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בס"ד I shoot film and digital; small (Nikon, Konica) and medium (Hasselblad) format. I scan negatives with an Epson V700, which is well worth its price. I use Adobe Photoshop Elements Version 2.0. Silver Silver Gelatin Prints are on Ilford Multigrade Fiber Base Glossy Cold Tone Printed with a Besler Enlarger and Nikkor Lenses. For Digital Prints, I am currently using Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Smooth Archival Matte and Epson Traditional Fiber Base (look and feel) Glossy Bright White. Digital Printing on Epson Stylus Pro 3800 Archival Ultra Chrome K3 Ink. My photographs are people and places in Israel and America. I live in Beit Hakerem Jerusalem. Photographs of my home and neighborhood are posted on on my book list is "Looking At Photographs" by John Szarkowski, Museum of Modern Art.

Country: IL


Some People America

Some People Israel 2006-2007

Single Photos

sophia and vizr and heroin Jerusalem


Not People America

Juan Garcia 1997

photos people absolutley do not like

Where I Used To Live (photographers unknown) Light Cruiser CLG3

Some People Israel, Purim Festival March 23,2008

Some People Israel 2008

Beth Medium Format 1998-2002

About MB

Black Hat Ladies

Ulpan Milah -Jerusalem, Israel 2011

Schizophrenia -Man On Bus

Fort Lauderdale Airport Before 1995


Some People Israel 2009

From My Porch -One Beit Hakerem Street -Beit Hakerem Jerusalem, Israel

My Home -Beit Hakerem Jerusalem, Israel



Israel; People In Buses

Israel; Bus Stops

My Cameras (Fuji S2 Pro Not Shown)


Bus Stop On Shlomtzion Street - Isolated Series

Some Palestinian Young Men

Some People Israel 2010

Yom Zikron; Holocaust Memorial Day 04-12-10

The Odd Couple

Memorial Service For Some 4000 Ethiopians Who Died In The Sudan -Jerusalem, Israel 2010

Restaurant On Shami Street, Jerusalem


Israel Defense Force "IDF"

Samara Family Restuarant Omar Ibn El Khattab Square Jerusalem

Bomb Shelters, Israel

Going To Attend Ramadan Prayers At The Al-Aqsa Mosque



Arab Children Playing At Yafo Gate Jerusalem

Prostitution, Drugs And Hardcore Street

Samara Family Jerusalem

Some People Israel 2011

Old City Jerusalem

Purim Festival Jerusalem

Top Of The City; Jerusalem, Israel

Fatma Jafari

Naklaot Jerusalem

Palestinian Shopkeepers Old City Jerusalem

Nursing Home

I Have An Idea

No Name Folder

Pisgat Ze'ev Jerusalem Population 50,000 Considered A Settelment By The UN and EU -Outside the 48

Walking South From Pisgat Zeev

Renee Medium Format 1997


Some People Israel 2012

Tenisha 2002 Medium Format




Portraits Composite

Mohammad II

Jolene Nicole


Windsor Cemetery New Jersey

Hightstown Diner, Hightstown, N.J. 2012

Snow In Jerusalem January 2013

Some People Israel 2013

Cruiser, USS Galveston CLG 3

Still Life

Beach 1997

New Jersey Woods 1991

Galleries and Shows

Keren 2002 Medium Format

Ossie 1998 Medium Format

Mental Home Asbury Park NJ 1993

Teresa In 2001 Was a Crack User and Prostitute on North Broadway. This is the Day I Met Teresa

Florida Everglades 1994-1995

Orange Blossom Trail Orlando Florida 1994

Not People Israel

Jennifer Year 1997 Florida

Natalie 1998

Cemaliye 1932-1988: "they get weaned away from this earth" Thorton Wilder "Our Town"

Some People Israel Before 1992



Wedding -Wichita 2003

Yafo Street At Night -Jerusalem 2006

Yafo Street At Night -Jerusalem 2006

Jerusalem Central Bus Station 2006

Police Checking ID -Jerusalem 2006

Jerusalem 2007

By The Doar -Jerusalem Post Office 2007

Coffee Shop -Jerusalem 2007

Jerusalem Shop -2007

Kikar Safra -2007


Downtown Jerusalem Near Post Office

Independence Park -Jerusalem 2007

Yafo & King George Street -2007 Israel

King George Street -Jerusalem 2007

Lower East Side NYC -2007

Yafo Street Vendor By Shuk -2007

Minnesota 2007

Arab Woman -Givat Shaul

King George Street -Jerusalem 2007

Arab Woman -Jerusalem 2007

Juice Bar-Jerusalem 2007

Yafo Street By Benyon Klal -2007

Yafo Street -Jerusalem 2007

Yafo Street -Jerusalem 2007

Haneviim Street -Downtown Jerusalem 2007

Alysa -Florida 1997

Broadway Street -Wichita Ks 2002



Boys With Guns -2006

Feet -City Hall Miami Fl 1996

Family Of Five -1997

Genesis Chapter 3 -1997

Young Girl On Ben Yehuda Street -Jerusalem 2006

After The Holocaust -Mental Home 1991 Monmouth County NJ

Israel Independence Day -Kikar Safra Jerusalem 2007

Jennifer #1 -Hollywood Florida 1998

Carmilio Marque -New Jersey 1991

Lady With Puppy -Hollywood Fl 1997

After 9/11 Riverside School -2001 Wichita Ks

Rosh Chodosh Nissan New Jersey

Pallbearer -Trenton NJ 1992

Pickup On Orange Blossom Trail -Orlando Florida 1993

Solo Show,Robeson Gallery -Newark NJ 1992

Shalena & Robert -Hollywood Fla 1996

Shalena -Hollywood Florida 1997

Sundress -Florida 1996

Surgeon -2004

Suwannee River -Florida 1998

Trio- Miami 1997

Prostitute On Highway 1 -1996

Woman By Shoe Store -Yafo Street Jerusalem -2006

Yafo Street 1537-18 Jerusalem -2007

Kellogg Minnesota -2007

Man Without Legs -Jerusalem 2007

ATM Yafo Street -Jerusalem 2007

Woman Praying At Bus Stop -Givat Shaul 2007

King George 1543-28 -Jeursalem 2007

Mother and Child. Tourists I think. -Jerusalem 2007

Security Sharp Shooters -Kikar Safra, Jerusalem 2007

Arab Woman By Yafo Gate Frame 1237-14 -Jerusalem 2007

Yafo Street -Jerusalem 2007

Kids Who Live In The Homeless Shelter -Wichita 2003

Mother And Daughter -Jerusalem 2007

Central Bus Station -Tel Aviv, Israel

Tailor Shop Jerusalem -2007

Tailor Shop -Jerusalem 2007

Sophia After Dope

Kellogg Minnesota -2007

Dunkin Donuts -New Brunswick 2006

Sandra -2004 New Jersey

Yeshiva Class Shari Tzion Edison NJ

Kellogg Minnesota 2007

Shoes -Jerusalem 2007

Shopping Mall At Benyon Klal -Jerusalem 2007

Sbarro Pizza On Yafo Street -Jerusalem 2007

Gloria & Shimon NJ

Portrait On 13th Avenue Brooklyn

13th Avenue Brooklyn NYC -2004

Agudath Synagoge Edison N.J.

Kingston, New Jersey

Sophia -Jerusalem 2007

Nursing Home #3

Sophia And Vizr -dope in my teeth

Sophia And Vizr

sophia and vizr



Sophia After Heroin

Sophia 8765-34


S & V #7

Young Man On Yafo Street -Jerusalem

Prostitute Working In Winter -Tiffany 2002

Donna With Her Coffee

Amal And Suha by Yafo Gate Frame 1237-16 Jerusalem 2007

Yafo Street -Jerusalem 2007

Dina White Lake New York


Ossie -Fourth Of July 1998 Florida

By The Russian Compound -Jerusalem

Man (maybe druz) On King George St.0938010 -2007

RGIS_Inventory -Foodfair New Jersey

Tel Aviv Airport -Israel 2006

Shoe Repair Shop -Jerusalem

Sharon 2004 Edison NJ

Russian Woman

1544-35 -Jerusalem 2007

A Street Photo -2007

Shoe Repair Shop On Ben Yehuda

Jerusalem Police 1234-03 -Yafo Street

Runaway Child At Daybreak ca. 1995 Miami Fl

Misila, Tourette Syndrome -Mental Hospital N.J 1992

Her Street Name Is Donna

GRAVE MARKER OF DEBORAH LINCOLN Deborah died May 15, 1720, Age 3 years and 4 months. Buried in...

Wine Drunk -Trenton New Jersey 1992

Dairy Deluxe Highland Park NJ circa 2004

Hispanic Boy With Bike

Kentucky State Prison -1997

Ben Yehuda Street 1235-31

Soldier With Cell Phone -Tel Aviv

Shaluzon Street, Har Nof Jerusalem

Chassidic Boy On Bus


Boys On The Bus

Apartment Window

Children On Shaulzon -Jerusalem

Purim, Har Nof

Purim, Har Nof

Purim, Jerusalem

Purim, Jersalem

Woman By Bus Stop, Purim Israel

Purim, Jerusalem 2008

Purim Jerusalem

Jerusalem x


Man With White Socks and Black Shoes

Purim In Jerusalem

Purim In Jerusalemm 2008

Nakamu -Shamai Street Jerusalem

Foursome On Yafo Street -Jerusalem

Girl on Shmai Street -Jerusalem

Hillel Street & King George -Jerusalem

Bus Driver Kav 15 -Jerusalem 2008

Kav 15 Through Geula

Boy and Father At Kikar Safra Bus Stop

Arab Man at Kikar Safra Bus Stop

Beth 490340

City Hall -Jerusalem

Beth 3939 -Year 1998

Security Guard at Sbarro Pizza -Jerusalem

Shocker Wichita Ks ca. 2002

Woman Crossing Yafo Street BP 21

Grocery Store on Rekov Hai Taieb 04-09-08 007

Bullet Holes From 67 War -Jerusalem.

