Francois Benveniste

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Amateur photographer living in Paris, France



Landscapes, Noyers, Burgundy





A glance


She was born in the sky

Stephie at the Hard Rock hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

Despair. Model : Brindille

Ducks in Noyers

Venoise 1 in Noyers

Venoise 2 Noyers

Venoise 3 Noyers

Venoise at night. Noyers

The passage. Noyers

Street 1. Noyers

Street 2. Noyers

Street and steeple; Noyers

. Street 3 Noyers

Wooden angel

A destiny. Model : Leslie


Star and stripes

Red eyes

An alliance proposition

Black beach



Le lavoir.



Model : Karniflora


Model : June

Model : June

Love chains

Morning coffee


The tatoo


Soul picture

Talcum lady

The beam

Try a little tendeness

The corset


Liloo. Soothing effect

Liloo. A taste of ashes

Liloo. Pressure

Liloo. Don't hit me

Liloo. 5 sisters

Amal. Sensuality




Liloo.Come back

Elisea. Woman's scent

Tropical duuo. Maryline and Clelia

Ivie. Open air portrait

Ivie. Secret pleasure

Ivie. Promises

Lila. Passer-by

Lila. Austere nude

Lila. Feline

Marketa. Suspenders

June. Dreaming of him

June. Classic glamour

June. An invitation

Fabie. Cheek to cheek.

Stephie. Elsewhere

Stephie. Middle class folies

Stephie. You and I

June. The chore. Dedicated to exhausted women

Celine. The revelation


Liloo. POint of view

Celine. Girl from the South

Two sides to Amelie

Amelie. The comedian

Thed. Blue Africa

Ivie. Draped nude

Magda. Burning portrait

Lya. Faraway

Lya. Grey bath

Lya. Back to the essential

Stephie. Tectonics The ocean floor is shaken by a quake and the plaques above are about to slide....

Liloo. Feather bed seduction

Liloo. Wrong directions

Celine. Pleasure is coming

The artists. Liloo and Nalair

Liloo. Zenithal light

Liloo. Faitffull lover

Magda and Liloo, the waiting

Magda and Liloo. The friends

Liloo. Studio Shibari

Magda. Tension

Stephie. Before the stage

Stephie. Studio shot

Clelia. The young lady

Waterplay. Magda and Liloo

Liloo. When mind suffers

Liloo and Magda. The good pleasure

Liloo. Rag doll

Liloo. Cold shower

Stephie. Ebony mood

Olivia. She was dining with me

June. I will eat you alive

Sophie. Leaving her

Liloo. Almost her heart

Liloo. AN offering

Liloo. With him forever

Liloo.Hay fever

Liloo. Sensual

Clelia. Half lovely

Liloo and Clelia. Willing sexual victim

Clelia and Liloo. Kittens

Liloo. Table agony

Alexandra. The dark waiting

Liloo. No rehab

Liloo.Tropical studio

Clelia. Please, love me

Clelia. The curtain

Liloo and Clelia. The pincher

Karniflora. Fire cascade

Liloo. Back staged

Clelia. The grey bed

Lya. The guardian

The uncomunicating. The séparation Lya and Liloo. Complete serie (5more) on my site :

