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pbJONATHAN CHARLES - photographer and graphic artist/bpI am a photographer in South West England and he Charente region of France. My subject is an exploration of beauty and dream. My work in art photography covers 40 years starting with BW bleak landscapes through abstract nudes, portraits, dance theatre to the added dimension of colour and emphasis on personal experience and subconscious mythology. I have used most kinds of equipment and processing - nowadays mostly digital. pI aim to create pictures which can be appreciated on four levels: the first being an interesting or beautiful subject the second an abstract design the third an emotional connection fourth and the deepest, a link to the hidden shared subconscious that feeds our dreams. A quick glance may not get beyond the first levels but if you spend a little longer looking there is more to see. pMuch of my work explores the ideal relationship between mankind and the natural world and female nudes feature especially, partly because they have intrinsic beauty and power and often for the symbolism of the human in a totally natural state as an observer or participant in a landscape. There have been many complaints, especially on another site PhotoSIG that the figures are too small / dark / indistinct but these miss the point - that they are not meant to be glamour shots and it is not necessary to see all the details to appreciate the situation pictured.pI am always improvising, trying to learn from the images and people's reactions to them. pb I am now mainly posting to a href""my gallery on Flickr/a as the changes on critique forum caused a dramatic fall in responses to my photos and I do not have the time to maintain both galleries properly. I still join in the interesting forum discussions here. /b I have a a href"" blog/a which I use to give the story behind my images or series, old and new. Comments and contributions to that are very welcome. p Some 8 of my photos have been published in "a href"" targetblankOUTDOOR LIGHTING: Nudes/a" by Kathy Joseph with detailed explanations of the techniques used. Another a href"" targetblankphoto, of Caroline/a, has been published as the front cover of a a href"" targetblankbook/a on drama. My photo "a href"" targetblankArrival at the desert shore/a" was chosen by Ken Ichiro Sato for the opening installation of the a href"" targetblankRochester Outdoor Museum of Art/a, now evolved into a href"" targetblankBig Picture Rochester /a. Others have been selected for exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society UK. pMuch of my pictorial photography is based in the St.Austell Bay area of Cornwall, South West England, and near Gourvillette, Charente Maritime, France,and can be seen in the folders of this gallery as well as other regional sites. p p I am grateful for any comments or criticisms of my photos about both the technical aspects and your response to the image as a whole and the idea behind it. p

Country: UK


Portraits & studio photos

Interior landscapes

Outdoor fashion / beauty

Bermuda landscapes

Autour de Gourvillette

Landscapes with People

Landscapes of the mind

Outdoor portraits & nudes 1970-73


Eve-6 (colour)

Jump - unconsciously graceful movement

Grass flow

Rattle Street in winter (where I live)

First light - calm see just before dawn

Gig race day - a local sport using traditional pilot boats

Misty beach - the sun breaks through a late morning mist at low tide.

Fin stone - seems like a huge fish surging through a sea of rocks.

Harriet by candlelight (trichrome portrait)

Andrea-1 (colour portrait)

Kate with turban

Andrea 2 (portrait)

Desolate beach

Mooring ropes

New Forest trees

Outside / inside (Harriet's Cottage)


Mud & mist (& lugworms)

Thames estuary

Peter & Guy

Red dress


Window (of ruined church)

Teen holiday (where's the party)


Blue fruit bowl

Grass field + tree

Guy at sea

Muse - a portrait, of a person and a time.

Tree path

Awaiting the sun


Tree God

Olivia (B&W)

Clifton Bridge

Burnett field

Feet in the clouds

Beach walk

Unfolding landscape

Before Dawn

Swans in Winter

Back, lit



Arriving at the desert shore



Winter light, south west England

Flora's new dress


Near & Far

White shawl, tied (B&W)

Annabel at Gorran Haven

Life mimics ... life


Artefact and nature

Running wild

Tree diva

First on the beach


Beach buoys

Baloney bench

Beyond Vault

Boatyard at night

Chute Lane

Distant view

Eden Project

Green lake

Jetsam (after a storm)

Lobster pots

Massive rock

Moored Boats

Mooring rings, harbour wall

Nordic myth

Seagulls and red rocks

Small surf at Little Perhaver

Stone steps

Mermaid Beach, looking south


Hemp jewellery series: Red orange yellow 1 (Susie)

Hemp jewellery series: Shell (Janine)

Hemp jewellery series: Cerise 1 (Janine)

Hemp jewellery series: Rainbow (Vicky)

Trees on the edge of Dartmoor

Moorland Sheep

Picnic on the Cherwell '74

Becca & Mark

Becca, foreground

South coastline

Warwick Long Beach, looking east

Admiralty Bay-1

Before the crowd

Woven forrest

Enchanted forrest (C)

Moorland light

Eloise appreciates Guy's song

Fishing nets, Mevagissey

Evening sunlight


Juliet in pink

Morning sun

Still Life - lemon bowl

Spiral stair

Caroline, growing up

Winter afternoon mist


Caroline - long hair

Sun dew

Autumn leaves

Tree horse - alpaca fashion (model: Annabel)

Winter trees

Annabel with the alpacas


Approach to Gourvillette

On the Road to Gourvillette

Yellow silk on a Greek island

Gourvillette - the fortified church viewed from SSW


Pool light

Mangroves at Hungry Bay

Mangroves at Hungry Bay - 2 worlds

Burnett Wood

M Knole Park 71

Jenny by moonlight

L'air de la campagne

Collecting Xmas decorations