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Greetings from Newmarket, New Hampshire! The landscape is my passion, both photographing and experiencing it first hand. The finished photograph is only a small portion of the satisfaction I get being outdoors; whether it's high on a mountain top at sunrise, alongside a raging river during spring snow melt, or experiencing the calm of a kayak paddle at slack tide. I try to bring a little of that "wow" and inspiration I get during my travels into my photography. The goal is to inspire appreciation for our natural environment, plant the seed for a viewer to visit a place they might not normally consider, or simply enable someone to experience a location they may never have a chance to go to. I often try to pre-visualize a scene under specific weather or seasonal conditions and wait for the time to be right. For me, the journey from conceiving a photograph to the final print is much more than a technical ritual of proper lens, film, shutter speed, and aperture setting. While I don't have any formal training as a photographer, I read and experiment with different techniques in the field until I'm satisfied with the results. Most images were recorded using traditional 35mm and 6 x 4.5 cm. medium format film cameras. Many of my most recent images were made with a Canon 30D digital SLR, as the image quality has proven outstanding. Film originals are scanned at a high resolution and printed using archival-pigmented inks on archival paper. In addition to my freelance photography, I work as a Physical Therapist's Assistant at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire. Comments, suggestions, and questions about any of my images are welcome, as it helps me improve my craft and maybe yours too. Contact me regarding image use fees and prints, as I will be handling inquiries individually. Please visit my Print Pricing Page at www.HarryLichtman.com for details when ordering prints.


