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Although economist by profession, photography has always been for me a passion. As frequently happens with hobbies, this passion has suffered alts and downs. However, in 2004 I borrowed from my brother a digital camera for a trip to Germany and since this moment I rediscovered photography and my passion has been steadily growing. Hope you like the photos that I am going to share with you all. My personal photo website






The City of Arts and Sciences under a dramatic sky. Architect: Santiago Calatrava

City of Arts and Sciences under a dramatic sky (revisited). Architect: Santiago Calatrava

L'Hemisferic at blue hour. Architect: Santiago Calatrava

A burst of color a L'Albufera Lake

Reflections at La Albufera Lake

Shapes, curves and symmetries. Valencia's Opera House

Cape Prim at dawn

Glorious dawn at Portixol Beach

Sunset a L'Albufera Lake revisited

Panorama view of Valencia's Opera House

Last light at El Palmar

Baladrar Cove

Free as the sea

Baladrar Cove II

Industrial Dusk

Industrial dusk II

Industrial Dusk III

Cala Blanca

Cala Blanca II

Capella di Vitaleta, Toscana

Dawn at Belvedere, Tuscany

Val d'Orcia, Tuscany