Liloo. Offered

Liloo. Knock on wood

Emmanuelle V. Green power

Emmanuelle V. The good mood

Emmanuelle V. Taking the veil

Liloo and Lya. Crosssed glances

Zaya. The harpy

Zaya. Collapsed

Liloo. Agony

Liloo. Provocation


Stephie. Underground doll make-up and hair style : Anne Arnold

Liloo. FInish the job

Liloo. Poor little girl

Liloo. The bed head

Liloo. Sexy sad

Bo. Trashwashroom

Bô. Window bathing

Liloo. Transparent bride

Bô. Shade of pale

Magda. Self phtographer

Magda. Naked phtographer

Esa Bang. Born from steel

Bô. At the door

N&M. The lovers

Same expression as a photographer who discovers a new model

Liloo. Beer slave

Liloo. I've eaten my lover

Liloo. Loneliness

Liloo. Blue bondage

Liloo. Sexplosion

Flora and Liloo. A proposition of alliance

Liloo. Dawn at the beach

Liloo. Factory harpy

Liloo. Isolated

Liloo. Shower

Liloo. No future

Lioo. Seduction mecanisms

Angel Red. Relaxation

Luna. Hand in hand

Liloo and Lin. Rough love

Liloo's chair

Liloo. Mistress is back

Liloo. First shibari

Red Angel. Mad hair

Lin. Tag expiration

Angel red. I love you

Lin. Green intrusion

Flora. Wild bath

Liloo. Cool exercise

Czarnae. The creature

Czarnae. Breath of life

Czarnae. The archeress

Clelia. The owl

Czarnae. Portrait with fire

Clelia. Pink glamour

Liloo. Sad mistress

Liloo. Night sun

Liloo. Triangles


Carnae. Zombi dancer

Lya. 3 stages of auto seduction

Lya. Thinking cat

Clelia. Show girl

Lya. Liberation

Clelia. Echoes

Lya. The backlot

Clelia. Beauty and Budha

Clelia. Triangular strip tease girl

Clelia. Stylish red hair

Zaya. Textured

Zaya. Biodegradable love

Ultramarine. Get lost !

Celine. Cave girl

Zaya. The rope eater

Liloo. Preparing for new year's eve

Liloo. The expectation

Stephie. Public relations

Liloo. Mater Dolorosa

The taming of the shrew

Bo. Apparition

Stephie. Me through me

Stephie. Miror games

Stephie. Between life and death

Stephie. In 2009...

Stephie. Half fatal

Mechanical mistress

Liloo. Light cult

Liloo. Weird tools

Liloo. Flower of male

Liloo. Stairways to heaven

Liloo. Caged

Liloo. Bubble bath

Liloo. Long nude

Stephie.BLack shower

Liloo. The saw and the test tube

Lya. Into the white

Lya. Black glove vamp

Liloo. Magic basket

Liloo and Lya. In her BO

Liloo. Woman with props

Liloo. Stranded

June. Blue psyche

Liloo. Crisis is coming

Liloo Crisis is coming

Liloo. My body is your harbour

Liloo. Purple extasy

Liloo. Props

Liloo. Shadows

Liloo. Eating on the side

Clelia. Soft skin

Alexandra. Sensual

Celine. The mauve soft box

Liloo.Fetish with rose

Bo. Difficult healing

Bo. 2 colors

Bo. Before and after sin

Marie and Alexandre, the pair

Marlene. Table girl

Marlene. Te shadow of herself

Liloo and Bob. The LilBob

Liloo. Fetish with poster

Liloo. The cap

Marlene. Dazzlement

Liloo/ Yellow mark

Liloo. Little lady


Liloo. Ritual dance

Datura. Lady of the gents

Liloo. Fetish is a dish

Datura. Forbidden entrance

Liloo. Sad seductress

Datura. Work of art

Liloo with William Beine. The old lover

Datura. Church fashion

Marlene. Modesty

Marlene. Immodesty

Datura. Shock corridor


Liloo. The thin thread

Claire. Little night music

June. Hot couch

June. Dreams by the river

June and Remy. A dialogue

Chrystalle. No more light

Zhang Lala. At the old upholsterer's

Zhang Lala. By the grey door

Lya nd Marlene

Stephie. Forest fairy

Stephie. Guardian angel.

Zhang Lala. Revelation

Stephie. Black queen with white mask

Chrystale. Double triangle

Liloo. Red hot

Marie and Alex. Lovers

Liloo. Out of nowhere

Liloo. Under the girls panties

Liloo. Dark twins

Lila. Nude at the concrete wall

Lila. He cheats on me


Eva. Castle girl

Liloo. Double light

Eva. Eternal vanity

Eva. Moody tea

Liloo. Conceptual art kills me

2 red balls

Liloo. Choice of a companion

Liloo.Long gone monk's fantasies

Liloo. Kitty and me


Liloo. The little Miss

Liloo. Puppet on a string

Lya and Marlene. The ghost

The world is big

Liloo. Heart of the grid

Liloo. Ogival thoughts

Liloo. Red agony

Liloo. Bathroom accident

Liloo. The bath

Liloo. Facing the moist cavity

Liloo. Fountain of grace

Liloo. Precisely under the sun

Liloo. I take responsability

Liloo. Red agony 2

Dancing Liloo

Liloo Book cover of a book by Jean-Louis Le Breton to be released in july 2009....

