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When I graduated college in 1997 I landed my first teaching job in a charter school in Mesa, AZ. Prior to that I had lived my entire life on the east coast of the U.S. The landscapes in AZ were amazing. I'd spend weekends hiking in the desert and rock climbing in Sedona. After a year I moved back to Northeastern Pennsylvania and wished I had pictures to show my friends and family that gave them the same emotions that I had felt when I was out in AZ. My passion for photography was born. I soon bought my first SLR and started noticing more of the beauty around me. I spent most of my photography time out in nature. In the past few years my daughter and son were born and more of my photography naturally focused on my family. Right now I teach fifth grade and coach a HS soccer team. Those commitments and my family take up much of my time, but the time that is left is spent trying to improve my photography.


Everything Else


Northeast Pennsylvania

Winter Scenes

Still Life

Pennsylvania's Farmland


Beach Photos - Atlantic Ocean

Olympic National Park

Seattle, WA

Beach Photos - Pacific Ocean

Autumn in the Poconos


Acadia NP & Downeast Maine

Schoodic Peninsula

Isle au Haut

Autumn 2010


Lighthouse on the California Coast

Bruce Lake Natural Area at Sunrise


Cathedral Rock

Two Silly Girls


If Thine Eye Be Single...

Golden Gate Bridge

Friends Reunited in B&W

Friendly Horse, Foggy Morning


Thunder and Serenety

Disney Concert Hall at Sunrise (2)

Disney Concert Hall at Sunrise (1)

Live Fern, Dead Leaves



Morning Dew on Flowers

Sugarhill Creek at Mountain View Road

Holly Berries

Seven Tubs N.A. Tunnel in B&W

Sugarhill Creek, Winter

Cold Winter Rapids

Rocks and Water, Winter

Papago Sunrise (2)

Three Friends at Sunrise

Sea Shell Study

People in Glass Houses...


USS Cutter Taney




Pine Cones

Watchmaker's Spectacles

Tomato Juice, Extra Pulp

Westin Bonaventure, B&W

Feeling Corny?

Cheap Insulation

Shh... The Walls Have Ears

Barn (B&W)

Lone Tree, Late Spring Afternoon

Winter Scene

Disney Concert Hall, Early Morning

Father and Son

Easter Eggs (1)

Mast and Lines


Junior Bridesmaid


Junior Bridesmaid (Sepia)


