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About myself:

Originating from the northern part of Germany I grew up with a camera in my hands, which doesn't neccessarily mean that I always took great photos ;-)

Since small, travel and shooting photos was always a major past-time activity in our family. Later, when my job gave me the opportunity to live in Africa, Australia and Asia for many years, I tried not to miss a moment to take a photo of the ordinary and unusual as a visual diary - until today. I like to venture into new areas to experiment and I appreciate any feedback. Photonet is giving me lots of fun, opportunity to sharpen eyes and mind - and most important, to make new friends.

Thanks to all who leave some useful comments to my photos.

Since a few years back I have been designing pinhole cameras and I am trying to make durable ones which survive many coming generations of "must-have" digital gadgets. Many of the images I have uploaded can be found in flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/lochkamera/ My pinhole camera accessories known as "Skink Pinhole Pancake" can be found here: http://skinkpinhole.com

Country: DE


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"Pavillion" - roof details of a pavillion dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy in South China.

"Bamboo" - Bambusa textilis in South China, Pearl River Delta. Photo taken during sunset. White frosty surface on the plant reflecting the light.

"Silent Screams I" - a tropical landscape covered with a blanket of climbing plants. Malaysia, Western Peninsula - Revised

"Embrace" - a group of Chinese Watercypress arranged in a half-circle.

"Jetsamed" - 500 shell portraits, jetsamed at the beach. Photoshop montage.

"Going Up" - one is going up on elevator going down. Shopping Center in Guangzhou, South China.

"Childhood Days" - boy drawing lines in the sand in front of a weathered wall. Malaysia, Western Peninsula.

"A Man and his Ship" - the river-barge was passing by with incredible speed, traveling the Pearl River.

"Light Dishes" - Leaves of the Giant Waterlilly - Victoria regia. Lake in Guangdong Province, South China.

"Giant Waterlilly" - Victoria regia which is about to bloom in a lake in South China, Guangdong Province.

"Crossing" - small ferry crossing the Pearl River in the evening. For a few cent the boat will take you to the other side of the river. It saves you time, because the next bridge is a five minutes walk from here.

"Silent Screams II" - a tropical landscape covered with a blanket of climbing plants. Sky replaced in Photoshop.

"Koi Fish II"

"At the Sea-Side" - on a quiet evening mother and child come down to the beach and as every day sit down at one of the boats, patiently waiting. On the horizon there are several fishing boats slowly approaching the coast.

"The Ice-cube Factory" - It's going to be another hot day. Colors just after sunrise at the old ice-cube factory.

"Lotus Dial - 360ยบ" - the plant in its different stages resembling the cycle of life.

"The Green-House" - house in the green wilderness of Malaysia..

"Quiet Night" - view from inside a shop to the street.

"Bird Wall" - There is this old movie by Alfred Hitchcock, called "Birds"... The crows on top of this roof are impatiently hopping around, accompanied by their unpleasant nervous voices, waiting for the onset of night.

"Siesta Time"

"The Monk" in a buddhist temple in Malaysia.

"In the Liquor Store" - What was interesting about this store was the antique feeling and faint lighting which sneaked through the entrance door, casting a highlight on the lady. I decided not to use flash to preserve the original mood and prevent reflection from the cabinett doors.

"Bubbles in Wet Cracks II" - (Remaining Daylight Photograph) - cracks in dried soil slowly dissolving in the water. Algae producing bubble effect.

"Leaf in the Sunshine" - a leaf photographed under bright mid-day sunlight with shallow DOF.

"Water Buffalos III" - buffalos taking bath in the Pearl River, South China.

"Water-Fun" - Children having a swim in the Pearl River, South China.

"Translucent Lotus" - only against bright sunlight you can see the veins in a lotus leaf. In this photo I used the leaf to partly cover the flower to provide some soft light next to strong contrasts.

"Lightning Bolt" - a lightning-bolt-shaped canal going through a rice field. Guangdong Province, South China.

"Stairs through the Mountain" - South China, Guangdong Province.

"Forgotten Pond" - pond in quarry landscape in South China, Guangdong Province

"Riverboat" - only a puff of steam is telling you that the boat is about to leave, because the sound of the forest is louder than the engine. -- Photo taken during sunset in remaining daylight with the help of a tripod and some luck. Considering use of tele and long exposure time, there was not enough movement to blur the picture. Subsequent photos didn't show the same mood - the warm light had gone already.