Woman Sick In Park, Kikar Safra

Two Women Looking At A Salad

Woman In Park Reading

Arab Boys -Kikar Safra

Making A Matza Commercial

Security At Talpiot Mall

Woman At Bus Stop On King George #2

Young Addict On Yafo Number 1

Prostitute In My Van No.1

Man With Short Legs No.1

Young Woman With Shopping Bag

Portrait Of My Mail Carrier Florida

Mexican Boy And His Girlfriend Wichita

Arab Woman

Young Man Listening To Music

Jolene By My Window, Street Name is Nicki

Two Months

Ten Months

ATM 7224532-md

Native Americans From Reservation In Wisconsin On The Way To Kansas City

Office Worker


Myrna During Chemo Before She Died

Tavern On South Broadway -Wichita, Kansas

Gum Balls Brooklyn NY

Young Woman On Yafo

Boy On The Kav 2 Bus

Black Hat Ladies

Black Hat Ladies 051

Black Hat Ladies 061

Black Hat Ladies 065

Black Hat Ladies 066

Black Hat Ladies 073

Black Hat Ladies 074

Black Hat Ladies 048

Black Hat Ladies 060

Black Hat Ladies 064

Nati And Juan Florida circa 1996

Young Woman On The Kav 2 Bus DSCF0229 -Jerusalem

Woman On Bus DSCF0276

Man On Bus No. 2 DSCF0272

Woman On A Bus -Israel DSCF0341

Fort Lauderdale International Airport ~1995

Woman In Restaurent DSCF 0338

Strip Dancer 8580-24

Ala Khayo - Night School, Jerusalem

Woman At Bus Stop DSCF0547

Woman On Kav 11 Bus DSCF0157 -Jerusalem

Woman Who Always Drinks Too Much #2

Restaurant Mashgiach

Shoe Repair version suggested by Vladimir Funtak

Woman On Yafo DSCF0634

Lag B'Omer Night Jerusalem 2007

Woman On The Bus Reading Morning Prayers

Grocery Store On Shaluzon DSDF0673 -Jerusalem

Girl On Hai Taieb Street -Jerusalem DSCF0707

Boy At Bus Stop DSCF0717

Boy At Bus Stop DSCF0751

Angels Restaurant 2008, DSCF0753

Bus Stop On Yafo DSCF0738

Bus Stop On Beit Defus DSCF0885

Super Market In Givat Shaul DSCF0866

Angel's Restaurant, Jerusalem DSCF0908

Girl on Shaluzon 2007 (corrected)

Twelve Months

Two Years

Bank Hapoalim

Restaurant On Kanfei Nesharim

Sunday Morning In The Jerusalem Shuk (Market)

Woman In Jerusalem Shuk 061508 2-20

Vendor In Jerusalem Shuk 061508 2-19

Bus Stop 2008A2-022 -Jerusalem 2008

Jerusalem Shuk (Market) 06150802-014 SF

Jerusalem Police 06150802-015

Jerusalem Police 06150802-035

Woman At a Party 06150802-07

ATM On Yafo Street, Jerusalem 2008A3-20


Arab Street Vendor (Shuk) 06150802-028

Arab Market Vender

Security On Ben Yehuda Street

Guitar, Nighttime, Ben Yehuda -2008

Temple Wall - Soldier Praying At The Kotel -2008

Today On Bus 15 DSCF1025

Rakel Shmoul -Jerusalem Shuk 2008

Today At The Shuk DSCF1033

Today At Rokhmo DSCF1035

Girl At Bus Stop 0701081-09

Yafo Street After A Terror Attack That Day In July 2008 -Jerusalem

Student In Classroom -Jerusalem 2008 070208e- 034 BP30

Bad Compostion Of A Portrait Of A Young Upset (with me) Woman On Cell Phone -Jerusalem 2008

Yafo Street July 02, 2008

Girl With Umbrella -2008

Israeli Soldier - Winter 2008

Jerusalem Tourist From Long Island DSCF1086

Jerusalem Shuk (Market) -July 2008

Clock House Built 1905 By Rav Shmuel Levi

Man Who Talks To Tables and Chairs.

Cafe In The Jerusalem Shuk -2008

Shop An Agripas Street

Belt Shop On Agripas

Boy In Rokhmo's Cafe

Kiakh Street Jerusalem

Police Security Outside Rokhmo's Cafe

Jerusalem Street

Optical Shop -King George Street

Jewish Boy Outside Rokhmo's

Nursing Home #2

Shop On Agripa 072508-09-ep

Market On Yafo -Center City Jerusalem

Woman In The Shuk 070808-14 -Jerusalem

Egg Street Vendor -Jerusalem 2008



Girl In Night School


Bus Stop In Har Nof -DSCF1166

Grocery Store Stock Clerk -Jerusalem 2008 DSCF1176_1

Soldiers Praying At The Western Wall

Dancer Number 2 -2007

Man From Nakolus Street Portrait

Woman In Grocery Store DSCF1179_1

Young Man On Hillel -Street Portrait

Young Women On Hillel -Street Portrait

Bus Driver -Yafo Street Jerusalem

Young Man Somewhere 0933001

Jack Klugman -Sunshine Boys

Young Man In Doorway With Mezzuzah

Super Market DSCF0284 -Givat Shaul

Jerusalem Shuk DSCF1229

Jerusalem Shuk DSCF1210

Young Woman Shopping 070208-15

School Bus Stop

Woman On Ocean Blvd.

Man On Yafo Street 081408-11 -2008


Boy At Bus Stop 081408-02

Street Vendor DSCF1268

Woman In Cafe DSCF1276

Man Shopping In The Shuk DSCF1263

Man With Coins DSCF1352 -Jerusalem

Girls DSCF1327 -Jerusalem, 2008

Yael -Bus Stop Jerusalem 2008

Hellen -Night Class, Jerusalem

Shop on Ben Yehudah

Customer Service Department - DSCF1424

Girl In The Park On George Street

King George Street -Jerusalem

Little Girl Playing circa 1996 Hollywood Fl

Waitress In Angel's

Woman On Bus 33 DSCF1462

Beit Hakerem Neighborhood -Jerusalem DSCF1431

Woman In Supermarket DSCF1582

Mother, Daughter

Man on Kanfei Nesharim DSCF1600

Girl On Hillel Street DSCF1624

Welder -DSCF1602

Bus 21, Girl On Phone DSCF1605

Saint Meinrad Arch Abby

Woman In Supermarket

Our Babe -date of marker unknown

Israeli Soldier DSCF1660 -2008

Rokmo's Cafe -Jerusalem DSCF1142_1

Hillel Restaurant DSCF1686

Garden In Beit Hakerem DSCF1689

Jerusalem מרכז העיר DSCF1677

Agripas Street -Jerusalem DSCF1664

Boy In Father's Machine Shop

Little Girl With A Toy. Nakhl'ot Neighborhood, Jerusalem

Boy At Bus Stop, Jerusalem 081408-09

Woman On Agripas Street -Jerusalem

Jerusalem DSCF1812

Siblings, Agripas Street DSCF1837

Motel Dixie Highway Florida Early 90s

Woman On Agripas Number 1

Sally (1708-04) -2007 Wabasha Minnisota

The Stone Pony-Asbury Park, 1993

Security On Ha-Armonim Street -Jerusalem

Woman On Bus DSCF1458

Girl With Groceries Who Stops To Rest

Police On Agripas Street DSCF1891 Jerusalem

Yafo Street Jerusalem DSCF1947

Sidewalk Cafe On Agripas DSCF1906

Boy On The 13 Bus DSCF1951

Ben Yehuda Street DSCF1946

Ben Yehuda Street DSCF1945

Girls On Ben Yehuda DSCF1942

Girl With Violin DSCF1918 -Ben Yehuda

Policeman Ben Yehuda Street DSCF1950

גשר המיתרים (Bridge Of Music Strings) -DSCF1972


שיר אחרי

Beginning Of The Rainy Season -Jerusalem DSCF 2027

Sderot Yitzkhak Rabin Blvd DSCF1961

Sophia On Yafo Street 1544-25

Two Girls- Benyion Klal Jerusalem 11190835

Two Girls 1119081 -Jerusalem

Arab Boy On Banana Boxes -Jerusalem

Performer In The Street Band DSCF2066

Gilad DSCF2040

Border Patrol DSCF2046

Boy with Cigar -NYC ~1991

Muslim Woman DSCF2075

Givat Ram, Jerusalem -DSCF2079

Young Man On Yafo Street -DSCF2036

Girl With Ice Cream 041308 011

Man Who Works In Restaurant On Yafo DSCF2105

Young Man On Yafo Street DSCF2103

Sidewalk Cafe 070808-36

Young Man On Crutches, Jerusalem -12090803

"I will Come"

