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I live in rural PA with my husband, cat, dogs, goats, and chickens. I am trying to convince him that i need a horse and donkey, so far though, he has only agreed to the goats. =) I have been interested in photography for as long as i can remember, but i really fell in love with it in High School. Applied Arts, to be exact. I started to use it to be a better painter, but decided that I really just liked photography and developing my own photos. Though I don't have a darkroom yet, I will. My husband bought me my first "real" camera for Christmas in 2005. Since then I have added 2 digital cameras to my collection and hope to add a digital SLR as well. I am really very amature as you can see by my photos...i have lots to learn! In general I will take pictures of anything that i find interesting and inspiring. I have many photos of flowers... and of course my animals. Some are simple snap shots, but others, I am really proud of. those are the ones posted here. Thank you for viewing!


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chick-a-dee looking

Dinner Time

Tiger in Repose