tall pines

Across the River

Deer Hunting stand deep in the woods

Fall Still life

Boat House Fall Reflection

Frost on the Old Tracks

November Sunset Reflections

Just After Sunset

Frozen Over

Old Homestead along the Back Roads

Old Logging Road

First snow and Freeze of the Season

St. Louis River Bridge

53 Chevrolet

Just Before Sunset

Winter Walk

Frosty Morning

Along the Echo Trail

Whitetail Deer in early Winter

Kawishiwi Falls Reflection

On Top of the Laurentian Divide on a Frosty MOrning

Fall Lake in Early Winter

Winter Landscape on a foggy morning walk

To the farm Field

Cemetery Sunset

Veteran Pride

The Old and Young honor the Flag

Ready to march

Still Standing Proud

Red, White, Blue and Kids

Mother / Daughter

Veteran Pride on Display

Young and Proud

Flags for All

Old and Proud

Brother & Sister at the Parade

Proud of my dad , the Veteran

Ready for the Parade

~ Best Friends 4-Ever ~

Sunset Romance on the Ice

Winter Sunrise Reflections

Winter Landscape

Frosty Winter Landscape along the Back Road

Bridge over Frozen Fayle Pond

Winter Waterfall

Winter Sunset in the Park

New Years Eve Sunset

Winter Sunset cross the Laurentian Divide

Winter Road through the woods

winter Shoreline Sunset

Tracks into the sunset

Winter Sunset down the River

Cross Country Skiing into the Sunset

Bridge Reflections

Red Barn and Fire Wood

King of the Ski Hill

Frigid Winter Sunrise

~ Glowing Winter Sunrise ~

Frigid Winter Sunset

~ Industrial Winter Sunrise ~

Winter sunrise & Sundog

~ Magical Walk Through the Frosty Forest ~

Coyote in the Woods

Winter Sunset

Glowing Sunset behind the Old Barn

LIttle Log Cabin

Through the Woods

Forbes Dam

Winter Reflections

Winter Cemetery Sunset

Winter Stillness

After Sunset stillness

Winter Farm Landscape

Road into the Farm

Old Shed

Little Red Cabin in the Tall Pines

Lower Falls at Gooseberry Falls State Park

Kawishiwi Falls

Winter Landscape Beauty

Old Homestead

Parked for the Winter


No Hunting


Winter Landscape on the Farm

Natures Simple Beauty on a walk in the woods

Embarrass River Winter View

Late Winter Thaw

Winter Sunet at Kawishiwi Falls

Winter Sunset up North

Sunset Reflections in the River

Stunning Winter Sunset

Winter sunset Framed in by Nature

St Louis RIver Bridge

Winter Ice Formations

Frigid Winter Sunrise

Winter Morning Reflections

Winter Landscape at Sunset

Old Lake Superior Fishing Boat

Fishing shed along the Lake Superior Shoreline

Gooseberry Falls State park

Split Rock Light house state park

Split Rock Light house

Early Morning Winter Landscape Reflections

Winter Sunrise reflects in the Beaver Pond

Kawishiwi Falls

Tender Moment in Nature

Just before the Sunrise

~ Winter Landscape ~

~ A Small Stream Deep in the Woods ~

Sunset down the St. Louis River

Whitetail Deer

~ Spring Thaw Starting along the Pike River ~

Rugged Winter Landscape

~ Sunset Reflections ~

Deer up on the Rock Ridge

Old Homestead

Spring Thaw starting

Spring Sunset along the River

Rusty Old Dodge

Frosty Morning View on the Farm

Spring Sunset Reflections

Sunset Glows Behind the Barn

~ Still Waiting for Spring ~

" the Lake and Grass were here yesterday"

