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At one time I thought I might have some photographic talent. That was when I was much younger and still had some sense of humor. Some of my photos when I studied in Europe in 1970 were pretty good I think in a cleaver or amusing way. I do wish that I had just spent some time each day photographing my world and the people in it. Change sometimes comes imperceptibly slowly, and sometimes swiftly. Hey, my sister gave me a roll of film she exposed 25 years ago. I was quite excited to develop it for her. I thought there might be some never before seen pictures of mom or dad (who died 10 years ago). But no - it was just 24 exposures of her little dog Abby (now dead and forgotten). For the past 25 years I have lived in the armpit of the nation - Niagara Falls New York. It is in the Second highest taxed county in the USA, filled with landfills and toxins (we import trash from Canada because they apparently don't have enough land to create their own landfill) welfare and drugs and crime unemployment, stupid politicians, out-of-control lawyers. Juxtapose this with phenomenal gift of clean hydroelectric power generated here (most of which is shipped off to wealthy communities of New York City and Toronto) and you just have to wonder - what the hell happened. Some years ago, my father came to visit. I said "So dad, what would you like to see?". He replied "Love Canal." OK so off we go - it's only 5 miles from my house. Street upon street of abandoned houses, completely empty not a soul on the street, not a car to be seen. Children's toys left right where they where last touched, vegetation untrimmed for 20 years, rusting chemical drums on the sidewalk, these things were right there then for the photographing. But as is turned out I did not have my camera with me so that opportunity was lost. Now it's different. It has been declared fit for occupation. Wow, let me sign up. So as the saying goes "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may..." Remember to bring ye camera with ye. Your pictures may be crap, probably they will be. Mine are. But after something is gone, which it will be, maybe they will be less crappy.




EBAY Scam jobs

Canon 50 1.4





Single Photos


Tree, Corn and Clouds

Ross at Work

Preparing to attack the French


Moon from Earth

Small Spruce


Low Light Digital

The Rapids

Rome - Dec. 1970

Strasbourg Night

Blackout - Strasbourg, 1970

Canon-7 with 50mm f0.95 lens

Canon 7 - Leica IIIc - Leica M6

Julia's Treasures


Panorama with Moon

Invisible IR World

Father Hugo's Rose

Old Lone Oak

IR Down on the Farm

North Bridge





Yellow Lady's Slipper

Dead Tree

Mother 1970

Strasbourg Canal

Last Bridge before Falls

Erie Canal, Lockport NY

Lockport NY - Erie Canal Locks

American Falls



Early Spring - Deserted Park

Leica M3 with Canon 50mm f/0.95

Infra red

Coach and His Son

Wedding Party - Durham NC


Erythronium americanum

Narcissis "Thallia"


Indian Pipe

On the Road


Hum - I think I've seen this one before. Remarkable.


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Canon 50mm F/1.4 LSM

Retaining ring removed

Lens pulls apart

Helical and mount

Remove Knurled Focus Ring

Mark before removing

Remove Helical Assembly

Fine Clock Oil Here





Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus)

The Egg of the KillDeer


Just a walk in the infrared park

Smith Island, MD

Leica M6 and six Canon Black Lenses