By Yafo Gate Jerusalem 121208A33

Woman By Window 12208epsB030

Tourists -Jerusalem 121208A03

Boy By Yafo Gate121208A13

Yafo Gate Jerusalem -12110811

Rakhov (Street) David -Jerusalem -2008

Jerusalem Market; Agripas Street Side -DSCF1898

Beit Hakerem Street, Jerusalem DSCF2200

Teacher's College English Class Students, Beit Hakerem Jerusalem DSCF2197

Winter In Jerusalem, Beit Hakerem DSCF2202

Beit Hakerem Street, Jerusalem DSCF2210

School Girls, Beit Hakerem Jerusalem DSCF2199

Bomb Shelter Kiryat Shomna, Israel

Bomb Shelter #2 Kiryat Shmoni, Israel

Bomb Shelter #3 Kiryat Shmoni, Israel

Agripas Street Jerusalem -010209

Yafo Gate Jerusalem -12110804

Yavneh And Masada

Bus Stop Jerusalem 01150920

Untitled, Agripas Street 01150901-24

Untitled (Pedestrians) -Jerusalem 0115090234

Kids From Brazil DSCF2305

Soldier Sleeping DSCF2298 -Israel

Yafo Gate Jerusalem 0123090225

Art Class, Kikar Safra Park Jerusalem 0123090116

Beit Hakerem Street Jerusalem DSCF2357

Girl With Balloons DSCF2354

Beit Hakerem Street DSCF2398

Soldier Agripis Street Jerusalem 01020900

To All Time

Family On Ben Yehuda Street Jerusalem 0208090326

Woman On Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem 0208090207

Jerusalem Shuk 0208090321

Girl On George Street, Jerusalem 0208090103

Ruhuna Fatiha -Mercer County ~1991

Arab Boy -Jerusalem, 2009 0216090105

Arab Girl 0216090106

Untitled Jerusalem 2009 0216090112

Little Girl With Sword -0216090229

Woman מוסלמית Kikar Safra Jerusalem 0216090101

Win Big -1998 Florida

Jerusalem Police 0225090129

Woman On Agripas Street, Jerusalem 0225090119

Tourist -Jerusalem -Western Temple Wall, 2009 0225090110

Boy With Gun (crop of earlier submission) Jerusalem 2009

Beit Hakerem DSCF2570

Beit Hakerem DSCF2574

Mixi On Street Corner 0225090136

Beit Hakerem Street DSCF2508

Arab Boy DSCF2668 Jerusalem

Church Of The Sepulchre, Tourists And "Holy" Stone

Arab Boy Samin DSCF2639

Couple Blind DSCF2736

Close Encounters DSCF2734

Aibek DSCF2645 -Jerusalem

Suha DSCF2742 -Jerusalem

Man In Doorway DSCF2780 -Jerusalem

Amal DSCF2738 Jerusalem

Family By Central Bus Station DSCF2787

Woman At Bus Stop 0311090126

0311090223 Jerusalem, Israel 2009

Young Lady In Costume 0311090533; Omar Ibn Square, Jerusalem

Just Beginning To Rain DSCF2627 Jerusalem

Untitled DSCF2759 -Omar Ibn Khattab Square,Jerusalem 2009

Boy Trying To Carry Backpacks 0320090136 -Jerusalem

Girl With Video 0320090237 -Jerusalem

Girl At Bus Stop On Yafo Street DSCF2827

Tourist In Jerusalem 0320090117

Restaurant On Agripis Street DSCF2839

Pedestrian Crossing Jerusalem DSCF2847

Jerusalem Police DSCF2862




My Best Friend


מי עדן

1/5 בית הכרם



My Street; Beit Hakerem

Arab Shopkeeper DSCF2920

Amal DSCF2961 Jerusalem

Shopkeeper Khalil Al-Ruhman DSCF2922

Arab Barbershop East Jerusalem DSCF2933

Boy Going To School DSCF2955 Jerusalem

Beit Hakerem Neighborhood, Jerusalem

Beit Hakerem NeighborhoodDSCF2998 -Jerusalem


Arab Boy East Jerusalem DSCF3070

Fawaz -East Jerusalem DSCF3120

Suha, Mira and Amal DSCF3039 -Yafo Gate Jerusalem

Man Smoking Shisha -East Jerusalem DSCF3096

Shop Owner East Jerusalem 04080902031

Art Galleries And Soldiers -Old City Jerusalem DSCF3075

Two Jewish Ladies At Bus Stop DSCF3138 -Jerusalem April 2009

Suha DSCF3049 Yafo Gate Jerusalem

Shopkeeper -East Jerusalem 04100906

Palestinian Shopkeeper DSCF3107

Suha and Mira -Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSCF3054

Policewoman Jerusalem DSCF2861

Untitled משטרה 0413090306

Untitled 04130902009 -Jerusalem

Suha 0408090224 Jerusalem

Ethiopian Girl in Restaurant DSCF3178 -Jerusalem

Arab Boys Nader and Sami DSCF3162 -Jerusalem

Girl At Bus Stop On Hertzel Street #3

Girl At Bus Stop On Hertzel Street #2

Girl At Bus Stop On Hertzel Street #1

1 Beit HaKerem Street DSCF3227

Nader And His Mother DSCF3173

Three Women DSCF3255

Evangelical Sisterhood Of Mary DSCF3414

Israeli Family DSCF3361

Church Of Holy Sepulchre DSCF3457

Receptionist At "Shalom Meir Medical Center" Jerusalem DSCF3349

George Carmi, Restaurant In Jerusalem DSCF3055

Man On Ben Yehuda Street DSC_0161 Jerusalem

Move From Film (F4S) To Digital (D700)

Man At Coffee Bean Restaurant DSC_0163

Man On Beit HaKerem Street DSC_0340

Girl In Doorway DSC_0329 Jerusalem

Man Learning DSC_0280 Jerusalem

School Teacher DSC_0457

Dog DSC_0409 Beit HaKerem Street

Two Women Beit HaKerem Street - DSC_0412

Woman From Indiana Who Lives In Cairo taken in Restaurant In Jerusalem DSC_0187

Crosswalk On King George Street Jerusalem DSC_0687

Arab Woman And Child DSC_0175s (shreen lama Yafo Gate)

Girl With Bicycle DSC_0681

Girl Who Works in Mother's Shop -Jerusalem DSC_0181

Boy On Beit HaKerem Street DSC_0792

Girl (Rikke) At Restaurant On Agripas Street DSC_0668_01

Suha DSCF3159

Untitled DSC_0965

One Beit HaKerem Street DSC_0714 Eight Months Later

Woman On Beit Hakerem Street DSC_0710

Donna -1996-1997

People And Ice Cream DSC_1126

Security 1 Beit HaKerem DSC_1144f

Amal DSCF3168 2009

Girl With Bananas DSC_0673 Makene Yehuda Jerusalem

Ethiopian Woman Ibn Omar Square DSCF3184

Russian Girl On Bus To Haifa DSC_1378

Boy -Beit HaKerem Jerusalem DSC_0813e1

McDonald's DSC_1371

Young Man On Yafo Street DSC_1534

Fabiana DSC_1541

Girl At Bus Stop In Jerusalem DSC_1503

One Beit HaKerem Street DSC_1801

Fadi Samara DSC_0189 Jerusalem

Katya DSC_1284

Boy Running DSC_1766c

Soldiers McDonald's DSC_1487


Church Of The Sepulchre DSCF3453

Skateboard From My Porch DSC_1713

Kids Hanging Out DSC_1946

Big Scrub Florida November 1994

Auto Accident (From The Porch) DSC_0875

Beit Yakov Girls From The Porch DSC_1995

Man Sleeping DSC_1500

Mother With Children DSC_2135

Boy On Bike DSC_1740

Girl With "Santa Cap" On Ben Yehuda DSC_2056

Lynne Stewart -Street Name "Tracy" Frame 12. About Year 2000

From The Porch Boy Running DSC_1016

Portrait Of A Shopkeeper DSC_0180s

Soldier DSC_1973

Soldier DSC_2022

Children DSC_0606 -Central Bus Station

Sales Person In Light Store DSC_2338

Tourists From The Porch DSC_2295

Woman On Balcony DSC_1521

Girl With Keys -From The Porch DSC_2373c2

Woman On Bus DSC_1956

Obama In Egypt DSC_2496

Bullets downtown DSC_1880

Holocaust Memorial Day Time 10AM DSCF3300

Woman On Bus Chewing Bubble Gum DSC_2608

From The Porch DSC_1806

Suha DSC_2645

Suha DSC_2638

Suha DSC_2630

Woman On Bus DSCF2968

Two Girls With Ice Cream DSC_2670

Bus Stop On Hertzel Street DSC_2674

Bomb Robot DSC_2704

Arab Boy DSC_2794

Arab Boy Who Never Smiles DSC_2805

Mother and Son DSC_1734

Woman In McDonalds DSC_2840

Tourists At Church Of The Sepulchre DSC_2876

Church Of The Sepulchre DSC_2886

Mother and Child DSC_2939

Suha DSC_2757

Woman On Bus 33 DSC_3007

Not Michael Jackson DSC_2032

Palestinian Shopkeeper 0410090108

Family -From The Porch DSC_3022

Boy Father, From The Porch DSC_3043c

Boy And Dog From the Porch DSC_3034

Purchasing D700

Sisters In Hardware Store,Givat Shaul Jerusalem DSC_3077

Girl Looking For Cell Phone DSC_2136 2009

School Girls With Umbrellas

From The Porch DSC_3109

From The Porch, Boys With Bicycle and Back Pack DSC_3177

From The Porch, Girl With Cell Phone

From The Porch, Three Woman DSCF3217

From The Porch, Girl With Water Bottle DSC_1834

Jerusalem Silwan Neighborhood DSC_3253

Girl With Cell Phone On Bus #18 DSC_3233

Leah (Ariela); Born Czechoslovakia; Aliyah To Israel; Fell In War 1948 Age 18. Soldier's Cemetery...

