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I love photography, living outdoor, landscapes and my family. There is nothing more to say

Country: IT


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carnival faces


young girl running the Cody Nite Rodeo
Fireworks on the Lecco Lake
Grand Teton Sunset
Grand Teton Sunset
Lighthouse near Cape Cod
The water seller
selling food by the pound
Old man
Cordoba, la Mesquita
Fast food
Going shopping
Play it again, Sam!
Resting bison
Whale's tail
Balenoptera Novaeangliae
sea sunrise
a bee doing its own work
Orange exercise: crocus
The row
drops on blue
Milan, the Cathedral (Duomo)
just a daisy
Butterfly 02
Butterfly 04
Butterfly 03
Butterfly 05
cow white tail deer
Grizzly mum and her cub
Resting bison / 2
Where should we go? (Canadian geese in the Firehole River)
the cat in the wall
Violet with ant
psychedelic window
Bee & daisy
no stop
bee on white
who is it?
who is it? #2
Impressionist tulip
pink tulip
Orgiastic red
yellow inside
yellow tips
old books
red exercise: a trembling protest
Milano, Naviglio Grande
Milan, "Naviglio Grande"
Faith / Hope
Interstate 17
looking for a luxury home
Prestige Homes
Social networks / 2
Social networks
the petrified forest / 2
The petrified forest
Waiting for a letter
moonlight and clouds
dark red sunset
Orange exercise: sunset
the fisherman
bycicle and jars
Once were warriors
the tip
the buried church
Who Cares?
Waiting for some help
Orange skewers
Red in clouds
Lake Powell
Los tres caballeros
China town
San Francisco
Mammoth Terraces
red exercise: sea umbrella
The house on the night's border
The aggressive tomato
the aggressive tomato - ver. 2
green fig
two more tomatoes
modern times
Que serà serà
seagull and sunset
A seagull in the harbour
The resting man
shark fins
Colors and vegetables
Mediterranean cuisine's ingredients
no summer in my eyes
Milan, "la madunina"
The Duomo di Milano, a detail
Milan, the Duomo
Milan, two symbols
Piazza Duomo ?!
The Milan way
fans of somewho
The Windsurfer
San Pietro, birds & sunset
Ferrari, they say
Red coke
the eternal city / 2
turning pink
Falling leaves
November at the doors
Sunset reflection
The squeezebox player
The swan
Cowboy's hats
Oh God! That's awfully tiresome!
Trento, the Dome
Trento, the Dome and the Plaza
Useless sacrifice (Ciao Marta)
Some colors remain
A peaceful night on the lake shore
Hats - I sell what I dress
handmade (lavori fatti a mano)
More night reflections
Resting boats
Night reflections
Redipuglia II (Golgota)
Invisible men (and women)
Mostly yellow
Crete senesi
Trees in green
countryside with trees
Colors and geometry for a landscape
an unusual place to flirt
loneliness or solitude
two on the bench with dog
we spent good time together
red bikini
the hole
Milan, Torre Velasca
the pipe smoker
Net Hat
a thirsty horse
Everything under control
Non di solo pane vive l'uomo
So what? (please, view larger)
the guardian
The Lecco lake from the Mount Barro
another butterfly
I'm not unhappy, but ...
Red inside
the red reading nail
Foie gras vivant
A peaceful countryside village
waiting for someone
The white veil
walking nun & prayer sheet
Su Giudeu (pls, view larger!)
the wrong direction
The Lascaux cave's paintings
Su Giudeu (new wider version, please view larger)
Roma, ponte Vittorio Emanuele II (updated release)
Saint Peter's Cathedral and the Square (view larger, pls)
A child
two mushrooms
indecent mushroom
autumn's coming
4 players
landscape with lavander and cross
the time has gone
infinite sand
underwater swimming
november morn
the parrot
Stars in the water
and last came snow
early morning light
icy abstract
after the snow storm
snowy landscape
rainy sunday (pls, view larger)
two old guys
metallic abstract #1
metallic abstract #2
Out of the winter again
4get me not
butterfly #6
butterfly #7
diving the yellow
the gecko
the hard worker
transition: from childhood to teenage
a shell
the golden light of the dawn
another flower and another fly
the flower and the fly
the golf car
Counterlight seashore
extreme colors
golden silhouette
path to nowhere
sand sea sun
the dawn at the sea shore
torre chia
I'm a photographer (pls, view larger)
so what?