Africa - Kilimanjaro and Safari, Tanznia

Wild Western United States

Mountains of New Hampshire & Maine

New Hampshire Seacoast Area

Closer to Home & Heart

Foreign Travels


Hawaii - Isle of Paradise

San Diego, CA Springtime

Peruvian Andes

Montana's Southwest Corner

Montana - Glacier National Park

Zion National Park

Eastern Sierra

Bermuda / St. Lucia

Austria's Tyrol



Shira 1 Camp - Kilimanjaro

The Great Serengeti Migration

Simplicity of Winter

Mesa Vista

Ridge Lines

Ode to Winter

Among the Aspen

WInter's Solitude

Autumn Rush - Ammonoosuc River

Winter Solstice

Guardians of the Notch


Chocorua Dreams

Chocorua Dreams II

Snow Splash - Mount Deception

Clearing Storm - Franconia Ridge

Winter's Arrival - Saco River

Imp Light

Kennebago Dreaming

Last Cast

Clearing Storm - Nubble Light

Stillnes of Dawn - Portsmouth South End

Rye Harbor Fire Light

Mountain Ash & Birch

Endless Gulf

Last Light over the Pemigewasset Wilderness

Clinging to Winter

Fur & Fury

Daybreak - Mt. Cook & the Hooker Valley

High Desert Dawn

Homecoming - Sagamore Creek

Spring's Bloom

New England Classic


Lustrife - Great Bay


Little Bay Sea Smoke

Flames Over Fort Point Lighthouse

Oyster River Tidal Marsh

Winter Awakening - Portsmouth harbor

Winter Light - Portsmout Harbor


Evening in the San Juans

San Juan Apparition

See Forever

Nightscape - Portsmouth Harbor

Kilimanjaro Awakens

Presidential Glow

Spring's Calling

Descent through the Clouds

Desert Date - Serengeti Natioanl Park

Soccer - Shira 1 Camp, Mt. Kilimanjaro


Young Climber

Snow Mask

Rough House

Oceanic Breeze

Painted Trillium

Nwcastle Charm

Clssic Telluride

Autumn's Embrace

The Jam

Drop the Needle & Pray


Blood Brothers

Tonight in Jungleland

Thunder Road

Schwabacker Landing

Early Winter - Grand Teton

Rangely Limo Awaits

Saco Embers

Descent Aiguille du Midi

Dallas Divide - Autumn Brillance

Serenity - Titcomb Basin, WY

Aspen Daisy Grove

Spring Rush - Missouri Basin

Approaching Storm - Ice Lake Bsin

Floral Brook - Independance Pass

Pyramid Peak

Tea Time - Karanga Camp

Fucia Paintbrush

Red Dawn over Kilimanjaro

On Guard

Ruby Range - 1st Light

Anini Beach - Kauai

Transient Canyon Light

Snowmass Peak Catchlight

Autumn Splendor - Crawford Notch

Serengeti Serenade

Wheelright Pond - Autumn Frosting

Davis Brook Falls

Hillside Burning I - North Percy Peak

Lupine Cliffs

Spring Greens - Pemigiwasset Wilderness

Merrymetting Marsh - High Color

Alpenglow Matterhorn

Summit Fever near Stella Point

Little Big Man

Sleeping Giant

Approaching Storm Junction

Mountain Men

High Step'n to Stella Point

Jambo Jambo

Mountain Guard

Night Vision - Karanga Camp, 13,000 ft. The town of Moshi, Tanzania can be seen on this clear night nearly 10,000 ft. below and many miles way.

Lunch Break - Summit Day

After the Rains - Karanga Camp 13,000 ft.

Kibo Summit

Ancient Guardian

The Gauntlet

Barafu - 1st Light


Descending to Crater Camp

Deep in the Jungle



Barranco Wall Approach

Long Way Down

Summit March

Approach to Lava Tower Camp

Head Start at Dawn

Lava Tower

Our Route to the Roof of Africa

Weigh In

Watchful Eyes


Beneath Kilimanjaro

Ngorongoro Crater - Afternoon Storm

Heavy Load

Rest Break near Stella Point

Traffic Jam



Shira Cathedral Lunch Break

Shira 2 Camp - Wake Up Call

Between a Rock & a Hard Place


African Plains


Kaikora Seaport

Raradise Road

Cones and Berries

Alpine Colors - Pemigewasset Wilderness

Autumn's Last Stand

Dining Room - Oceanic Hotel


Land of the Lost - Kalalau Valley

Hidden Valley


Sundown - Kalalau Valley


Bigelow on Mt. Straightback

Dusk over Rye Harbor

Spring's Tidings - Pemigewasset Wilderness

River Dance

Hillside Burning II

Lupine Valley - Dry River Drainage

High Watch Preserve at Sundown

Icy Edge of Paradise

Autumn Cascade - Swift River

Paddle to the Light

Arethusa Falls

Napali & Visitor

Wild in the Winds

Winter Grandeur - The Mount Washington Hotel

Tahoe Twilight


Slice of Paradise

Last Stand

Alturis Lake

Forest Ghost

Spring Jewel

Luna in Repose

Winter Dusting - Mt. Washington

Wooly Violet


Spring Revival

Lonesome Lake

Notch Light

Heaven's Gate II

Iron Mountain Light Show

Mountain Prelude

Wave Rider

Lonesome Lake - Fire Light

Storm Light over Imp Ledge

Aquinnah Technicolor

Aquinnah Surf Side

Rye Armada

Seaside Gardens - Rye, NH

Rye Harbor - Storm Surge

Rye Harbor Afternoon Light

Lonesome Lake - Edge of Dreams

Swim Hole - Saco River

Oasis - Odiorne Point

Autumn Calling

Born of Fire - Odiorne Point, NH

Tidal Zone - Odiorne Point

Transition - Dead Pond

Early Bloom - Hebron Marsh

Newfound's Autumn Glory

Ridge Lines - White Mountains

Mountain's Welcome

Burning Bush

Speed Demons

Dusk Approach - Mt. Chocorua

Autumn above the Notches

Changing of the Guard - Mount Washington

Dry River Grove

Moose-Watch Pond

Moose Watch Pond II

Mirrored Crescents

1st Snow over Lonesome Lake

Bridging the Gap - Mesa Arch

Moose Watch Pond III - The Clearing

Golden Arch Valley

Eternal Fire

Utah's Classic Moonscape

Alpenglow in The Garden of Eden

Devine Intervention

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach II

Sweet Light over the Saco

Fall Explosion

The Mighty Pemigewasset

Clearing Storm - Elephant Canyon

Born of Water

Mighty Titan

In the Heart of the Needles

Nature's Sun Dial

Spanning Time & Space - Mesa Arch (larger view available)