From The Porch, Boy With Jump Rope DSC_3412

Machene Yehuda Market Jerusalem DSC_3477

Machene Yehuda Market Jerusalem DSC_2593

Shop Owner, Machene Yehuda Market, Jerusalem DSC_3544

Shika, Shop On George St. DSC_3593-2 שיקה

Bride, Montefiore Jerusalem DSC_3652

From the Porch DSC_3424

Muslim Worker Praying DSC_1090 2009

Cat, From the Porch DSC_0613

Girls On Bus With Cell-Phone-Camera, Jerusalem DSC_3744

Bus Stop On Keren Yesod DSC_3741

Girl At Street Party Jerusalem 08140901037

Girls In The Park Jerusalem DSC_3701

Brothers, Machene Yehuda Market 0814090228

Palestinian Wedding DSC_3802

Alysa 2

Palestinian Wedding, Boys With Doves DSC_3816

Soldier DSCF2944

Father, Son Mahane Yehuda Market Jersulam, DSC_3541

Hasselblad 205FCC Zone Photography

Girl On Bus, Jerusalem DSC_3951

Hasselblad 503CW DSC_3975

Nikon F4S with Waist Level Viewfinder

Torso With Hands (Tenisha 405303)

Egg Vendor at Mahane Yehuda Market Jerusalem DSCF2869_

Woman On Steps. Bank Hapoalim Jerusalem DSC_4142

Conversation at Mahane Yehuda Market Jerusalem 070208-017

Ben Yehuda Street DSC_4133

Jerusalem Silwan Neighborhood 2009 0216090215

Girls At Produce Stand, Shlomtzion Hamalka Street DSC_4164

Palestinian Girl 121208A16

Palestinian Girl Maha DSCF2633

Girl On Bus 18 DSC_4211 Jerusalem

Beit Hakerem Street Jerusalem DSC_4256c2

Israeli Settelment, Modin Illit 2004

Little Girl Chasing Soap Bubbles DSC_4603

Bull Terrier On Ben Yehuda DSC_4379

Police On Kawasaki DSC_4671 Jerusalem

Jewish Family Old City Jerusalem 2009 DSC_4778

Jerusalem DSC_4712

Little Girl With Popcicle DSC_4461


Boy Walking With Ukulele DSC_4468

Couch, Table, Chair -Al Busta

"Day of Rage" DSC_4888

I Am Staying At The Waldorf

Dental Hygienist DSC_4929

Dental Receptionist DSC_4917

Soldiers With Ice Cream DSC_4376

Little Girl In Ball Cap DSC_4437

Man With Cane DSC_4937

Satmar Chassidim -White Lake, N.Y. circa 2004

Girl On Ben Yehuda DSC_4531

Man With Crutches DSC_4912

Jolene No. 5 Street Name "Nicki

Go To Hell Che Guevara DSC_5003

Raya Hare, Shop In Downtown Jerusalem DSC_4936

Ben Yehudah Street Jerusalem DSC_5114

Palestinian Boy DSC_5198

Palestinian Girls, Rawan and Malak DSC_5186

Nice Kids DSC_5073

Girls From Madrid DSC_5178

Aladine, Palestinian Juice Shop DSC_5110

Galit Amrami (גלית עמרמי) Postal Clerk, Jerusalem DSC_5298 גלית עמרמי

Bus Stop, Shlomtzion Street Jerusalem 4 of 4 DSC_5307

Bus Stop, Shlomtzion Street Jerusalem 3 of 4 DSC_5306

Bus Stop, Shlomtzion Street Jerusalem 2 of 4 DSC_5305

Ramzi, East Jerusalem DSC_5255

Mohadid East Jerusalem DSC_5250

Sami East Jerusalem DSC_5247

Palestinian Man, Omar Ibn El Khattab Square -East Jerusalem 04080902035

Hamand East Jerusalem DSC_5278

Issam East Jerusalem DSC_5344

Mohamed DSC_5332

Father/Daughter Near Yafo Gate DSC_5327

Soldiers DSCF3374

Lubavitch DSC_5001

Soldier DSC_5362

Soldier DSC_5377 Sepia

Naseem East Jerusalem DSC_5339

Two Girls DSC_5077

Palestinian Girl On El Hakkari St. East Jerusalem DSC_5503

Soldier DSC_5496

Samara Family Members. East Jerusalem DSC_5484

Girl (מרינה) At Bus Stop DSC_5456

Bus Stop Jerusalem Mall Israel DSC_5432 BW Warm Tone

Mohammed (Shop keeper) DSC_5185_01

Hijab And Backpack 1217090127

Boys On Ben Yehuda DSCF2813

Nikon 8008 And Konica Hexar

Palestinian Mother And Child DSC_6327

Judean Desert And Dead Sea DSC_6047

Fadi DSC_6449

Mohammed DSC_6454

Girl At Bus Stop DSC_6444

Young Man With Hand Gun DSC_6462 Jerusalem

Naseem DSCF3624

Jerusalem Copt DSC_6405

Konica Hexar Rhodium

Rachel, Restaurant On Shami Street, Jerusalem DSC_6504

Couple Sharing Soup DSC_6498

Boy Riding On Bus #13 DSCF0001

Soldiers In Formation DSC_6531

Lady In Doorway DSC_5234_01

Palestinian Boys After School (BW Warm Tone) DSCF0017

Young Woman On Ben Yehuda Street DSC_6418

Dovid Street Jerusalem DSC_6696

Dovid Street, Jerusalem DSC_6677

Documentary Photo By George Phillips -Jewish Quarter East Jerusalem 1948

Girl (Camila) From Brazil DSC_6695 Dovid Street Jerusalem

Boys From Modin DSC_6690 Dovid Street Jerusalem

Palestinian Boys By Old City Wall Jerusalem DSC_6664

Children On Ben Yehuda Street Jerusalem 12170902 frame 14

Girl In Holy Bagel Restaurant DSC_6786



Young Soldier With Baggage DSC_6807

Hamad DSC_6862 Jerusalem

Girl From Slovenia DSC_6865 Jerusalem Old City

Soldier Having Lunch On Yafo DSC_6790

Taami Restaurant Jerusalem DSC_7009

Shamai Street Jerusalem DSC_7092

Hertzl Street Jerusalem DSC_7021

Keren DSC_7088 Jerusalem

Palestinian Shopkeeper (Mohammed) DSC_7081

Palestinian Shopkeeper (Mohammed) DSC_7080

Palestinian Shopkeeper (Sami) DSC_7084

Palestinian Shopkeeper DSC_7139

Thomas Number 1

Thomas Number 2

Bubby, Appalachian Mountains Coal Mining Country, West Virgina 1993

Palestinian Boy Old City Jerusalem DSC_7148

Untitled DSC_7035 Jerusalem

Man Reading About Self Improvement תיקון הכללי -DSC_7167

Boy East Jerusalem DSC_6682

Tourist From Germany DSC_6966

Jerusalem School Girls Old City DSC_6931

Fatma DSC_7210 Jerusalem

10AM Holocaust Memorial Day Jerusalem

Mother And Son DSC_7222

Tony Randall 1997-98 After Play "Sunshines Boys" staring Tony and Jack Klugman

Shamai Street Jerusalem DSC_7256

Beit Hakerm Street Jerusalem _DSCF0027

Abed DSC_7644 Jerusalem

Moses Samara DSC_7631


Auto Accident DSC_7669

Untitled DSC_6571

Arab Market DSCF0003



Untitled DSC_7949 Jerusalem Israel

Check Point Ben Yehuda Street Jerusalem DSC_8004

Street Concert DSC_7961 Jerusalem

Memorial Service For Some 4000 Ethiopians Who Died In The Sudan trying to fulfill their Dream

Memorial Service For Ethiopians Who Died In The Sudan DSC_8042

Israeli President Shimon Peres Jerusalem Memorial Service To Ethiopians Who Died in Sudan DSC_8195

Ethiopian Memorial Service DSC_8128

Memorial Service For Ethiopians Who Died In Sudan DSC_8110

Memorial Service For Ethiopians Who Died In Sudan DSC_8155

Memorial Service For Ethiopians Who Died In Sudan DSCF0065

Memorial Services For Ethiopians Who Died In Sudan DSC_8031

Girl And Father At Street Celebration DSC_7885

Father Daughter DSC_8324 Restaurant On Shamai Street

Hasselblad System

Buses 18 What A Difference A Day Can Make -Downtown Jerusalem


Woman In Jaffa Israel DSC_8370

Restaurant On Shamai Street DSC_8415

Waitress At Restaurant On Shamai Street DSC_8417

10AM Holocaust Memorial Day 2010 Israel

Denmark Square; Jerusalem, Israel

Said Salhi And Son DSC_8457 Jerusalem

A Visitor From Gaza

Window Washers, Tel Aviv Israel DSC_8382

May 31, 2010 Day The Gaza Bound Mavi Marmara Was Boarded By Israel And Divereted To Ashod.

