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Hi dear viewers! My name is Mohammad Naseer Fedaee.I was born in District of Parwan - Afghanistan in 1991. In 1997 due to the war in the country my family left Afghanistan and moved to Quetta - Pakistan becouse of the Taliban regime.I lived in Pakistan for twelve years(1997 to 2009). In Pakistan i studied till 12th grade and i come back to Afghanistan in 2009. I love photography,I started photography when i was fourteen,The first camera,with which i started photography was "Olympuse C2020Z" which was gifted by my elder brother.Then in 2006 i bought another camera of Canon company "Canon EOS 20D",I 2008 i bought another camera " Canon EOS 50D" and in 2009 when i came to Afghanistan i bought "Olympuse C-2100UZ" and i used: Canon EOS 30D,Nikon D70,Olympuse E-500. When ever i go i have a camera with my self,I really love to catch every beautiful scene of Portraits,Nature,Macro,..through my camera. Thanks for kind visits... Best wishes.. Naseer Fedaee free counters

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Seen tired then yersterday...

seen so tired of life...

The reality

Malaspa Vallege..

Malaspa Vallege,..

The sea of Panshir Province,..

Panshir Province

Eyes which waiting for a better tomarrow

Old Woman


An Afghan Worker


Carpet Seller

Smile Of Old Darwesh



Deeply Look..

Afghan Girl


Took this portrait about 4 years ago,this days i come back to home (I come back from Kabul to...

Hopeful Look


The Hopeful eye

Afghan Girl with her cultural dress

Afghan child and study

A Look

Angry Face..

Golden Hair,