Liloo. Headaches

Liloo. Flexible

Liloo. The couch

Liloo. My photographer

Liloo. Little red devil

Stephie. Protective hand

Datura. 3 I and I

Karniflora. Dark godess

Karniflora. Quest

Karniflora and Liloo. Triangles

Karniflora and Liloo

Liloo. Blue and red

Karniflora. Voracious

Liloo. So sad

Liloo and Karniflora. Looks

Bucolic goose

Karniflora. No way !

Leslie. Hot summer coming

Leslie. Armchair seduction

Tie me !

Clelia. Baby on my mind

Karniflora. Mortal flirt

Liloo. Slightly blue

Liloo. Porud bitch

Liloo. Rose mood

Bô and Liloo. I'm leaving you

Bo and Liloo. An appetite

Liloo. Lost Paradise


Liloo. Poppies folies

Liloo. Crane folies

Liloo. Dreamy at the tower


Liloo. Give me a break

Lala. The ecologist

Lala. White taste

Liloo. The neck piercer

Liloo. Mystic warrior

Lala. Digital fantasy

Lala. Case of the stairs

Liloo. Bad girl

Coconut. Leopard girl

Lala. Knock on wood

Liloo. No title

Magdalenna. A photographer

Liloo. Getting high

Liloo. Shades of light

Lya. Sweet crucifixion

Lya. Wet rock

Bo. Cellar blues

Mitsu. A bomb

Lila. One and the other

Lila. Getting away

Mitsu. Body language

Mitsu. Backlight

Lala. Entering fantasy

Lila. Hot summer night

Lya. Blue rock

Alexandra. He's going away

Alexandra. Firefly

Alexandra. Fire is out

Alexandra. Dialogue

Elize A. Reverence


Vita/Orlando. Tribute

Vita/Orlando. Sisyphus

Vita/Orlando. Lonely fetish


Liloo. Rock child

Lilooo. Matrix

Vita/Orlando. Inside passage

Vita and Liloo. Taming of the shrew

Liloo. The cloud maker

Bô. Chair in the water

Bo. Sensual

Pomcannelle. Nervous

Alexandra. One second of reflection

Bô. Submission

Bô. Tutu with a whip

Bô. Unplugged geisha

Bô. Fusion

Pomcannelle. Too many links

Alexandra V. Dry mood

Lya green and mauve

Bô. A dream made of stone

Lya. Caressing light

Lya. This little man, down there

Lya. Sensual Orient

Alexandra. Profile

Liloo. Crazy mouse

Liloo. Dark mood

Liloo. Danger

Hana. Regrets

Hana. Fusion

Hana. The cushion

Liloo. Lighting study

Morgaga Fata, Marlene and Lila. Scavengers

Lala. Lethal approach

Alexandra. Offered to light

Bo. Light of hope

Bô. Dark red

Morgana Fata. Flashy and down

Morgana Fata. Cold metal

Liloo. Crawler

Liloo. Safe liaison

Liloo and Morgana Fata. Sexy sushi

Liloo. Birth of Venus

Liloo. The doll

Morgana Fata and Liloo. The tie

Magda. Yellow and blue

Liloo, Magda. Studio

Czarnae. Storm flower

Marlene. The armchair

Marlene. Blue bath

Had3sia. Amputated

Fannette. Prisoner

Liloo. Danger girl

Liloo. The troll

Simpli6ty. Dark Purple

Lala. Grace in adversity

Pomcannelle. Pandora's box

Pomcannelle. Proud Angie

Pomcannelle. Happy orange

Liloo. Down to earth

Lila. Naked women always have clothes

Liloo. Ghost kimono

Lila. Sandy Hill

LIloo. Overflow

Morgana Fata. The hat.

