Ford Kristo

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Ford Kristo Foto


FordKristoFoto 01

FKristo SB Budderoo Nat Pk16

Black Swan Landing

Scribbly Gum despairs in the moonlight

_FLK2322 as Smart Object-2 c 1000px

Bushfire - the new language of climate change

Bushfire_Whirlwind 01

Red-Bellied Blacksnake

White-faced Heron fishing

One earth too many. The possum as an electrical conductor.

Apocalypse - Work in Progress

Dragonflies mating


Rainforest - an evening stroll

Moonlight on the bay

White-bellied Sea Eagle immature

Sunrise over Lake Windamere

Enduring the downpour

Intertidal Moon

Like Shags on a Rock

Little Corella

Heat haze

Wombat Berry after rain

Welcome Swallow

Azure Kingfisher

Azure Kingfisher fishing

Eastern Pygmy-possum Kodachrome 64 scan

Boobook chick

Wedge-tailed Eagle at sunset

Eastern Pygmy-possum on Banksia serrata

Red Kangaroo at dawn

Mas Que Nada in the Big Smoke

Pelican feeding

Waterfall rainbow

Nature Invents the Cure for Mid-life Crisis

Waves within waves

Kangaroo Valley - Above and below the fog

Basalt sur mer

Moonrise at Robbo

Australian Christmas Tree

I love the smell of Jet A1 in the afternoon

I love the smell of Jet A1 in the afternoon (2)

Damselfly in a summer rain storm

The Voyeur and his little mate

Flying Shag

Brahminy Kite with no strings

Moonrise, Kiama

Kid Throsby

The Frog as a Tourist

Kangaroo Valley Breakfast

Rooting in the Cemetery - Trees Know No Shame

The Camel



Sulphur-crested Cockatoo antics

Christmas Beetle winging it

Old Mate Bathes in the Moonlight

Perons Treefrog


Taronga 002

KV afternoon

Black Duck on the skids

Corellas drinking

Minus 3 degrees in the frost hollow

Hardhead landing

Black Duck in flight

Crested Tern taking off

Rosella blowing its trumpet

Osprey fission

Tern fishing

Where's Wally?

Brahminy diving out of the sun

Silvereye in the bottlebrush

Footsoldiers of ignorance

Catch of the Day

Elemental logistics


Flying Fox


Big ears

Botany Bay Weevil

Intercontinental Ballistic Frog

Another Fruitbat





Flying Flying Fox

Monitoring a monitor


Hindmarsh Ridge

The Bay


Apricot Thief

Mandarin Thief

Wedge-tailed Eagle snaffles a chook from the front yard

Hindmarsh Fog

Sistas doin' it

Water Dragon


Eastern Osprey