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I got seriously started in photography back in 1974 as a high school student, using the Zeiss Ikonta 6x9 folder my Dad gave me which I often still use. Unfortunately, by the time I finished college U of MD the interest waned. Happily it got revived and I wish to continue to learn as much as possible. My primary interests are street, travel and landscape photography, both film and digital, using either 35mm Pentaxes and Yashicas MX or Screwmounts, Leica Ms/LTMs or medium format with a Pentax 67, Yashica TLRs, Zeiss Ikontas, or a Bronica MF systems. I also do a little 4x5 large format. My foray into the digital world is with a Pentax K-5 and Leica Ms.

Country: US


Single Photos






Washington, DC




Yashica 44

Pentax H1a



Large Format

C & O Canal National Park, MD

San Juan


Online Pics


Pigeon Scattering

Castello Eurialo

Silk market, Beijing China

El Capitan

Joshua Tree at Sunset

Joshua Tree National Park

Stairway in the Forbidden City

Xi'an, China

Xi'an China II

Deoksogung Palace II

Beijing Street

Woman in Doorway

Songtan Street

Out on a limb?

General Yi

Tiananmen Square People

Great Wall Steps

Song Tan Alley

Kimchi Jars, Naksan Temple

Song Tan Alley 2

Fairford Alley

Barn Rear Stone Wall, Mechanicsburg, PA

Barn Stone Wall and Wagon Rims, Newville, PA

Barn in Infrared, Mechanicsburg, PA

Peace Church Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, PA

Enchanted Rock Summit

Paddington Station, London

Limmasol, Cyprus Street

Stepping out together, Washington DC

Indian Museum, Washington, DC

Indian Museum Interior, Washington DC

Memorial Bridge, Washington DC

Lincoln Memorial at Twilight, Washington DC

Raindrops in the Pond

Abandoned Shed, Mechanicsburg, PA

Barn Boards and Shadows, Mechanicsburg, PA

Abandoned Stone Barn Ruins, Mechanicsburg, PA

Brilliant Autumn Tree

Indian Museum Lobby, Washington DC

Georgetown Street, Washington DC

DC Taxi Driver, Washington DC

Foggy Bottom, Washington DC

Indianapolis Union Station Clock Tower

Lonely Figure Downtown Indianapolis

Indianapolis Stowaways

Meze Tavern, Limassol Cyprus

Through the Window, Limassol, Cyprus

Tony the Tailor, Limassol, Cyprus

Mount Etna Summit

Monuments at Night, Washington DC

Tom, Hotel Maintenance Man

Howard Lamb, Trombonist

Monterey California Sunset

The Guardian

Rainy Night in Seoul

Another Rainy Night in Seoul

U.S. Capitol Columns, National Arboretum

Milwaukee Bird Attack

Apollo Temple, Kourion, Cyprus

Rushing Stream

Corpus Christie Fishing Wharf 2

Corpus Christie Fishing Wharf 5

Corpus Christie Fishing Wharf 6

Pittsburgh Street 1

Pittsburgh Street 3


Jason and Bird

Jason's Portrait

Jason's Shoes

LAX Night

Acadia Cliff

Bass Harbor Rocks

Bog Walk 2

Bog Walk 6

Bog Walk 7

Old Cemetery

Sandy Beach

Tidal Pool

Snowy Hotel Patio

Bog Ferns

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial and Gate

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Guards

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

Dingxi Station

Field Trip Students

Jing Gua Shi Seashore

Jing Gua Shi Residence Still Life

Jing Gua Shi Steps

Jing Gua Shi Temple

Jing Gua Shi

Longshan Temple

Palace Museum Plaza

Soap Sculptures

Taipei Night Market

Taipei Street at Night

Tamsui Statues

Yong He Motor Scooters

The Violinist

Korean DMZ Paradox

Behind Cross Mountain

Late March Snow

Behind Cross Mountain 2

Albany Arches

National Cathedral

Great Falls Park

Xi'an Courtyard

Xi'an Ceremony

Xi'an Palace

Great Falls Park 2


Carmel Sunset

Tamsui Back Alley

Wintry Downtown Pittsburgh

Cold Bicyclist

Pittsburgh Streetlamps

Potomac River Beside the C&O Canal

Lock Door

Tide Pool

Potomac River Great Falls Gorge

Great Falls Passage

Rushing Potomac

C&O Canal Boatmen

Through the Lock

Tie Post

Hsiaoming and Jason

Taipei Park

Tamsui Restaurant

Church Sign

Bull Tavern, Fairford

Fairford Street

London Underground 1

Fairford Church

London Underground 2

Stonehenge Sunset

Turkish Village Ruins

Pacific Waterfront

Santa Monica Park


Natural History Museum Rotunda

The Metro

Akrotiri Seashore 2

Akrotiri Seashore 1


Lania Chamber Entrance

Akrotiri Seashore 3

Tamsui River

Arlington West 2

Rockville Woods

Akrotiri Sea View 5

Norfolk Shipyard

Minneapolis Snow Scene

Longshan Temple 2

Under the Manhattan Beach Pier

Manhattan Beach Surfers

Feeding the Pigeons, Manhattan Beach

Santa Monica Pier Infrared

Jefferson Memorial 3

Jefferson Memorial 2

Jefferson Memorial

Southbound Crows

Swirling Water Abstract

Great Falls 1

Great Falls 2

Great Falls 3

Great Falls 4

Great Falls Color 2

Great Falls Color 2

Haiti Cemetery 2

Korean Rice Farmer (2)

Castillo San Cristobal

Liveliness in Castillo San Cristobal

Cementaria Maria Magdalena de Pazzis

Saturday at "El Morro"

Inside El Jibarita Restaurant

Old San Juan Lookout

Renaissance Island Boat

Aruba Ghost Ship

Renaissance Island Flamingos

Renaissance Hotel Boat Driver

Oranjestad Harbor 2

Oranjestad Harbor 1

Pigeon on Railing

Ricketts Glen Falls

Ricketts Glen Falls 2

20150915_203739 (450x800)

Altun Ha 1

Balcony, Old San Juan

Locomotive Detail

Mount Denali

Rainy Day, Universal Studios

Alleyway Sweepers, Pittsburgh

Winter Sun

Great Falls Rapids, Potomac River

Temple of the Masonry Altars, Altun Ha Archeological Site, Belize

Indianapolis in the Mist

Salem Burial Ground

Through the Tunnel

Grand Canyon from the Lower falls, Yellowstone National Park

Hoover Dam

Mall of America Levels