Ramon Duran [rduran]

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I am 60 and was born in Madrid, Spain. I am a physician, h in Urology and currently working in a major hospital of Madrid. My interest in photography started when I was a medical student, mainly to record and document surgical procedures. When I graduated I bought my first SLR a Nikon EM and began taking pictures of everything around me to learn and adquire some photographic skill. But the effect was beyond my original aim and I become a true enthusiast. Almost 27 years after that I have gathered 6 SLR and DSLR and a bunch of lenses. All Nikon. My hobby was slowly declining when I discovered Flickr 2 years ago. I started to share my pictures and the feedback was fantastic. I plunged into digital and got an unexpected thrust in inspiration, skill and technique. I have found there very good friends, thousands of examples to catch inspiration and a wonderful way to personal development. Currently I use two Nikon bodies D300 and D200 combined with five lenses Nikon 18-200 VR, Tamron 17-50, Nikon 70-200 VR, Nikkor 105 VR and Tamron 11-18 and a bunch of gadgets. I like to shoot architecture and landscapes, but enjoy to experiment at any photographic style eg. HDR.


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Ruesga Reservoir (Reflections)

Macizo de El CorniĆ³n (Asturias - Spain)