Morgana Fata. The passionaria

Lya. A cumbersome thing

Morgana Fata. Dagger woman

Morgana Fata. Lost in dreams

Liloo. Danger zone

Morgana Fata. Smoke gets in your eyes

Morgana Fata. The frog that became princess

Lya. Red Hot

F,L and A. The rocker

Lya. Shadow of love

Liloo. Invitation to travel

Liloo. Two cats

Liloo. Indiscreet light

Liloo and Lya. PAssion

Pomcannelle. The collapsing

Pomcannelle. Laughter crisis

Pomcannelle. Spiders

Liloo. Courtesan

Pomcannelle. Human comedy

Vita/Orlando. The ultimate graffiti

Vita. Dialogue

Lili. Lost in her triangle

Miss Lili

Lili. The stylist

Lili. Deep blue east

Ultramarine. Hat off !

Pomncannelle. The opening

Pomcannelle. Triangular dreams

Lila. Mechanical Mistress

Pomcannelle. A difficult choice

Balladyna. Prisoner

Balladyna. De-framed

Datura noire. The model's painter

June. Hope is outside

Morgana Fata. Spiderman's wife

Morgana Fata. The show must go on

Morgana Fata. Huge

Lala. Uspide down

Lya. Taking roots

Marlene. Bar girl


Mitsu. Vertigo

Morgana Fata. Prima Donna

Lila. Many me


Ziggy.The zero and the one

Ziggy. Delicacy

Ziggy. Hot bath

Morgana, Romain. The ashtray

Morgana. Gels

Morgana and Romain. The licker

Morgana. Mutation

Clelia. The necklace

Mikako. The magic fan

Mikako. Post apocalypse

Lya and Marlene From my new book :