Restaurant On Shamai Street DSC_8711

Girl At Street Concert DSC_7955

Border Patrol DSC_8530

Untitled DSC_8534

Yemenite Man DSC_8742

Family, East Jerusalem DSC_7125

Mr. Samara DSC_7860

Candid Of Ellen Samara With Teddy Bear

My Balcony DSC_8569

Lady In Belt Shop DSC_8760

"Why Show Up If You Can't Show Off" DSC_8781

Russian Girl DSC_6993

Mohammed With Exakta Camera (From Father's Collection) 0410090109

Jerusalem Police DSC_4624

Palestinian Boys By Yafo Gate DSC_9048

Rabbi DSC_8102 Jerusalem

My Apartment DSC_8758 Jerusalem, Israel

Independence Hall Tel Aviv, Israel

Jerusalem Police DSC_9029

Rami Samara DSC_9043

Tour Guide DSC_9089 Moslem Quarter Jerusalem

Sisters, Rubee and Suha DSC_9108

Eden (עדן ) DSC_9126 Jerusalem

Untitled DSC_9119

Two Girls Running DSC_6779

Suha DSC_9115

Beth In Satin 490310

Yafo Gate Old City DSC_9352

Rubee DSC_9110

Aguda Synagoge, Nakalot Jerusalem

Israeli Girl, Yafo Gate Old City DSC_9572

Ramadan Jerusalem Israel DSC_9481

Ramadan Jerusalem Israel DSC_9537

Ramadan Jerusalem Israel

Ramadan, Jerusalem Israel DSC_9558

Ramadan, Jerusalem Israel DSC_9529

Ramadan Jerusalem Israel 2010 DSC_9555

Anthony and Anton

Untitled (bse)

Arab Boy Listening To Music DSC_5317

Girl Praying DSC_9675

Suha DSC_9114

High School Graduation

Ben Yehuda, Jerusalem DSC_1944

Tourist At Samar Restaurant DSC_2626


Restaurant On Shamai Street DSC_9682


Rokmo Restaurant Jerusalem DSC_9684


Girl Crossing Sira Street DSC_9692

American Tourists, Samara Restaurant, Jerusalem DSC_9698

Boxing Club Wichita Ks

Simui סימוי




"Very Grateful To You for Help and I Wish To You Happiness" DSC_9788 Jerusalem

Palestinian Children After School DSC_8390

Refugee From Africa

Two Girls At Bus Stop On Yafo Street DSC_9802

Restaurant On Shami Street, Jerusalem DSC_6997

Uziagely DSC_9819 Jerusalem

Girl Beating on a Drum DSC_9863

Epilog DSC_9865

Palestinian Girl With Doll At Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9932

Palestinian Girl By Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9928

Arab Girls Playing By Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9914

Arab Girls Playing At Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9925

Arab Girls Playing By Yafo Gate DSC_9919

Arab Girl Playing -Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9929

Girl On The Street DSC_9969

Ethiopian Memorial Day Jerusalem Israel DSC_8020

Arab Children Playing By Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9904

Arab Children Playing Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9917

Arab Children Playing By Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_9891

Girl (שירן) In Store On Yafo Street Jerusalem DSC_9993

Haredi Boy At Kikar Safra Jerusalem 033008009

Two Girls Jerusalem, Israel DSC_0030_01

Girl Beating on a Drum DSC_9841

Untitled DSC_0028


Young Soldier DSC_0019

School Ground -Bet Hakerem Jerusalem DSC_0163

Sharon And Devin circa 2004

School Ground -Bet Hakerem Jerusalem DSC_0173

Candy Shop On Ben Yehuda DSC_0188

Yisrael Restaurant On Shamai Street Jerusalem DSC_0186

Yakov Restaurant On Shamai Street Jerusalem DSC_0184

Sharin Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSC_0233

Gabriel Old City Jerusalem DSC_0219 (Greek Orthodox I think)

Young Couple On Ben Yehuda DSC_0252

Gift Shop Jerusalem DSC_0346

Eleanor, Jerusalem Shop DSCN0196

Kevork Kahvedjian DSCN0296

Train רכבת Yafo Street Jerusalem DSCN0210

Arab Boys Muslim Quarter Jerusalem "Old City" DSCN0270

Untitled DSC_0406

Secretary, Elesheva אלישבע, School Ulpan Milah Jerusalem DSC_0413

Some Girls On Hillel Street Jerusalem DSC_0422

Ghaleb And Mohammed DSCN0025

Muslim Quarter "Old City" Jerusalem DSCN0346

Bet Hakerem Jerusalem North from Hertzl Street

Karmen Street DSC_9235

Rokmo's Restaurant DSCN0325

Yafo Gate DSCN0072

Bet Hakerem Neighborhood Jerusalem DSC_0567

Path Btw Hertzl And Bet Hakerem Streets DSCN0427

Simy (סימוי) Camera Store Yafo Street DSC_0484

Strip Mall Kanfe Nesharim DSCN0346

Untitled DSCN0564

Rami (Hebrew רמי) Shop on King George Street DSCN0570

Israel Defense Force DSC_0851

Untitled DSCN0033


Bialik Street DSC_0752

Post Office DSCN0043

Synagogue Beit Hakerem Israel DSCN0049


Pizza Shop Jerusalem DSCN0650

Untitled DSC_1519



The Via Dolorosa DSCN0329


Hookah Bar DSC_1515


Jerusalem Shuk DSC_1712

Family -Passover Jerusalem

Boys After School DSCF0011

George Street Jerusalem DSC_1566

Boy Coming Home From School -Naklaot Neighborhood Jerusalem DSCN0805

Untitled DSCN0315

Shopkeeper Who Does Not Want His Shop Photographed DSCN1061

Haredi Boy With Football Naklaot Jerusalem DSCN1210

Purim Festival 2011 Jerusalem DSCN1108

Purim Festival 2011 Jerusalem DSCN1045

Purim Festival 2011 Jerusalem DSCN1166

Purim Festival 2011 Jerusalem DSCN1217

Naklaot Jerusalem DSCN1202

Roof Top Jerusalem DSCN1307

Roof Top Jerusalem DSCN1340

Naklaot Jerusalem DSCN0815

Arab Neighborhood Jerusalem DSCN1299

Cashier At Deli DSCN1041

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2108

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2086

Roof Tops Jerusalem DSCN1317

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2058

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2062

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2059

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2055

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2020

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2038

Fatma DSCN1406

Fatma 2 of 3 DSC_2160

Fatma DSCN1407

Fatma 3 of 3 DSC_2162

Untitled DSCN1370 בגד נצמד פריצות

Abandoned Building DSCN1498

Fatma DSCN1553

Roman Cardo 2nd Temple Time Jerusalem Old City DSCN1070

Abandoned Building DSCN1501

King George Street Jerusalem DSCN1531


Fatmah 1 of 3 DSC_2159

Ghaleb -Muslim Quarter DSCN0023

Fatma DSCN1555

Barber Shop Muslim Quarter Jerusalem DSCN1054

Top of the City DSCN1311

Kippa Shop Mahane Yehuda Jerusalem DSCN1649

Israel Independence Day DSCN1652

Memorial Day 2011 Soldier's Cemetery Jerusalem, Israel DSC_2261

Memorial Day 2011 Soldier's Cemetery Jerusalem, Israel DSCN1682

Shopkeeper East Jerusalem DSC_2237

Classroom DSC_2039

Arab Girl With Apple DSCN1727

Fatma DSC_2356

Classroom DSCN1710

Nalaot Jerusalem DSCN0910

Naklaot Jerusalem DSCN1200

Naklaot Jerusalem DSCN0953

Naklaot Jerusalem DSCN1184

Agripas Street Jerusalem DSC_2372

Classroom Jerusalem DSC_2040

Soldier's Cemetery Jerusalem DSCN1752

Yohai -Yafo Street DSCN1793

Nursing Home #1

Beit Hakerem Jerusalem Neighborhood 1925

Untitled DSCN1888

Classroom DSC_2918

Classroom DSC_2917

Beit Hakerem Jerusalem DSC_2885

Erah (עירה) Yafo Gate DSCN1918

Beit Hakerem Jerusalem 09-15-11 Frame 11

Beit Hakerem Jerusalem 09-18-01 frame 1

Beit Hakerem Neighborhood 09-a-11 frame 1

Kikar Safra Jerusalem 09-23-11 frame 1

Beit Hakerem Jerusalem 09-b-11 frame 7

Mahadi East Jerusalem, Israel DSCN1895

Naklaot Jerusalem DSCN0919

Arab Girls East Jerusalem Old City DSC_6688 (rotated)

Jerusalem Market 0701081 frame 26

Untitled DSCN1906

Rivkin Looking Towards Yafo Street 092711 frame 5

Shiran, Camera Shop Yafo Street DSC_3342

Man at Phone Jerusalem Frame 2008A107 August 2008

Yafo Street Jerusalem DSC_3238

Farm -Kiryat Shmona Northern Border of Israel Frame 1550-12

Dead Sea Israel DSC_6035

Beit Hakerem 101011 frame 8

Untitled DSCN0245

Untitled DSC_1522

Temple Western Wall (Kotel) Jerusalem DSC_8724

Boys DSC_0776

HeHalutz Street Beit Hakerem 102511B frame 9

Untitled 102711B frame 11

Razel and Chani 102711 frame 2

Building a New Addition Onto the House DSCN1997

Untitled 1592-6 Autumn 2007 Highland Park NJ

Arab Boy Jerusalem 2008A8-5

Amal 1237-13 Jerusalem 2007

Silwan Neighborhood Jerusalem 110411-4

Couple Overlooking The Kotel 110411-4 Israel

Neve Yaakov North Jerusalem seen from Pisgat Zeev

Entrance Into Silwan 110411-3

Pisgat Zev North Jerusalem 110811-12

Boy, Jewish Quarter Old City Jerusalem 110811-4

Yafo Street Jerusalem After Rain 110811-7

Composite - View from Masada (lower panel) and a tight interior crop (upper panel). I'm...