The Dolomites from the north side
mountain house
mountain landscape with house
mountain landscape with path and fence
infinite sunflowers
the swimmer
orange sea
stormy lake
a shell
a shell
I Tre Scarperi
snowy alpine landscape
blu viking
The counter-light lion
cows at the sea shore
Malfatano Cape
Monte Cogoni beach
sun bathing
I like to be here when I can
just some cows
It's a bit too cold
Nespresso, what else?
the light blue boat
the bay of silence
agriculture anyway
red & black butterfly 2
red & black butterfly
sunset on the lake
fall warmth
resting in the sunset (HDR)
resting in the sunset
counterlight south sunset
deep orange emotion
quiet fishing
stormy afternoon with boat
Je suis le Ténébreux
"Lucia" at lake Pusiano
boats under the snow
neve sul lago di annone
snowy tree & icy lake
surreal icy lake
Pescarenico by night with snow (HDR)
Pescarenico by night with snow (split toning)
Guidalberto 2009
old books and shell
Italy - Milano - Viale Liberazione
Italy - Milano - Torre Garibaldi
fly on yellow
Forsythia and fly
Forsythia and fly
Camelia Japonica
Camelia Japonica
bee in white
bumblee bee on a wisteria (pls VIEW LARGER)
buttercups in a bowl
buttercups in a bowl
duomo di milano
Clivia miniata
delicate blossom
Gerbera and chromatic variations
Gerbera, asteraceae
ranunculus acris
the blossom and the bud
violet & green
violet composition
ant on yellow
forget me not
unknown white
the tube
deep pink & green
deep pink & green #2
sesons of life #2
seasons of life
a rose
precious inside
dewdrops on an orange rose (pls, views larger)
dewdrops on a red rose
dewdrops on a yellow rose
orange in backlight
wet and red
backlightin' the pink #2
backlightin' the pink
dewdrops on a pink rose
time flies
wet yellow lines
poppies #1
poppies #2
poppies #3
poppies #4
poppies #5
poppies #6
poppies #7
poppies #8
poppies #9
poppies #10
poppies' meadow
8mm long
8mm long #2
8mm long #3
8mm long #4
8mm long #5
8mm long #3 - version #2
Lake Como and the city of Lecco
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #4
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #5
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #6
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #7
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #8
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #9
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #10
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #11
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio 2012 #12
Lecco - fuochi d'artificio #1
stairway to heaven (Redipuglia War Memorial)
floating in the night
8 mm long #6
Milan, il Duomo (the Cathedral) #2
Milan, il Duomo (the Cathedral)
Carnival faces # 1
Carnival faces # 2
Carnival faces # 3
Carnival faces # 4
Carnival faces # 5
Carnival faces # 6
Carnival faces # 7
Carnival faces # 8
Carnival faces # 9
Carnival faces # 10
Carnival faces # 11
Carnival faces # 12
Carnival faces # 13
spring backer
spring backer #2
spring backer #3
before the train leaves
Azalea #1
Azalea #2
Azalea #3
erythronium dens-canis #1
erythronium dens-canis #2
erythronium dens-canis #3
muscari neglectum #1
Muscari Neglectum #2
Green on red #2
green on red #1
little egret and house
the stork
poppies in foreground
black & white & green
los tres caballeros
Arthropod #1
Arthropod #2
Lecco Fireworks 2013
Italia - Umbria - Perugia - Castelluccio di Norcia #1
Italia - Umbria - Perugia - Castelluccio di Norcia #2
Italia - Umbria - Perugia - Castelluccio di Norcia #3