Mikako. Fading Japanese girl

Lya. Cat and Prey

Mikako. Shoot out

Morgana. Harpy

Eva. Armchair

Eva. Peep show

Eva. Works of art

Eva. Fast track

Falling apart

Dartura noire. Exit

Datura noire. Tunnel vision

Lya and Datura. Contrast

Fische.Just an attitude. MUA : Designs By LJ

Lya. Night bird

Cendrillon, Bluebird

Datura noire. Prospect

Datura noire. Our lady of the garbage

Lya. Shock corridor

Clelia.Mauve chains

C-Line. The pack

C-Line. Messy bed

Stephie and I. In a corner of the studio

Stephie. Dialog with a miror

Plastic. Escort boy International

Vita. Not doing too well

Gary & Lya. Black & Yellow

Ziggy. Rebel

Ziggy. On the bridge

Ziggy and Pomcannelle. A little tenderness

Jordane. Exhibition

Jordane and Natacha S.The tamer

Jordane. Dream like

Natacha S. Pressure

Wanahea. Cave fetish

Wanahea. Jack is around

Wanahea. Mauve attitude

Pink Ema. In the light

Jordane. Spy

Lila. Emergence

Jordane and Ness. Imbrication

Thomas and Agnieszka. Moonlight love

Jordane. Morning queen

Jordane and Ness. Color duo

Lola. Arched shout

Ziggy. Spring break

Ziggy. Nude at the rock

Thomas and Agnieszka. The couple

Fische. Alternative Darling

Ziggy. Night mood

Ziggy. Too much love

Poison Ivy. Hell of a girl

Ness. Pleasure of smoking

Ness. The crack

Ness. Green rock

Jordane.Night whitch

Jordane. Us two under the shower

Jordane. A moment of doubt

Jordane. Behind the miror

Datura noire. Green constrictor

Datura noire. Four eyes concerto

Datura noire. Don't touch my pal

Zelie. Broken bounds

Zelie. Curves

Zelie.Teasing veil

Zelie. Little miss

Ness, Jordane, Ziggy. FB's angels

Ness. The seductress

Jordane and Ness. The parley

Lya and Ziggy. Shining light

Lya and Ziggy. Corridor creatures

Ziggy. Apocalypse

Ziggy. The world is my oyster

Ziggy. Seductress

Althea. Fire inside

Althea. Fighting spirit

Jordane and Ness. The embrace

Athea. The swiming pool

Althea. Shower

Lili. The mantilla

Althea. Vulnerability

Lili. Our ladies

Jordane and Ziggy. Shelter from the storm

Ziggy. Sweet sand

Ziggy. The empty bed

Gwen. 7 lineup

ZIggy. Bathroom Venus

Zelie. With him

Zelie. Bathroom maners

Severine. Wounded

Severine. In need of space

Zelie. Salamander

Lya. Lake muse

Lya. Travel to Indonesia

Zelie. Baggy

Poison Ivy. Make-up Victim

Ziggy. The body eye

Magda. If looks could kill...

Liloo, Magda and Kitty. The heinous crime

Liloo. Wet atmosphere

The muse. Jordane and William Beine

Zelie. It is her...

Liloo. Through the grape vine

Liloo. Life is beautiful

Siena. Lost

Liloo. Pollution day in the city

Liloo. I need a belt

Zelie. Studio jungle

Zelie. Shelter

Zelie. In your dreams

Zelie.Night birds

Zelie. The garden of plenty

Stephie. Nude on the bench


Liloo. Oh my God !

Zelie. The dark crack

Siena. Chinese portrait

Siena. Classic nude

Liloo. No smoke today

Liloo. Coming out

Liloo. Texture of dreams

Liloo. No prospect

Liloo. Nothing left

Cayenne. The old lover

Cayenne. Far away gaze

Liloo. We only said good-bye with words

Zelie. Deliver me from evil

Liloo and I. Stiff at last !

Liloo. The lame queen

Datura and Rachelle. The tea drinkers

Liloo. Caught red-handed

Liloo. Dark bath with flowers

Datura noir and Rachelle. Over-taken

Rachelle. The hunting party

Rachelle. Beauty and the little bear

Althea. Struggle for water

Althea. Obvious nudity

Althea. See-through

Althea. Fragile

Ziggy. No vice ...

Liloo. Blue baby

Liloo. Hair and knife

Ziggy. The wild one

Athea. Shadow of herself

Liloo. Girl in a glass box

Liloo. Rascal

Cayenne. Thinking of him

Cayenne. Waking up ...

Liloo. I've always wanted to leave ...

Liloo. Gollum of Oc

Angela. Multi moods

Liloo. Red light

Angela. Tough girl

Magda. Basement depression

Brigitte B. Siamese

MAGda and liLOO. Magloo 1

Liloo. Two sides

Angela. In the upper room

MAGda and liLOO. Magloo 6

Brigitte B. The blue curtain

Cayenne. The painting

Cayenne. Morning coffee

Zelie. Her thought's way

Cayenne. Golden girl

Liloo. What's inside is mine ...

Cayenne. Diagonal

Althea. Korpe

Mikako. Remembering Michael

Cayenne and Zelie. Ebony and Ivory

Datura noire. My favorite dog

Datura noire. Missing him

Sarah-Zina. Mauve

Susie Garter. Passion, then death

Ziggy. Red mood

Morgana fata. Taste of knife

Zelie. Broken dream

Zelie. Girl on a tray

Tes. Rough glamour

Zelie. Couch mermaid

Zelie. Crouching dove

Ziggy. He is far away ...

Ziggy. I prefer my I-Phone ...

Ziggy. Automatic erotism

Ziggy. Latina

Ziggy. Innocence

Althea. In your dreams ...

Althea. Cocoon

Zelie. An idea

Magda and Liloo. Magloo 3

Anne O'Nymous. The plague

Bo. Grainy levitation

Althea. Lady in black

Buna. The prostitute

Althea. For her eyes only

ZIggy. Venus with fur

Clelia. Intrusion

Zelie. So close, so far ...

Liloo. Imantodes Lentiferus. Snake picture by Thierry Montford

Mikako. Philodryas viridissimus . Snake picture by Thierry Montford

Cayenne. Cayenne cube

Zelie. Black desire

Zelie. Burning Portraits From the serie " portraits de braise" to be seen on my site...

