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First and foremost, I continue to get satisfaction from the hobby of model railroading. Since I was six years old, when I got my first electric train set for Christmas, I have been hooked. An RN since graduation from WVU in 1993, I find photography therapeutic after a busy day. I have recently involved myself in Real Estate and financial investing, as well, and am a member of the Civil Air Patrol. I regularly visit the mountain state of West Virginia, as well as Philly. I even pay Merritt Island, Florida a visit, as my father has retired there. I enjoy the works of Daryl Hall & John Oates, Ray Bradbury, Bridget Fonda, and Audrey Hepburn. Give me an action flick, martial arts movie, or reruns of MASH, MacGyver, Star Trek, or the A-Team, and all is well with the world. Don't forget the occasional Yuengling lager and cigar. More recently, I enjoy Sons of Anarchy, Family Guy, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I have been able to spend more time with my photography interests, as well. I mostly use a Kodak EasyShare Z812 IS. I still use my first camera - a Pentax ZX-14 at times (a high school graduation gift in 1988. Thanks Mom and Dad!) "Cameraderie" - what it's all about! The Lehigh Valley is home (1 hour north of Philly). I mostly shoot railroads - poetry in motion. Trains and photography are a good match. ***Photo.net members - try your hand at rail photography!!! Also, google O. Winston Link and Darius Kinsey, 2 popular rail photographers.


Trains - Poetry In Motion!

Melody For A Memory

Melting Pot


East Penn Railway wheelsets.

Waiting on the train.

Holly at Lupo's singing both kinds of music - country AND western - with Timeline.

Me and my iron steed.

TGIF the 13th!

Hell on Earth! Mine Fire - Centralia, PA.

Meet Spook

Roxy in b&w!