Judean Desert Israel Winter 2009 DSC_6038

Arab Boy 2007 1234-24

Bartender 2007 1242-4

Foreign Worker 2007 8773-6

Jerusalem Old City 110811-1

Untitled 1549-5 2002 Wichita Ks

Tree 102511B-4 Jerusalem 2011

Western Temple Wall (Kotel) 2008A9-3

Nikon D700 Stepwise ISO 200 to 6400

Nikon P7000 Stepwise Increase in ISO 100 to 3200

South Pisgat Zeev Jerusalem, Israel And Anata, Palestinian West Bank In Background

Girl On Blvd Pisgat Zev Jerusalem DSCN2088

Rain -Jaffa Center Train Stop on Yafo (Jaffa) Street DSCN2149

Shoppers (and rain too) -Jaffa Center Train Stop on Yafo (Jaffa) Street -DSCN2152

Ein Kerem Jerusalem 112411-2

Pisgat Zeev Mall DSCN2044

Pisgat Zeev East Jerusalem 112211-3

Pisgat Zeev Jerusalem, Israel DSCN2132

Train Stop Central Pisgat Zeev 112211-2

Pisgat Zeev South DSCN2142

Arab Boy DSC_3633

FLUJICOLOR C200 Film Versus Digital Nikon D700

Afternoon (Minka) Prayers DSCN2035

Girls DSCN1931

Anata Palestinian West Bank 112211-10

Pisgat Zeev South, Israel DSC_3668

Anata West Bank Security Barrier in Foreground DSC_3739

Beit Hanina/Shuafat DSC_3776

Untitled DSC_3816

Train Stop Yekuti'el Adam DSC_3750


Beit Hanina/Shuafat DSC_3803

Beit Hanina/Shuafat DSC_3823

Nikor 35mm 105mm/f2.8 Without Tripod TriX film Developed in Pro Lab USA Developer not known...

Suha Nikkor 35mm 105mm/f2.8 Without Tripod TriX film Developed in Pro Lab USA Developer not...

Tourists DSC_3647

Hasselblad Zeiss 80mm/2 With Tripod 400TmaxY film Developed in Pro Lab Israel Developer not known

Nikon D700 50mm/1.8 With Tripod ISO400

Comparison of Noise/Grain/Resolution of Digital Nikon D700 (top) and Film Hasselblad (bottom) On...

Light Rail Pisgat Zeev South DSC_3677

Keffiyeh DSC_5279

Hasselblad 503CW 80mm/2.8 Panel on Rt is Crop of Panel on left. Hand held Kodak Portra400 V700...

Trying to figure out the ticket purchase system for Jerusalem's new "Light Rail" Commuter Train.

Excited Commuter who has purchased her first ticket on the New Light Rail Train

Mall Pisgat Zeev Center Jerusalem DSCN2186

Untitled 2008A3-28

A Separation Barrier Between West Bank and Jerusalem 112211 frame 4

Shderot Shazar Blvd Jerusalem From The Bridge Of Strings 120911B-12

Examine resolution of a tight. Hasselblad 80mm ASA400 120911-7

Hasselblad 80mm f/2.8 Planar CF On monopod ASA400 V700 Scanner

Light Rail Train Stop in Central Pisgat Ze'ev

July 4, 2011 DSCN1812

October 30, 2011 DSCN1997

December 1,2011 DSC_4241

אני חולת לב (I am heart patient) Jerusalem 2008 1237-23

Vodka 2008A3-36

Home Jerusalem Old City 102711A-11

Boy On The Move. Shedarot Khayim Barlev Blvd. Jerusalem DSCN2234

Two Girls DSC_0029 Jerusalem

Colander DSC_4436

Untitled 0814090226

Bikers DSCN2209

Viji DSC_4504_

Viji DSC_4504

Viji DSC_4513

Viji DSC_4511

Colander 121611-5 Medium 6x6 Format

Ruby And Khadija 121611-1

Light Rail Jerusalem DSCN2366

Elanor Demarest Age 83 Truck Farm N.J. 1991

Girl On Ben Yehuda 2010 DSC_0031

Tanisha #7

Tenisha #1

Tenisha #2

Tenisha #4

Tenisha #3

Soldier and Girlfriend DSC_3055

Shiran DSC_3258 2012

Outdoor Concert Jerusalem DSC_7917

Girl On Yafo Street Jerusalem DSCN2528

Khadija DSC_4648

Khadija DSC_4646

Khadija DSC_4650

Ruby And Khadija 121611-1

Pisgat Ze'ev South -East Jerusalem DSC_3652

Khadija DSC_4651

Bus Stop Central Station DSC_4622

Alina, Tourist Office Old City Jerusalem DSC_4658

An Unlikely Triad, Yafo Gate Jerusalem DSCN2513

Confrontation Of The "3rd Kind" DSCN2468

Anna Maria Samara DSC_4700 Jerusalem

Omer Samara DSC_4696 Jerusalem

Anna Maria, Nina and Omer Samara DSC_4705 Jerusalem

Anna Maria Samara, Jerusalem DSC_4700

Omer Samara DSC_4696 Jerusalem

Anna Maria, Nina and Omer Samara DSC_4705

_DSCF3646_1 Jerusalemm

Amal DSCF3646_1 Jerusalem 2010

Zaki DSC_5243 Jerusalem Old City 2011

Boy On HeHalutz Street DSC_5303 Jerusalem 2011

Woman With "Citipas" Card DSC_4520 Jerusalem

Yael DSCF1312 Jerusalem 2008

Hamand DSC_5278 Jerusalem

Khadija DSC_4648 Jerusalem

DSCN2391 Jeruasalem

khadija And Ruby DSC_4642 Jerusalem

Mother, Daughter Circa 2004

Ruby DSC_4681

Omar Ibn El Khattab Square Jerusalem DSCN1915

A Woman Of Valor Who Can Find, For Her Price Is Far Above Rubies. Synagogue door In Naklaot...