Italia - Umbria - Perugia - Castelluccio di Norcia #4
Italia - Umbria - Perugia - Castelluccio di Norcia #5
Castelluccio di Norcia #8
Castelluccio di Norcia #7
Castelluccio di Norcia #6
smoke #1
smoke #2
smoke #3
smoke #4
smoke #5
smoke #6
star trail
Zantedeschia aethiopica #4
rosa (hommage to Harold Davis)
Zantedeschia aethiopica
Strelitzia reginae
tulipa and iris
tulipa (pistillo)
tulipa (red passion)
red azalea
Bufo Bufo
landing to mars
reflection with moon
reflection with fog
almost night
blue hour
yellow flowers and waterfalls
down from the glaciers
flowing waters
emerald pond
a peaceful place
in studio extreme macro #3 (alstroemeria)
in studio extreme macro #2 (allium giganteum)
in studio extreme macro #1 (allium giganteum)
on field macro #2
on field macro #1
in studio macro #2 (dhalia)
in studio macro #1 (alstroemeria)
Flowers on black #3
Flowers on black #2
Flowers on black #1
Flowers on white #3 (gloriosa lily)
Flowers on white #2
Flowers on white #1
Cala Garibaldi, Isle of Caprera
The Lake of Fusine
The Isonzo river
Mountain landscape
starry night at Gardena Pass (pls view larger to see the stars!)
a rainy day
starry night and milky way (please view larger for the stars!)
autumn reflections
star trail
the big dipper and polaris
a redbreast and a coal tit
great tit
Great Tit #9
Great Tit #10
Great Tit #11
the light is coming
the fog in the forest in the fog
geometry of death and life
stretching to the sky
the fog the wood the foothills
foggy landscape
the woods in the drop
so close so far
green on green
two trees
into the woods
Cansiglio, sweet green
waterfalls in an alpine valley
le cascate dell'acquafraggia
Crystal waters
Fall's reflections
Water from the glacier
the raging torrent
London - the City
London - the Tower Bridge
London Nightscape
Backlit Stonehenge
Stonehenge #1
Stonehenge #2
Miami, interstate 1
Chloris Chloris, the European greenfinch
Erithacus rubecula, the Redbreast #1
golden larches in Val di Genova
I thought I were a woodpecker (Poecile palustris)
Sunset's colors
The autumn palette
Vallesinella waterfalls
Water movement
waterfalls' lights and shadows
Burano, Rio San Maurizio
fondamente nove
Laguna, fog
the bird
the pole
Venice, solitary walk
Cyanistes caeruleus, the Eurasian blue tit
should I stay or should I go (Cyanistes caeruleus)
Eurasian blue tit
Common chaffinch
European greenfinch
Coal tit
Great tit
cinciallegra dinamica
fringuello insolente
la fringuella ingorda
pettirosso compiaciuto
discrepancy: composition with red flowers and a sea bream
Bolero! (l'orata dal fiore in bocca)
She brings flowers (quel mazzolin dei fiori non vien dalla montagna)
orange roses
a bunch of red flowers
the light is coming
pink light of the dawn over the Mont Blanc
before the dawn
pink flowers, peach flowers
lines, slopes
the scar
Dawn on the river Adda #1
Dawn on the river Adda #2
the Mont Blanc and the Grandes Jorasses
Riomaggiore's beach
untitled #2
untitled #3
flowing energy
the middle earth
the secluded waterfall
pouring water
beyond the fog
untitled #4
Polyommatus sp. #1
Polyommatus sp. #2
I'll be wonderful!
implacable waterfall
into the wild #3
Into the wild #2
into the wild #1
so close
wild daffodil
wild daffodils
a drop
Someone's sleeping on the Cima Grande wall
Starry night at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo
the Tre Cime di Lavaredo
the milky way above the Tre Cime di Lavaredo
the Matterhorn
the blue hour
the red light comes
The chimney