Farm Landscape

~ Little Cottage on the Lake ~

River Sunset

River Otter

Dry Lake Falls

Snowshoeing along the Souix River

Sunrise Stretch

~ Spring Thaw ~

Spring View of the Lester River

~ Sunrise Shadows ~

Hooded Merganzer at sunset

Double Vision

Geese in the Morning Fog

Embarrass River Bridge

Pelican in the evening LIght

~ Open Water at Sunset ~

Owl Keeping a watchful eye

Little American Falls

Small Pond at Sunset

~ Beautiful Landscape along the Back Roads

Along the old Barn Wall

~ Road to the Old Barn ~

~ Under the old Tree ~

~ Framed in ~

~ Through the Woods to the Farm ~

~ Wolf Creek Falls ~

~ Kettle River flowing Strong ~

~ Spring Sunset ~

Spring Flow at the Pike River Dam

Sunset across the Pond

Spring Flow at the Falls

~ Now and Then Falls ~

~ Clouds rolling in at Sunset ~

~ Early Morning view from the bog ~

Kawishiwi Falls spring Flow

Vermillion Falls

Old Wooden Bridge over the Stream

~ Old Log Cabin ~

Souix River along the Echo Trail

Amnicon State park

Wisconsin Point Lighthouse

Spring Blossoms in the Park

Vermilion River Gorge

~ Natures Beauty at Kawishiwi Falls ~

~ Pines in Bloom ~

~ Calm at Sunset ~

~ Black Bear Cub up in the Tree~

Pink Lady's Slipper in full Bloom

~ Morning View from the Camp site ~

~ A Break in the Storm Clouds ~


~Our State Bird in Minnesota ~ The Loon

~ Reflections at Sunset ~

Moose Antler shed in the woods

~ Our State Flower begins to Bloom ~

~ Clouds Moving in ~

Fog in the River Valley at Sunset

~ The Souix River rapids along the Echo Trail

Ready for an early morning paddle

Sunrise view along the shore

Reflections across the Pond at the Farm

~ Old Log Cabin in the Woods~

Wild Flowers in the Farm Field

waiting for the sun to rise

First Ripe Wild Blueberry of the Season

Sunset on the Clouds

Illgen Falls

Morning Dew on the Wild Blueberries

Canoeing down the River

~ Bull Riding Competition at the Rodeo ~

~ 3 Generations Enjoying time at the Lake ~

Rainbow at Kawishiwi Falls

~ Snowmobile races on Water ~

~ A Splash of Summer Color ~

~ Kayaking in the Early Morning Fog ~

~ Annual Mud Run at the Community Fair ~


Summer Sunrise in the Harbor

Road into the Old Homestead

Beauty Before the Sunrise

Taking a Break

Reflections at Sunset

Sunset along the Pelican River

Morning Calm and Reflections

After the Sunsets

Caribou River along the North shore

Along Seven Bridges Road

Rookie Lake

Old Boat

Old Chevy

Old Dock in the Bay

Minnesota Landscape

Finds at the old homestead

Fall Harvest

Fall Landscape

The Partridge River

Old Farm building along the back roads

Beautiful Fall day on the Farm

Fall Ride along the Back Road

Along the River Bank

Head waters of the Vermilion River


Foggy Fall Morning across Four Mile Lake

Fall at the Old Farm

Fall scene along the shoreline

On a Fall walk in the Woods

On Shore for the Season

October Sunset off the Dock

Along the Trail in the woods

Old Barn & Fall Season

Fall Reflections and Stuntz Bay Boathouses

Fall along the French River

First Dusting of Snow .

