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I am a professor of architecture and longtime photography enthusiast. Of late I have been taking photographs with kite lofted cameras. The camera is positioned by walking the kite around and aimed using a homebuilt, radio-controlled cradle. Composition is accomplished in absentia as I imagine what the camera above would see. Kite aerial photography appeals to that part of me, perhaps of all of us, that would slip our earthly bonds and see the world from new heights. An aerial view offers a fresh perspective of familiar landscapes and in doing so challenges our spatial sensibilities, our grasp of relationships.


Kite Aerial Photographs

Older postings


Ground shots

Single Photos

Salt Pond Colors


Cory on the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed in Nevada

Bryce Canyon

Schloss Charlottenburg

Battery Mendell, Marin Headlands

Claudia on a cold beach

Shopping Cart Sculpture

Rokkaku over Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed

Retriever in Surf

Desert Shower

Stearman PT-17 Kaydet

Coit Tower, San Francisco

UC Berkeley

Professors on the beach

Desert bike

Barn at Pierce Ranch

Claudia on a warm beach

Derelict oil tank

Pigeon Pt. Lighthouse

Camping Shadows

Oil tank stair

Oahu shoreline

Double helix strand

Bolinas Ridge

Limantour beach

Drake's Beach surfer

Dock B, RYC

Dutch Windmill

Nest building

Lulworth Cove

Limantour wave

Play Structure, Golden Gate Park


Ed's rowboat

Right break

Santa Barbara creek

Kayaks at Jack London Square

Path to Pt. Bonita Lighthouse

Pueblo Bonita

Self portrait

Wave in plan view

Oahu shoreline

Shadow people

Telegraph Hill


Sather Tower

Union 76

Entry court, Real Goods Solar Living Center

Drachen crew

Left break

Santa Barbara Pier

Jack London Square flag

Self portrait

Formal wave

Plane tree

Casa Rinconada at Chaco Canyon


Lyme Regis

Wave at North Beach, Pt. Reyes

Stroll at Chimney Rock

Shoreline, Salt Evaporation Pond

Wave Abstract

Chinon, France

Berkeley Fire Department, Ladder Truck 5


Roofscape - Marin Civic Center

San Pedro Road


Bixby Creek Bridge

Stanford's Hopkins Marine Station

Canvas Shelter

Daytona Beach

Evaporated Residue in Tide Pool

Beech 18

Pumpkin Harvest

Salt Evaporation Pond Draining

Salt Evaporation Pond Oblique

Tidepool and Sandbar on a Barrier Island

Salt Pond Weeps

Lagoons in Briones Regional Park


Roofscape -- Monterey Bay Aquarium

First Flight

Gudhjem Quay

Skylight at Trapholt

Great Tower on Fortress Island of Christiansoe

Solar Calendar Memorial for Cesar Chavez

Sculpture at Herning

Swimming on Fredericksoe

Gilleleje Rowboats

Christiansoe Roof

Pierced Nipple

Frozen Rope below a Hagaman Airfoil

Harvesting Salt in South San Francisco Bay

After the race

Rosa's Railroad

Swimming platform at Kastrup

Salt Pond Colors

Vernal Falls, Yosemite

Evaporation Pond Shallows

Crystallization Pond

Borrow Ditch at Low Tide

Newark Slough

Vestigial Marsh Channel

Ruins of Alvarado Salt Works

Dredge Marks

March Channel Remnant

High Salinity Pond

Mud Flat Texture

Pickleweed Verge

Land Memory

Salt Pond Remediation

Walking the Levee

New Chicago Marsh

Drawbridge Outhouse

Borrow Ditch and Plateau

Old Salt Works

Curved Levee

Coyote Hills

Crystal Shoreline Detail

Red Hill Gravel Quarry

Windblown Scum

Newark Slough Levee

Vestigial Marsh Channel

Borrow Ditch

Old Work Unknown Purpose

Railroad Ditch

Rail Corridor

Plateau Emerging

Drying Pool

Mudflat Hummock

Drying Out

Green Channels at Sunset


Bush Past Prime

Pond Scum

Spoils from Marina Construction

Empty Pond

Crimson Edge

Drying Mud

Weep in Levee

Knee Bone

Landing Ruins at Dumbarton Point

Tracks of Wading Birds

Cargill Crystallization Ponds

Cargill Salt Processing Plant


Bird Tracks at Weep

Tracks of Duck Hunters

Altered Marsh

Tracks of Waders

Fallow Pond

Derelict Structure in Drawbridge