Zelie. In the design room

Ziggy. Red trash

Zelie. Watching you

Zelie. Yes, you ...

Siena. A dream cast in stone

Mallo. The rope to hang me

Mallo. Seductress

Ziggy. Back up

Marlene. Unpublished

Annette. Stream of passion

B. Curves

Celine. Sensual studio

Celine. Sexy girl

Zelie. Morning sun

Zelie. White demon

Balladyna. Black paint

Zelie. Hide and seek

Zelie. Contrasts

Celine. Duo

Althea. Golden miss

Althea. She lost everything


Our lady of the keep

Datura noire. Two cats

Datura noire. I locked up my lover

Datura noire. Lightbox girl

Zelie. I will shoot YOU

Girl with veil

Tess. Not for me

Zelie. Room 308

Zelie. The quest

Zelie. The waiting

Anne Onymous. The covered chair

Zelie. Manor girl

Toky. The blue egg

Liloo. Life slips away

Tess. Despair

Ziggy. Forsake, almost human

Ziggy. F... you !

Zelie. Invasion of dreams

Ziggy. Unbalanced

Ziggy. Useless charm

Zelie. Red girl

Althea. Difficult morning

Althea. Attic girl

Althea. Orange blues

Althea. Light heat

Althea and G-RO. Willing victim. MUA : Natasha Leduc

Liloo. Fuzzy nude

Magda. X Rated.

Zelie and Magda. Hand games

Zelie. Blue shower

Zelie. Blue room

Stephie. Fairy


Sweet pain

Eden. The red coat

Eden. Punished

Eden. My grand-mother was beautiful

Zelie. I know he is here

Zelie. The snapshot

Zelie. Angles

Zelie. Mauve portrait

Datura noire. A nice piece of furniture

Datura noire. The damned

Datura noire. Callipygian

Datura noire. The new Eve

Datura noire. True love

Zelie. Bed temptation

Maima. Tongue to finger

Zelie. A whiter shade of pale

Ziggy. Miss Fate

Ziggy. Predators dialog

Ziggy. Under his wings

Ziggy. Shock corridor

Ziggy. Miror seduction

Althea. Porthole

Althea. Torsion

Akasha. Beams

Zelie. On the edge

Zelie. Shout

Ziggy. Open shirt

Rachel. The intrusion

Rachel. All goes wrong

Rachel. Classic breast

Zelie and Bo. 2 Women

Zelie. The lizard in the bathtub

Zelie. Bamboo girl

Zelie. Door nude

Zelie; Protect yourself

Zelie. Blind beauty

Ziggy. Blind beauty 2

The vestals. Datura noire and Zelie. Bird raised and tamed by Jenny de Meyer and Jeremie Destine

In line. Datura noire. Birds raised and tamed by Jenny de Meyer and Jeremie Destine

Tender approach ( 2007 )

June. Sexy sepia

Morgana Fata. Prima Donna

The demon between women's leg

Ziggy. Summer distorsion

Graphic interrogation. Stéphanie Lambert. MUA : Natasha Leduc

Cyan Portrait. Stephanie Lambert. MUA : Natasha Leduc

Waste. Stephanie Lambert. MUA : Natasha Leduc

Althea. Datcha girl

Ziggy. Inclination

Lya. Lines

Ziggy. Body double


Althea. I'll have her skin

Ziggy. Bathroom blues

Lya. The fallen chair

ZIggy. Clearly dark ....

Mallo. With the fallen tree

Mallo. Sadness

Sirithil. Bought myself a sexy girl

Stephie & JD. Stolen kiss

Sirithil. Loosing balance

Sirithil. Grace in bareness

Fanfan. The flame

Fanfan. Thoughtfull

Fanfan. Hazy nude

Jordane. Fern girl

Theda. In the brown room

Zelie. Concrete sun

Zelie. Why ?

Fanfan. Te incredible truth

Fanfan. The one I leave behind

Pomcannelle. The girl from down below

Fanfan. Studio nude

Ziggy. FG3

Ziggy. FG10

Ziggy. Attic games

Sirithil. The sinner

Ziggy. The shame

Sirithil. The boudoir