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Dr. Emil Ems. Born in 1944 in a small village in the Eastern part of Austria, he spent many years working as an international civil servant abroad. Upon his retirement, he moved back to Stockholm, Sweden. Despite his busy and often challenging working life, he has always somehow found time for his vocation as photographer. Since thirty years back, this involves mainly large format photography with cameras in the 4x5 and 8x10 range. Due to lack of enlargement equipment, the resulting negatives have resided in the drawer, patiently awaiting their maturity. Since his retirement in 2008 he has started acquiring digital equipment and learning digital photo processing. He has, in 2012, published a first photo book "Fiat Lux Down Memory Lane in California", recalling memories from his student time in Berkeley, California. His work thereafter entailed, among others, processing of the 150 best large format pictures in black and white, taken over the years, and publishing them in a book with the title “Stockholm/Brussels a retrospective in fine prints”. The book came out of the printer in May 2015. In future, he intends to keep his website in shape "emsvision.com", continue writing his blogs emilems.blogspot.com and looking forward to people buying his books and pictures.

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