Day's Remains

Storm Front - Canyonlands

Dusk Descends - Canyonlands

Last Chance Vista - Canyonlands

Mushroom Top Canyon

Rimmed by White

Painted Desert - Arches National Park

Earthly Fire

Twilight over Arches (Larger view available)

Extremes in Balance

Atop North Moat

The Ledges - North Moat Mountain

Autumn Wave - North Moat Mountain

Driveby along the Squamscott River

Tidal Vision

Quiet Time - Pawtuckaway Marsh

Berner Oberland

Above the Fins

Winter Dusting - Lincoln's Brow


San Diego's Gardens

Del Mar Springtime

Garden Sunrise - Del Mar

Painted Cliffs

Chocorua Cloudscape

Last Light - Machu Picchu

Pisco Approach

Paron Vallley - Cordillera Blanca

Cordillera Blanca Storm Light

Land of Rock & Ice

Alpamayo Sunburst - Cordillera Blanca

Valley Jewel

Cullicocha Cascades

First Light - Machu Picchu

Ghost of Pucajirca

Quebrada Demanda Lupine - Peru

Fire Glow - Cordillera Blanca

Huascaran Alpenglow

The Perfect Mountain - Alpamayo

Clash of Seasons

Perfect by Nature - Alpamayo

Rest Break - Nevado Pisco

Escape through the Clouds

Summit Approach - Nevado Pisco

Fire Above the Cordillera Negra

Street Observer

Pucajirca Norte - 1st Light

Pucajirca Central - Icy Glow

The North Face - Pucajirca

Life on the Street

Magical Morning - Huaraz, Peru

Long Walk Home II

Resident Groomers

Cordillera Blanca's Finest

Codellera Blanca's High & Mighty

Night Light - Pisco Base Camp

The Incredible Hulks

Evening Descends over Wishcash Camp

Alto de Pucaraju Pass

Franconia Ridge

King's Cascade

Plush - Mossy Falls

Storm Surge - Nubble Light

Nubble Light - Storm Surge

Summer Waning - Pepperal Cove

Reflecting Pool - Odiorne Point

Evening at the Reflecting Pool

Catch of the Day

Hart's Ledge

Lower Falls - Ammonoosuc River

Twin Falls

Cold Brook Cascades

Above Crawford Notch

Silver & Snow

Silver & Snow III

Silver & Snow II

Webster Cliff Tempest

Silver & Snow IV

Webster Cliff Tempest II

Winter Dusting - Thompson Falls

Mountain Tapestry

Thompson Falls II

Among the Presidentials

Treeline - Edmonds Path


Seapoint Surprise

Seapoint Garden - Kittery Point

Autumn's Garden - Seapoint Beach

Seapoint's Garden

October Skies over Chocorua

Thompson Falls - B&W

Chocorua Colors

Taste of WInter

Autumn along the Rocky Gorge

Presidential Glow

New Hampshire's Narrows

Jefferson Valley View

The Glow - Above & Below

Falling Waters

Presidentials in Pastels

Bemis Gorge

King Ravine - Draped in Autumn

Water Carving


White Mountain Refuge

The Majestic

Chilled Ammonoosuc

Winter's Blanket

Moonrise - Sunrise over Crawford Notch

Narrow Escape

Notchland - White Mountains


Winter Wonderland

Mystical Madison

Madison Bend

The Caldron - Biscuit Basin, Yellowstone

Madison Valley

Thermal Fusion - Biscuit Basin

Thermal Fusion II

The Caldron - Yellowstone NP

Earthly Fire - Biscuit Basin

Winter's Fire - Biscuit Basin

Blue Lagoon

Biscuit Bison

King of the Hill

Leap Frog

Winter Tempest

The Caldron

Upstream of the Madison

Beautiful Burn I

Beautiful Burn II