Riot Police -Time Out for Lunch or In It For The Long Haul DSC_8719

Bench On Yafo Street DSC_4751 Jerusalem

Dr. Landau DSCN0556 Jerusalem

Girl At Yafo Gate DSC_9087 Jerusalem

Ramzi DSC_5068 Yafo Gate Jerusalem

School Girls On Shivtei Israel DSC_5076 Jerusalem

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_5117 Does Not Happen Often

Girl At Tram Stop Jerusalem DSC_5107

Beit Hakerem Jerusalem DSC_5084 March 2, 2012

Untitled DSC_2985

Classroom Milah DSC_2049 Jerusalem

Girl With Ice Cream Mamilla Mall DSC_5556 Jerusalem

Mamilla Mall Jerusalem DSC_5554

Little Girl In Purim Costume DSC_5353 Mamilla Mall Jerusalem

Little Cow Girl DSC_5227 Jerusalem


Queen Ester Purim 2012 DSC_5237

Purim 2012 DSC_5381

Little Fireman 2012 Jerusalem DSC_5357

Purim 2012 DSC_5409 Jerusalem

Purim Festival 2012 DSC_5399 Jerusalem

Little Cow Girl DSC_5227 Jerusalem

Purim Festival 2011 DSCN1230 Jerusalem

Purim Festival 2012 DSC_5550 Jerusalem

Tram Stop City Hall Jerusalem DSCN 2675

After The Japanese Tsunami -photo taken by Ilan Hazan

Soldiers Cemetery Jerusalem DSCN2700

Mamilla Mall Jerusalem DSC_5472

Arab Boy (Ashraf) DSC_5650 East Jerusalem

Erah At Yafo Gate DSCN2777 אירה Jerusalem

Rubee DSCN2768 Jerusalem

Kiryat Moshe Tram Stop Hertzl Street Jerusalem DSCN2784

Rubee DSC_5685 Jerusalem

Rubee DSC_5687 Jerusalem

Suha DSC_5674 Jerusalem

Ramzi DSC_5199 Jerusalem

Erah DSCN2773 Jerusalem

Amir DSC_5716 Jerusalem

Arab Boy DSC_5698 Jerusalem

Khadija DSCN2803 Jerusalem

Akhmad DSC_5800 Jerusalem

Khalil DSC_5785 Shop Keeper Jerusalem Old City

Mustafa DSC_5776 Old City Jerusalem

Shop On Yafo Street DSC_6957 Jerusalem

DSC_6957 facial tone

Mohammad DSC_5795 Jerusalem

Mohammad DSC_5797 Jerusalem

Mohammad 05181209 Jerusalem

Arab Shop 05251212 East Jerusalem

Mustafa 05251211 East Jerusalem

Nadal Juice Bar Old City Jerusalem DSC_5857

Shopkeeper Old City Jerusalem DSC_5862

Shopkeeper Old City Jerusalem DSC_5838

Shop Old City Jerusalem DSC_5870

Nadal - Juice Bar Old City Jerusalem DSC_5893

Shopkeeper Old City Jerusalem 06011208

MD 20/20 "know affectionately as 'Mad Dog 20/20'" Wichita, Ks ca. 1999

Arab Gift Shop Christian Quarter Old City Jerusalem 060112012

Arab Shop Christian Quarter Old City Jerusalem 060112012

Avishag DSC_5907 Sambooki Coffee Shop

Nadal DSC_5884 Old City Jerusalem

Nadal DSC_5895 Old City Jerusalem


Arab Boy Shop Old City Jerusalem DSC_5901

Leah DSC_5881 Ben Yehuda Street Jerusalem

Khanokh DSC_5914 Jerusalem

Mohammad and Friend DSC_5955 Old City Jerusalem

Mohammad And Akhmad DSC_5945 Old City Jerusalem

Mohammad And Friend DSC_5956 Old City Jerusalem

Wesab DSC_5939 Old City Jerusalem

Mohammad Old City Jerusalem 061512-7

Akhmad DSC_5949 Old City Jerusalem

Girl By "Old City" Wall Jerusalem 062212B-08

Memorial Day America circa 2004

Khadija DSC_5978 Wall Old City Jerusalem

Khadija DSC_5967 Wall "Old City" Jerusalem

Khadija DSC_5971 Wall "Old City" Jerusalem

Khadija DSC_5970 Wall "Old City' Jerusalem

Anna #2 circa 2004 New Brunswick NJ

Falafel Bar Yafo Street Jerusalem DSCN2836

Abuwasi DSC_5982 Jerusalem

Beit Hakerem Neighborhood Jerusalem 102511B-8

Father And Sons, Erev Shabbot HaNaveim Street DSC_6041

Khadija DSC_5971

Suha DSC_5674 Jerusalem

Ruby DSCN2768 Jerusalem

Arab Girl 062212B frame 08

Khadija DSCN2793 Jerusalem

Suha DSC_9115 Jerusalem

Dina Playing With TV Remote DSC_6526

"Gone Home" Mother Mary Clemens 1820-1893 DSC_6455

Broken Stone And Tree DSC_6472 Grave of ??zea Cunningham 1856-1897

Stone and Tree DSC_6432 Windsor Cemetery N.J. 2012

Hightstown Diner Hightstown N.J. DSC_6374 2012

Kings X Diner On West 21st Street Wichita Ks circa 1999

Dina DSC_6145_01

Dovid DSC_6090 2012

Waitress Hightstown Diner DSC_6376 2012

Waitress Hightstown Diner DSC_6377 2012

Ruby DSC_9110 Jerusalem

Beit Hakerem (Givat) DSC_6656 Jerusalem

Sukkah DSC_6649 Beit Hakerem

Intersection Hertzl and HeHalutz Jerusalem B&W In Sepia

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_6885 2013

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_6990

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_6941

Snow In Jerusalem DSCN3191

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_6986 Bet Hakerem

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_6891 Jerusalem Light Rail

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_6903 (From My Balcony)

Blind Man In Snow With Dog DSC_6834 Jerusalem

Snow In Jerusalem DSC_6957 Bet Hakerem and HeHalutz

Pug DSC_6912 Jerusalem



Jerusalem Marathon 2013 DSCN3207

Hispanic Girl ca. 1997

Girl In Black Sheet No. 2 ca. 1997

Samara Florida circa 1996

Girl In Black Sheet Number 3 ca. 1997

Nati ca. 1997

Explosion off of the Port Side frames 1-4

Apopka Florida Nuimber 1

Jennifer ca 1997

Tenisha 35mm-1

Nadine 1991 frame 17 Twin Rivers NJ

Sea Shell frame 17 Micro

Sea Shell frame 28 Micro

Mattie McCloud Maybin 1991 East Windsor NJ

Spanish Girl On Centre Street Trenton N.J. 1991

Rabbi's Daughter 1991 Twin Rivers NJ

Moss Glen Falls Vermont

Debbi Kurrin Orlando 1993; Drugs and Prostitution Folder

Jennifer 1997; Drugs And Prostitution Folder

Lisa In My Blanket 1997, In Prostitution And Drugs Folder

Solitary Tree Self Portrait 1991 Monmouth County NJ

Assumpink Lake 1991-1992

New York City Lilbrary 1991 frame 36

Winter Day At Assunpink Lake 1991 (negative scan)

Motel On Highway 1 Florida circa 1996

Princeton Campus At Dawn 1992 (negative scan replaces scan of 8x10 print)

Latasha; Liberty City Miami ca. 1995

Maria Jose' From Brazil 1997 frame 33 (negative scan)

Lynn Stewart, Street Name "Tracy" ca 2000

Nude On the Beach -frame 33 1997

Leah ca 1996 Key West Florida

Couple At The Beach frame 22 1997

National Cemetery -New Jersey about 1992

Kids Living In Their Van -Rural Georgia 1997

Trout Fishing -Northern New Mexico 1998

Lisa Frame 26 Florida 1997

Princeton University Dorm 1991

"You Need A Loft" Princeton University Campus 1991

Untitled Miami 1997

Taco Bell Great Taste Ahead; 1998 Texas

Nude frame 5 1997 Florida

Rebitzin Mimi ca. 2007

New Jersey Woods 1991 # 7

New Jersey Woods 1991 # 9

New Jersey Woods 1991 #21

New Jersey Woods 1991 #1

Maria Jose and Husband Miami 1997

Peter In Front Of Philadelphia Art Museum 1958

Ossie 1998

Dorothy From North Broadway, Wichita ca. 2000

Wushu Gang From Clevland Ohio -scanned negative replaces scanned print previously posted

Michael and Ginger on Market Street 2003 -negative scan replaces print scan previously posted

Keren #5892-11

Keren #5892-8

Saint Meinrad Archabbey 1996 or 1997 Indiana

West Virginia 1996-1997

Robeson Gallery Rutgers University Newark N.J. 1992 52 Pieces

Napels Florida 1998-99

River Festival Wichita ca 2001

"Malia" - Florida 1997

"Habitat For Humanity" ca 2002 Wichita Ks.

Boys At 21st and Waco Wichita ca. 2000

North Waco Street, Wichita

Shirley 21st street Wichita frame 7 circa 2000

Big Sister 1936-2002

Twins 1996

Cierra frame 3 -Milan, Ks 2002

MB and Roxanne 2000

Rosita gnPene. Pembrook Pines, Florida 1997

City Hall Hollywood, Florida 1998

Our Babe taken 1991. Burial Ground since 1692 -abandoned

New Jersey Woods DSC_7138

New Jersey Woods 1991

Covered Bridge Illinois 1993

Train Station Wichita, Kansas ca. ?

Misila -Mental Home Asbury Park NJ frame 7 -1993

Misila -Mental Home Asbury Park NJ frame 8 -1993

Mental Home Asbury Park NJ frame 6 -1993

Mental Home Asbury Park NJ frame 11 -1993

Mental Home Asbury Park NJ frame 18 -1993

Mental Home Asbury Park NJ frame 21 -1993

Mental Home Asbury Park NJ frame 9 -1993

Latasha 1997 Liberty City Miami Florida

Prostitution and Drugs Asbury Park, NJ #9 Year 1993

Prostitution and Drugs Asbury Park, NJ frame 7 Year 1993

Leah 1997

April Grand daughter, with me 1992

April 1992

Grandson 1992

Alexus. April's Daughter. My Great Granddaughter 2013

Golf Course circa 1992

April 2013

Jessica Grand Dalughter 2013

Show, Gallery Miami, Floirda 1997

Fort Lauderdale International Airport (and my wife) circa 1996

Princeton Campus DSC_7129 Year 2013

Grave of Ann Rutledge 1994

In Memory of Santi frame 36a 1992

Tenisha #5

Tenisha #6

April 8th Birthday 1992

Mary Alice In Early Stage Alzheimer's -1994

Cousin's Club 2002

New Jersey Woods -Running Brook- frame 20 Year 1991

New Jersey Woods Hunter Year 1991

Year 1991-1992 Do not recall where

Asbury Park NJ Outside the Stone Pony -Year 1994

Our Babe

Teresa Smoking in Bathroom

Teresa By The Window With Crack Pipe frame 24

Teresa Smoking Crack In Bed Frame 22 Year 2001

Jolene (street name Niki) frame 1a Year 2001

Jolene Nicole 2001 frame 5918-6 Year 2001 (negative scan replaces flatbed) print scan previously...

