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I have been taking photos all my life. My Dad and his father both enjoy photography, so I grew up in a house where whenever we went anywhere, my Dad always had a camera, and if my grandpa was along, he would have one, too. We used to go over to my grandparents and they would compare pictures that they took. That was with film, now they both use digital. Now my Grandpa comes to my Dad's house and they watch the digital pictures on the TV. Even with the difference in technology it is still like old times to see my Dad get out his camera and spend time focusing just right to get the perfect shot. He always tries to get unusual shots by taking a different angle to everyday things. He can make a picture of marigolds look amazing if he works at it. My favorite subjects are flowers, animals, and travel/architecture, and I'm probably interested mostly in those subjects because that's the kind of pictures my dad always takes.


Single Photos

New Mexico

Saint Louis


Animals & Insects

Flower Drops Series



At the Top of the World. From the top of Sandia Peak, Albuquerque, New Mexico; watching the tram go back down the mountain.

The St. Louis Arch on a Cloudy Day

Saint Louis

A Place of Death, Now a Place of Peace

Rose Drops

Rose Drops 2

Rose 2

The St. Louis Arch

Ant on Flower

Iris Drops

Purple Iris 2

White Tulip Petal Drops

Through the Leaf

On a Vine

Bee in Motion (Flower is a Rose of Sharon)

Two Wasps and a Nest

Rainforest Blossom

Deadly But Beautiful

Kokopelli's Dwelling

Desert Blossom

Slit Rock Canyon in New Mexico

Iris In Bloom

Japanese Fountain