Keith Anderson

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I hail from a small coastal town in central California, USA. I have a wife, a 7 month old son, a cat, and a really cool dog. I am a biologist working for a large biotechnology company in the silicon valley. In addition to enjoying photography, I also keep fresh and saltwater fish and corals, I am an audiophile, I compete (and often win) in agility trials with my dog, I enjoy walks on the beach or hikes in the hills surrounding the town where I live, and most of all I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I find myself rotating my equipment pretty routinely these days, but at the moment I'm shooting with a Hasselblad V series MF SLR with a 50mm, 80mm, or 180mm Zeiss lens. I'm starting to shoot a lot more with my 35mm rangefinder, a Contax G1. I'm trying to divest most of my film 35mm SLR equipment so I can stick with just a single body and modest assortment of manual focus lenses. I also shoot with a digital SLR although I tend to prefer film much more. I also enjoy the process of slower setup with the Hasselblad as it predisposes me to a more thoughtful composition and I find I prefer the results much more than with digital, where I find myself snapping hundreds of shots indiscriminately and usually end up with fewer quality photos than I do if I shoot 12 shots on a single roll of 120. I'm contemplating a 4x5 LF camera and a Fuji GA645ZI rangefinder.