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Born Wellington, New Zealand, 1937. Emigrated to Canada 1979 and am citizen of both countries. Amateur photographer most of my adult life. Got serious with Pentax K1000 and Ilford Pan F in the 80's shooting rural landscapes, barns and buildings outside the city of Edmonton, Alberta. Retired in 2006 and got back into the hobby, first scanning old negs (Epson V700), digitizing in CS3 and printing large (19x13) B&W prints on Epson R2400. Still on-going but slow. Moved to digital (Pentax istDS) and then to K20D. With retirement, moved to MF and LF all mainly manual on tripod, Spot Meter and Zone approach and gave up digital. My approach with the old negs is best summarized by my description accompanying early posts. " I am currently Scanning, Editing and Printing several hundred 35 mm shots from the mid 1980's. All on Pentax K1000, Ilford Pan F developed in Rodinol/FG7/Sulphite cocktail. Practiced Zone system with the extremely modest 35 mm format attempting to emulate works of the "big boys". This was very difficult with print quality maxed out at about 8x10. However, modern digital scanning, editing and printing brings us a bit closer to the ideal. These are my first few, re- processed todate and printed at 13x19. Composition has been framed around a barebones, simplistic, head-on approach to capture the isolation and solitude of the northern prairies, while exposing to seek the fullest black and white tonal range. A motivating theme comes from Patrick White, "...with the grandeur of true simplicity", (The Tree of Man). Today, further travel is required since the locations of many of these shots are now covered with estates of half million dollar homes. I look forward to critiques, advice and encouragement for the future from those more gifted than myself. Thank you." I use a Pentax-F 28mm/f2.8, Pentax-A 50mm F2.0 and "old faithful" a Vivitar 135mm f2.8 manual, which despite it's ignoble breeding is one of the sharpest I have ever used. The Pentax "kits" (18-55 and 50-200) hardly ever get used. More recently, with the aquisition of a Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro DI, I am attempting B&W portraiture in a somewhat "old fashioned" way. This has also introduced me to the mysteries of both Flash and Macro. It's a new world!

Country: US


North of Black & White

A Touch of Colour

In Your Face

It's a small world

Stockholm '78

Bay of Islands NZ '79


NOV 14


Harvests End

Choir Barns

White House On White

White House

September, Alberta

Jim's Call


Lily Exposed


Prairie Winter Scene


Who Lived Here?

Old Barn & Yard

August Barley

Snow Coming

Lily Pink

Paper Flowers

Last Call - Amur Cherry

Heaven On Earth

Poplars, Bay of Islands, NZ

Pottery Shop, Bay of Islands, NZ

Old Homestead, Bay of Islands

Lemon & Paeroa

Gasgrand '78, Stockholm

Stockholm 1978

Tyska Kyrkan '78, Stockholm

Galerie Kontur '78, Stockholm

Stockholm 1978

Stockholm 1978

Gamla Stan Street '78, Stockholm

Barn Painting

Prairie Oasis

Reflections, Lake County, Florida

Inside Oak

Porch, Lake County, Florida

Barn, Lake County, Florida

Pine Tree & Moon

Foot-bridge on the Walk

Plastic Spring


Ferry Leaving

Stone Wall