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I am based in London, England and have been involved with travel, urban and environmental photography for over 20 years. My work has been published in UK's The Independent on Sunday newspaper, The National Geographic Magazine, Insight and Fodor travel guides, trade publications and academic and technical journals. I have an MPhil in physical geography and am a FRGS and FRMetS. My website ( went live in May 2006. After many years of involvement in travel, academic and reportage photography and concentrating mainly on stock work and commissions, I decided it was time to make use of the domain name that I had registered years before. I have accumulated over 20,000 transparencies taken over 25 years. I started using digital cameras in 2001 and went 'almost-fully digital' in 2004. By late 2005, I had amassed over half a terabyte of RAW, TIF and JPEG digital images and scanned transparencies. See also My aim for my website is to obviously publicise my work but I also intend to introduce print sales at a later date. As the site grows, I will post a series of technical articles which I have written and adapted for use on the web. The first of these will concentrate on digital SLR exposure and work flow, advice on equipment, archiving and storage. I will also be trying to convince people that they should not throw away their film SLRs just yet! I still like to use 35mm and 120 film equipment for my own use (Canon and Mamiya) but unfortunately, agencies only seem to want digital now. I still do some lecturing in London but am increasingly making all my income again from photography and in 2008 hope to set up a new company in London with my partner, Sara, who is a designer. Gary White, London Travel, Urban & Environmental Photography. EOS 1N RS, 3, 1V; 400D, 5D & 1D mk2; 15, 20, 35 f1.4L, 50, 85, 100, 135 f2.0L, 200 f2.8L primes, 17-40L, 24-105L, 28-135 IS, 70-200 f4.0L, EF-S 17-85IS + Sigma 8mm, 18-55 EX DC, 75-300 DG, 12-24 EX DG & 24-70 f2.8 EX DG and macro lenses.


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One of my travel favourites. It's great to have people to pose for you. This shot 'sold and sold' and was taken nearly 20 years ago. I often wonder what these theatrical girls (women!) are doing now.

Rozenhoedkaai (quayside) and Belfry from Braambergstraat, near Markt, central Bruges, Belgium. Bruges a fantastically photogenic visit - not to be missed if you visit northern Europe.