Lifeguard Chair at Dusk

No Guard - Swim at Your Own Risk



Alava Starfish 1

Two Starfish

Ananome Study 1

Anenome Study 2

Buck 1

Cape Alava Fog

Cape Alava Fog 3

Crashing Tide 2

Creek Under Pony Bridge

Forth Beach Stroll

Hoh - Maple Grove

Rain Forest Stream 1

Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center Panorama

Hurricane Ridge Mountain View

Hurricane Ridge Road

Kalaloch Creek at Sunset

Kalaloch Gazebo at Sunset

Marymere Falls 3

Rain Forest Cedar

Sunset through Seastack Hole 2

Ruby Beach 1

Second Beach Sunset 2

Second Beach Sunset 5

Second Beach Sunset Panorama 3

Tidal Pool Study


Fresh Fish

Original Starbucks

Flower Stand

Market Guitarist


Market Sign - Dusk

Market Sign - Night 1

Seattle Skyline

Seattle Skyline - Panorama

Seattle Skyline, Night 2

Seattle Skyline at Night - Panorama

Hurricane Ridge Flower

Beach Scene

Second Beach Seascape

Guitars for Sale


Autumn Cascade

Anonymous Solier's Tombstone

October Waterfall

Tree, Fern, and Stream


Tidal Rock

Ruby Beach Sunset Silouette

Produce Lizard

Sea Stack Silouette

Horse Portrait


Fire Sky

Half Dome from Glacier Point

Cathedral Rock from Red Rock State Park

Lone Cyprus

Lone Cyprus and Pacific Ocean - Aged

Lone Cyprus - Copper

National Aquarium in Deep Copper

Mountain Buck at Hurricane Ridge

Space Needle from Below in B&W

House with a View

Day Lilly

Bee in Flower 1

Moth on Flower

Foggy Mountainside

Lackawaxen and Delaware Confluence

Jayne and Andrew - Ruins 1

Jayne and Andrew - UK Hands

Andrew and Isaac

Jayne and Andrew - Goofin' Around 1



Red Swamp

Newfoundland Foliage 2

Tree and Reflection

Winter Creek Rocks

Looking for James Brown in Augusta

Palm Tree Panorama

Little Falls


Bench in Fog at Dawn 1

Autumn Fall Detail

Maple Leaf and Small Fall

Morning Light and Creek

Small Autumn Fall

Tree in Fog at Dawn

James 1

James 2

Autumn at Promised Land S.P. 2

Autumn Stream Reflections 1

Autumn Stream Reflections 2

Autumn Stream Reflections 3

Autumn Stream Reflections 4

Autumn Fall Reflections 5

Maple Leaves in Autumn

Promised Land Red Leaves

Fall Color at Promised Land S.P. 4


Autumn Lake Reflections 1

Autumn Lake Reflections 2

Roots Needles Leaves

Litte Falls Trailhead Bridge

A Beaver's Been Here 1

Autumn Leaves and Fallen Log 1

Autumn Leaves and Fallen Log 2

A Beaver's Been Here 2

Promised Land Lake Flowers

Hailey 1

Hailey 2

Hailey 4

Hailey 8

Evening Beach Solitude

Moss, Maple, Rodedendron

Gateway Arch in B&W

Promised Land S.P. Whitaker Trail

Otter Cliffs Sunrise 3

Bubble Rock 2

Stonington Lobster Buoys 1

Maple Spring Trail 4

Jordan Pond from North Bubble

Jordan Pond from South Bubble

Along the Gorham Mountain Trail

Otter Cliffs Sunrise 2

Sergant Mt. Cairn

Otter Cliffs Sunrise 1

Coastal Maine Panorama

Deer Isle Coast 2

Deer Isle Coast Panorama

Schooner Head Overlook 1

Schooner Head Overlook 2

Little Deer Isle Shore Flowers

Stonington Harbor 1

Stonington Harbor 2

Stonington Harbor 6

Stonington Harbor 8

Mount Desert Coast

Thunder Hole

Downeast Maine Seal Panorama

Isle au Haut Cliff Trail 1

Eben's Head 1

Isle au Haut Lighthouse


Duck Harbor Sailboat

Duck Harbor Sailboat 2

Duck Harbor Sailboat 3

Isle au Haut Sunset

Schoodic Point Gull

Schoodic Point Wildflowers and Granite

Winter Harbor Lighthouse

Schoodic Surf and Tide 1

Schoodic Tide and Surf 2

Fog and Sunset in Winter Harbor

Schoodic Stream 1

Schoodic Stream 2

Schoodic Waterfall

Schoodic Stream 3

Schoodic Stream 4


Tidal Waterfall 1

Schoodic at Dawn 2

Tidal Waterfall 2

Lori 1

Reeds at Morning's First Light in B&W

Promised Land Upper Lake at Dawn

Early Autumn Colors 1

Little Falls in Early Autumn


Early Autumn Colors 3

Early Autumn Colors 2

Reeds at Morning's First Light

Bruce Lake Natural Area in Autumn 1

Autumn Reflections 1 2010

Autumn Sunrise 1

Bruce Lake Natural Area in Autumn 2

Egypt Meadow Lake at Dawn 3

Bruce Lake Natural Area in Autumn 3

Egypt Meadow Lake at Dawn 1

Egypt Meadow Lake Sunrise 1

Lake Grass at Dawn 4

Lake Grass at Dawn 3

Sugar Hill Creek in Winter 1

Sugar Hill Creek in Winter 4

Snow Mounds on Sugar Hill Creek