Rights of Spring - Tuckerman Ravine

Spring Snow - Franconia Notch

Rippley Falls - Spring Snow

Ripley Falls - The Precipice

Cloudland Falls - Winter's Perfection

Zealand Valley Pond

Zealand Valley

Zealand's Hidden Valley

Cannon Cliffs


Rolling Thunder - Cannon Cliffs

Pemi Wild

Rye Marsh 01

Rye Marsh 1


Tranquility Marsh

Twilight - Rye Marsh

Ferrus Fossil

Fire Water

Rhythms of the Marsh

Liquid Light

Eternal Currents

Siesta - Rye Marsh

High Country Grazing - Logan Pass

Glacier Gold

Glacier Dreaming

The Beacon

Evening Glow - Stoney Indian Pass

Sun Cups - Stoney Indian Pass

Logan's Loyal

Classic Glacier

The Rising - Stoney Inidan Pass

Pyramid Peak

Fishing the Middle Fork

Middle Fork of the Flathead

Last Light - Lake Elizabeth

Ptarmigan Wall

The Great Divide

Belly River Valley

Tunnel Vision

Nightfall - Glacier National Park

Cloud Dances - Glacier National Park

The Gift

Daybreak Many Glacier

Glacial Glow - Lake Sherburne

Liquid Lava - Glacier National Park

Hidden Gardens - Glacier National Park


Melt Pool - Grinnell Glacier

Mid-Summer's Night Dream

Still Dreaming

Fade to Black

Glacier Haven

Sinopah - Peek a Boo

Sinopah Peek a Boo

Drift Wood - Two Medicine

Siyeh Pass - Glacier National Park

Dusk over Two Medicine

A Glacier Classic

Sun Cups - Grinnell Glacier

His Kingdom

Lonesome Lake

My Wonder Lake

Blue Angles

Early Colors - Pemi Wilderness

Northcountry Fabric

NorthCountry Fabric II

Autumn atop North Percy

Autumn Passing

Subway Shelter

Tunnel Vision

Echo Canyon

Sun Worshipers

Cirque of the Towers

Zion Canyon

The Narows Await

Subway Riders

Bryce Amphitheater

Kolob Canyon

The Watchman Book-Ends


Zion - Towers of the Virgin

Technicolor Terrace

Depths of Zion

No Way Out - The Narrows

The Way

Epic Journey

Keyhole Canyon

Light Sculpture

Canyon Specter

Golden Eagle Cathedral

Heart of Stone

Cardiac Canyon

Edge of Existance

Stained Glass

Fern Garden

Eastern Sierra Frosting

Eastern Sierra Frosting

Winter in the Valley

Winter Oasis

Owens Valley Winter

Winter's Glow - Eastern Sierra (Larger View Available)

Mighty Sierra

Mono in Mono

Scar Ridge - White Mountains

Seaside Embers

Sierra - Sundown

Grand Sierra

Sierra Divide

Autumn in Zion

Watchman Classic

Inner Sanctum

Echo Slot


High & Dry

Lone Pine Canyon

Narrows Radiance

The Alcove

Glow Down Under

Into the Deep

Cottonwood Row - Narrows

Swift-Current Narrows

Switchback Narrows II

Switchback Narrows

Virgin Song

Narrows - Cottonwood Alcove


Subway Cascadia II

Subway - Cascadia

Subway Aqua Pool

Subway Potholes

Subway-Tunnel Vision

The Watchman

Forever Wild


Pastel Patchwork

Light Cascade

Stubai Alpen Glow

Glacial Jewel

Orange Sea

Mighty Hohe Tauern

Mystic Awakening


Wagon Hill Meadows

Blue Lagoon

Rinnensee - 1st Light

Majestic Neue Regensbuger

Storm Passage

Beautiful Reward

Zell am See

Epic Patagonia

Valle del Frances - Patagonia

Waterworld -Patagonia

WaterWorld Revisited

The Ice Factory

Lago Argentino

Paradise Cove