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I am a Swiss and French photographer born on the 9th of April 1975 in France. Apart from my PhD in Computer Graphics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and my work at the University of Lausanne, I've started to learn photography in 1998. Portraiture (started in 2001) remains one of my favourite subjects.

Elegance, simplicity, a strong sense of composition and emotions are key elements in my work. My images are often constructed as photo-series - something between fashion photography and movie storyboards. I often try to convey an atmosphere in my photos and mainly shoot on-location, almost exclusively in Lausanne (Switzerland).

I currently work in Lausanne, Switzerland, as a freelance photographer and graphic designer. My commercial work includes illustration, websites, posters, magazine layout, brochures, flyers, CDs and photos matching my own artistic interests.

If I had to pick up a sentence to describe my artistic research, it would be these words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "Perfection in design is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove." Please feel free to visit my websites: and


... newest shots

Autopano Pro Illustrations



Black Rocks

The Great Commander

Night will come back again (an image from my latest series)

Night will come back again

The 14th Street... (series)

Rules of Nature

Rain letters

Silent words

The Storm is Coming


The Outside World



Before it ends

We were going there everyday

We were going there everyday

I am here


Waiting (2)


The night before

The Guardian

Don't speak

Don't speak 2

Don't speak (image from a series)

Alezane Model: Céline Makeup and hairdressing: Jaz

Just a few minutes with you.

Such a quiet life

Summer love series... more on

Summer love series... more on

Summer love series... more on

The Stage - more photos on



The Space

Dark skies - more on

Dark Skies 2 - more on

We will always have Paris...

Nos rencontres...

Winter is tomorrow

Happy New Year

Some images from a recent photo series... it's more difficult to summarize the storyline with just a few images - more on

... and then she remembered

... and then, she remembered

Hors Saison

Promenade avec toi

A German Rhapsody


spacefish - a photo series

In the Land of Faded Times

Red Poster

Au bord du jour

Find The Still Travelers series on my website

Night in Tuscany


The Hollow World

Yesterday was a lie

Remember us

Above the Hollow Men

Les Chroniques Imprévisibles III


In our memories... a photo series...

Wishers - images from a recent photostory

Winter in your head



Need wings

So many departures

tHe trAp

Prophecies of Borges





The Shades of Serendipity

More on

The Skygift


An image from a photostory... more on

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Masquerade - from a recent photoseries. More on my website (c) 2009 JS Monzani / ...

Tough World - from a recent photoseries. More on my website (c) 2009 JS Monzani