Jolene (Street Name Nicki) frame 0635-11 squared Year 2001

Untitled Miami Beach 1997

Nelia 2001 frame 4907-1 warm tone (negative scan replaces print scan previosly posted)

New Jersey Woods White Birch -Year 1991

Teresa Smoking Crack In Bed Frame 23, Year 2001

Teresa Smoking Crack In Bed frame 22

Teresa In Van frame 15

Teresa In Van frame 16

Teresa In Shower frame 25

Teresa Smoking Crack In Bed frame 23

Oak Creek Canyon Az Frame 12 Year 1998

Cemetery New Mexico Year 1998

Woman Standing on Her Shoes Frame 12; Austin Texas 1998

Girl on Dixie Highway -Hollywood, Florida 1997

Three Fishermen At Dawn 1991 (negative scan replaces flatbed print scan)

Girl Who Works North Broadway Frame 36 Year 2001

Friend University 1928 Wichita circa 2000

Effy 2012

Fred circa 2000 Wichita, Ks

Kay; 50th High School Class Reunion Year 1997

Twins 1998 Hollywood Beach, Florida

Lady With Puppy Best Entry Century II Concert Hall

Catfish Man Tennessee River circa 1996

Restaurant # 1 Pennsylvania DSC_7088

Sue McBride Jackson Road and Orange Blossom Trail Orlando 1994 frame 13

Sue McBride Jackson Road & Orange Blossom Trail 1994 frame 17

DSC_0148 Grandfather And Grandson Jerusalem DSC_0148

Pickup Truck, Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida 1993

Water Plants Florida Everglades 1994 frame 12

Florida Everglades 1994 frame 14

Florida Everglades 1994 frame 19

White Birch 1991 Frame 1

Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, Florida 1993 frame 5

Xmas Time In Orlando Florida Orange Blossom Trail 1993

Starkes Ferry Florida 1993-1994 Frame 24

Orange Blossom Trail Orlando 1993 frame 10

Hollywood Beach 1994 frame 32

Hollywood Beach, Florida 1994 frame 33

Sis Anna Mae Hubbard Age 93 Year 1990 (negative scan replacing print scan previously posted)

Jogger frame 22 Year 2001 Location Kansas

Gwendoln Brown Baker Age 92 Brown's Corner Road 1992 (negative scan replaces flatbed...

594 Broadway Soho NYC frame 16 1992

GWENDOLYN BROWN BAKER age 92 frame 13 Year 1992

South Philidelphia Heat Wave 1993 (negative scan replaces flatbed print scan previously posted)

Bobby Knoop Yankee Stadium 1993 (negative scan replaces flatbed print scan previously posted)

Win Big frame 30 circa 1997 Florida

Girl On Hallendale Beach Blvd -Hallendale, Fl circa 1995

Sheryl Ann Miller From Ohio 1996 Miami (negative scan replaces flatbed scan of print)

Homeless Village Manhattan NYC circa 1992

Fishermen Hollywood Fl ca. 1995

Tennessee 1995

Hillel Cafe Hillel Street Jerusalem DSCF1348

South Street Philadelphia 1994

Hatian Baptism Miami circa 1996

Fashion Model On Fifth Ave NYC circa 1992

Pamela Latimer Kerrin frame 29 Ocoee Fl 1994

Rabbi's Children 1992

Dixie Highway Hollywood Florida 1997 frame 8

Smith & Wesson 38 Caliber Specials and North American "Black Widow" Magnum

Rose Alday On Her 66th Birthday -Mental Home N.J. Year 1992

Chasid On King George Street 1545-28 Year 2007

Jennifer frame 4

Jennifer Frame 36

Jennifer Frame 24

Hispanic Mass New Mexico 1998

South Florida circa 1996

Kansas December 2013 DSCN3648

Juan and Florita -Hollywood Fl 1997 (negative scan replaces print scan)

Kos 1997

Juan and Florita -Hollywood Fl 1997 (negative scan replaces print scan)

Little Girl Playing 1997 (negative scan replaces print scan)

Nati 1997 (negative scan replaces print scan)

Juan on Life Support 1997 (negative scan replaces print scan)

Garry, Vietnam Vet (Negative Scan Replaces Print Scan)

Spruce Tree House -1998 frame 8 I Can Hear the Silence "About 1400 years ago, long before any...

Castro 1997 frame 23(negative scan to replace flatbed scan of print)

Emmerine Jones 1997 Miami

Lynne Stewart circa 2003

Spangles 2003

Untitled Oklahoma 2003

Wine Drunk 1992

Carmilio Marquez 1991

Emmerine Jones 1997 Miami (negative scan replaces previously posted flatbed print scan)

Renee frame 2

Renee frame 10

Renee frame 13

Renee Torso Without Hand frame 7

Renee Torso With Hand frame 8

Nude On The Beach -frame xx 1997

Natalie frame 8 1997 Miami

New Mexico, River and Birds 1998 frame 22 35mm Format

Myrna ca 2000

Natalie mfC frame 3 Miami 1998i

Natalie 35mm frame 30 1998 Miami

Snow in Jerusalem, Beit Hakerem Street DSC_6929

Cemetery in New Mexico 1998

Gabe frame 10 ca 2000

Shannon and Jade Frame 11 ca 2000

Cigar Frame 13 Hollywood Fla 1997

Mayo 1912-2007 ca. 1996

Solitary Tree 1991

Cranbury Station frame 2a 1991-1992

Cemaliye 1932-1988 frame 1 1991 Hightstown NJ.

Cemaliye 1932-1988 frame 2 1991 Hightstown NJ.

Cemaliye 1932-1988 frame 3 1991 Hightstown NJ.

Cemaliye 1932-1988 frame 4 1991 Hightstown NJ.

Texas Cypress 1998

Other Side Of The Island 1992

Untitled ca 1999

Hawks Nest Mountain West Virginia 1999

Tattoo 1538-31 Ben Yehuda Street ca. 2007

Abraham -New Brunswick 2004

Jame "Sparky" Moses frame 26 1991 Hwy 130 NJ

T-Shirt ca. 2001

Ambrose & Errique -1997

Hollywood Beach Florida about 1996

Myjaedah -Wichita 2003

Church of the Little Flower Hollywood Fla ca. 1996

Tamika Bus Station Illinois 2002

Sisters ca 2000

By The Russian Compound 1593-08p 2007

Geula גאולה ca 1992 Origin Iraq

Gallery Soho NYC ca. 1993

Explosion Off Port Side frame 4

Explosion Off Port Side frame 3

Explosion Off Port Side frame 2

Explosion Off Port Side frame 1

Red Carpet Taveren Trenton 1992 frame 5

Ice Cream Man Hollywood Florida 1996

Starks Ferry Florida 1993-1994 frame 26

People On Benches Frame 29 International Center of Photography Avenue of Americas NYC 1992

Renee Frame 12

Rio Chama River New Mexico 1998 frame 5 Medium Format

Storm Coming In DSCN3681

Florida Everglades

Pro Choice Survivors ca 1993

Sophia 8762-frame 22 circa 2007

Debbe Kurrin 1993 Orlando

Cast of Characters Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" Roosevelt N.J. 1990-1991

Fairview Cemetery DSC_7555

Jerusalem 2009 frame 121709021

Family on Train

Malia Torso 1997

Trenton, New Jersey 1991 frame 13

Centre Street frame 34 Trenton, New Jersey 1991

Cart Lady Orlando, Florida 1994


Family of Five #2 Miami, Florida 1997

New Mexico 1998

Stacy ca. 2002

Shalena frame 6 ca. 1997

Who can one shoot? They're all dead already!

"Remember Me"

.357 Sig Through Glass

Myrna frame 4 ca 2000

South of Burrton Ks DSC_7944

North Fork Ninnescah River DSC_7953

No Trespassing, No Hunting DSC_7907

Walk In Hunting Area DSC_7934

"Blue Lives Matter" DSC_7922

WIHA South of Burton, Ks DSC_7932

Sedgwick County Farmland DSC_7905

Cemaliye Hasan Ali Oct 1, 1932 - July 8, 1988

Murdock, Ks DSC_8037

Kingman County Kansas DSC_8053

South Fork Ninnescah River DSC_8027

South Fork Ninniscah River DSC_8019

Untitled 2016 DSC_8024

lynbrook skeet/trap Range DSC_8295

lynbrooke skeet/trap Range DSC_8249

Shooting Range On Parallel Road DSC_8471

Bank Murdock Kansas DSC_8061

Dina DSC_8175

Yildiz 12 Gauge Over-Under

Fountain Green Rd. Reno County Ks DSCN4159

WIH Boundry Rd. Reno County Ks DSCN4146

Sedgwick County Kansas DSC_8492

Friends of NRA DSC_8203

Public Hunting Area, Reno County Ks DSCN4161

On Road to Yoder, Reno County Kansas DSC_8430

"Wobble" Traphouse, Michael Murphy & Sons Shooting Range DSC_8206

Storm Coming In

Eldorado, Kansas DSC_7855

Remington 870 DSC_8548

Dina, First Time Driving DSC_8179

Augusta, Kansas 2016 DSC_8377

No Smoking, No Pets, No Open Carrry of Firearms Wichita Motor Vehicle Tag Office

Yildiz SPZ ME/12 12 Gauge Over-and-Under Shotgun DSC_8640

Yildiz SPZ ME/12 12 Gauge Over-and-Under Shotgun (for those who cannot spend $3000 for...

Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Shooting Range DSC_8267

"Wobble" Traphouse DSC_8207 Michael Murphy & Sons Shooting Range

Hunter Road, Butler County Kansas

Man in Bar Philadelphia 1959

Lucchese Western Boots DSC_8749

Black Cherry Lucchese DSC_8772

Bookstore on Yafo Street Jerusalem -2007

Lisa circa 1998

Beit Hakerem Jerusalem 2015

Drive-In Theater Georgia circa 1996

Boy With Cigar NYC Year 1991 (film scan replaces flat-bed print scan)

circa 1990 Hightston N.J.

Flea Market New Jersey circa 1990

Broadway at 42nd Street NYC 1992

Manhattan Bowery NYC Year 1992

Patti Bradford Boynton Year 1991

Paul, Andy and Joe Year 1991

Springfield Illinois (frame 4) Year 1994

Sangamon County Illinois Year 1993

Arthur and Friend -Mental Care Home Perrineville N.J. Year 1992