Fall Landscape along the Souix River Portage

Tamaracks along Johnson Creek

Fall Sunrise across the Pond


~ October Sunrise across Half Moon Lake ~

Picture Perfect Fall day in Minnesota

Foggy Fall Morning

Foggy Fall Moring in the park

Old Log cabin in the woods

November Sunrise Reflections down the River

Lost and Found

Frozen sunset Reflections

Winter Reflections Down the Whiteface River

Fridgid Winter Sunrise through the Clouds

Partridge River Winter Landscape

~ Harvesting the Christmas Tree ~

Sunsets across the last bit of open water

~ On Frozen Pond ~

~ Sundog at Sunrise ~

Canal Park all lit up for the Holidays

Full Moon over Lake Superior and Duluth

Whitetail deer walking the road

Winter Sunset

Closed up for the Winter

Overlooking Shagawa Lake

Frosty Christmas day walk in the Woods

Winter Sunset across Silver Lake

~ A winter Walk ~

Calm Winter Reflection

Winter Landscape beauty deep in the wood

Winter Sunset at the Farm

~ Winter Glow of the Full Moon ~

~ Winter Sunrise through the Tall Pines ~

~ Frosty Winter Day ~

The View from the Top of the Mountain

Moon rise over the old homestead

Lake Superior Ice Caves

Sunset Through the Large ice piles

~ Just after Sunset ~

~ Little Cabin in the Woods ~

~ Looking out from the Ice Cave ~

~ exploring the Many ice Formations ~

Hiking along the frozen shore line

Inside the Ice Cave

~ Dry Docked for the Winter ~

Cross Country Skiing across the Bridge

Horse & Carriage ride along the back road

Winter fun at the Sliding Festival

Winter Cloud Reflections

Reflections along the River

Farm on the Hill

~ Winter Sunset behind the old Farm Building ~

Winter Sunset

Snow Sculpture at the Winter Festival

~ making it through the deep snow~

Winter Sunset behind the Island

Winter Beauty along the River

Winter Landscape along a small stream

Boat Houses line the shoreline in the Winter

~ Trumpeter Swans Wintering Area ~

Morning Stretch

~ Winter Shoreline Reflections ~

winter Farm Landscape

~ Wolf Track CLassic Dog Sled Race ~

~ A musher and his Team deep in the woods ~

Race to the Finish Line

Winter Sunset on the Farm

Wild Eyes

Wolf enjoying the warm Winter Sun

~ Little Red Cabin in the Woods ~

Kawishiwi Falls in the Winter

Olympic Dreams

Open water in the Late Winter

Road to the Cabin

Just before Sunset

Sunrise through the Sea Smoke

Sunset Glow behind the Tall pines

~ Big Blue Ice at Brighton Beach ~

Natures Heart

early Spring snowshoe hike into the river

~ Old Log Cabin ~

Old Farm Landscape

Back roads sunset

~ Crossing the River after Sunset ~

old water pump on the Farm

Rusty iron hanging on the old Barn

~ Minnesaot Winter Lanscape Beauty ~

Whitetail Deer

Ducks in the Sunset

Silver Lake Sunset Reflections

Spinning wool along the Shoreline

~ Spinning Wool under the Bandstand & Stars

Sunset Reflection in the Puddles

Firey Sunset behind the Pines

Sunset Reflection in the Broken Mirror

Shoreline sunset Reflections in the Broken Mirror

Spring Flow at the Pike River Dam

Little Cabin in the Woods

Horsing Around in the Pasture

~ Extreme Whitewater Kayaking ~

Shooting the Rapids

Class 5 Extreme Whitewater Kayaking

Early Morning Kayaking

Enjoying Natures Amazing Beauty

Great Grey Owl

~ Perplexing Reflection ~

A Boy and His Dog

River Reflections

~ Vermilion River Gorge ~

Spring Flow through the woods

Spring Sunset across the Pond

Spring snow along the Creek

Spring snow covers the Landscape

Golf Course Pond Reflections

spring sunset

Lake Jeanette along the echo Trail

Calm Reflection on Fenske Lake

Old wooden Dock

Flowers in Full Bloom at the old Homestead

Old water pump and Bucket at the old homestead

Summer Sunset Reflections

Rustic Landscape with wild flowers

Old log Cabin and a field of Lupine

Echo River

Vermilion RIver Falls

Summer Sumset across the Pond

The Beautiful Showy Lady's Slipper

Old Tractor in the wild flowers

Sunset through the Peonies

Enjoying the Sunset

Mallard Duck Family

Kayaking at Sunset

our Minnesata State Bird ~ the Common Loon

Lupine in Full Bloom

~ The fog is rolling in to Split Rock light house

~ The Super Moon setting over the Horizon ~

Sunrise View from my Kayak

~ Rainbow Beauty after the storm ~

~ Enjoying the View ~

Taking a Fall walk on Beauty Mountain Road

Fall Beauty along the Elbow River

Ready to take the boat out on Jasper Lake

Beautful Fall evening for a kayak Paddle

Falls along the Souix River Portage

~ Fall Reflection along Hunting Shack Creek

~ Kawishiwi Falls Through the Meditation Ball

~ Frosty Moring Landscape ~

Foggy Winter Morning Landscape along the Old Fence Line

Frosty Winter Farm Landscape

~ Ice Fishing on the Frozen Lake ~

~ Walk through the Winter Wonder Land ~

~ Old Barn along the Frosty Tree Line ~

Winter Sunset Reflections

Winter Kayaking along the Embarrass River

Maical Winter Landscape View from the Kayak

Cross the Bridge to take a Hike along the Frosty Ridge

Browsing along the Frosty Tree Line

Snowshoeing across the Winter Landscape

Crazy Winter Fun

Ready to Run the Sled Dog Race

Deep in the woods

Frosty Face at the End of the Race

Winter Sunset up north

~ Framing in the Beautiful Winter Sunset ~

Celebrating The Beauty along the Northshore

Ice Cave Beauty on Lake Superior

Stoney Point Winter Sunset

Reflections of a Winter Sunset

Frosty Morning Walk in the woods

Old Barn

Sunset over the Bridge