"Hands" - the boat is heavy. It takes the coordinated effort of six hands to pull it out of the sea. - (slightly revised version, less cropping top and bottom)

"Sandals" - choose your color / colour

"Yellow River" - Henan Province, China

"Hanoi Village" - small village in spring time. Hanoi, Vietnam

"Offerings" - village people with offerings at a shrine. Outside Hanoi, Vietnam.

"Boats in Green Water" - two boats in shallow green water during low tide.

"Wilson Promontory Beach" - early evening beach landscape in Victoria, Australia

"Green Baskets II" - Stepping out of her green kitchen, this energetic lady is rushing to deliver green banana-leaf wrapped parcels with "Nasi Lemak", a rice dish with a boiled egg, vegetable and hot spices.

"Challenge" small boat returning to the shore. (Photoshop Montage)

"Pink Ocean I" - the sun has set already, but the play of clouds in the sky are not yet calling it a day, having a surprise in store by projecting a short replay onto the surface of the sea. (6 seconds)

"Pink Ocean II" - the sun has set already, but the play of clouds in the sky are not yet calling it a day, having a surprise in store by projecting a short replay onto the surface of the sea. ( 3 seconds)

"Forest Lake" - a small lake in a quiet mountain forest near one of the most densely populated areas in South China.

"Red Steps" - there were days when people went up and down these steps.

"Seascape" rocks in the sea during late sunset.

"Driftwood" - the sea is rough, a piece of wood appears on the beach, changing its position with every wave.

"Recalling Old Times" - two old villagers are meeting each other, enjoying a long chat before returning to their homes.

"Pigeons on the Roof"

"Wet Rock" - a trickle of water is flowing over a rock in a forest - providing enough moisture for green moss to grow during these dry autumn days of South China.

"Yellow Hair"

"Dreaming Ocean"

"Place in the Shade"

"Evening Catch"


"Wet Shadows" - waves brushing light over the shadows casted by the tree branch.


"Twilight Showers" - (Night Photo) - after sunset the spray of a wave is catching the last light of the day.

"Nightly Ocean" - (Night Vision) - the arriving diffuse illumination of the night-sky is competing with the last rays of daylight.

"Marching in the Rain"

"Marching in the Rain II"

"Frozen Grassland"

"Foggy Snow" - Bavaria, Germany

"Winter Morning"

"Suns in the Shade" - photograph of sunflowers in a summer evening.

"Train Crossing"

"The Lion and the Pigeon"

"In the Green"

"The Leaf" - (please view large) original is in A2 poster-size

"The Snail House"

"Open Sky"

"Home Alone" - the other dogs are playing outside, this one is not sure whether to join them or not.

"Edge of the Forest"

"New Year in Venice" - The dawn of 1981

"A Soup for the Road"

"The Soup Kitchen"

"End of Summer" - Bavaria, Germany

"Rythms of Green" - photographs of leaves combined

"Roots and Water"

"Red Island"

"The Last Ferry"

"The Locomotive"

"Sampan" - small boat on the Pearl River

"Traditional Pharmacy"

"Hong Kong Island at Christmas II"

"Reaching Out" - roots of a huge tree are spreading towards the water

"Black Swans"

"Future Neighbours" - Old meets New

"Purple Waterlilly"

"Red Rock"


"Leaves on Brown Background" - a multiexposure photograph (scanned)- as print six feet high @150 dpi

"Birdnest Fern"


"Under the Bamboo" - digital photomontage

"Bridge of the Pearl River"


"Medusa" - Leptis Magna

"Separate Moves"

"Golden Horizon" - a small fishing boat is slowly moving along the horizon during sunset.

"In Calm Waters" - boat at a quiet anchor-place during a windless night.

"Disguised" - Infrared, digitally stiched panorama. - Minutes before the arrival of a tropical thunderstorm at a river in Malaysia.

"Cloudy Forest I"

"Cloudy Forest II" - mountains near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia<p< rays of sunlight are about to make a last appearance on this May autumn day, highlighting the trees where low clouds are competing with the rising fog.

"Cloudy Forest III" - mountains near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia<p< rays of sunlight are about to make a last appearance on this May autumn day, highlighting the trees where low clouds are competing with the rising fog. - This is the third one of a series of shots I took at the same location.

"Flames and the Forest" - Victoria, Australia<p< sunlight is breaking through the clouds, touching the trees for a few seconds before the start of the rain.

"Sorento Boats" - Sorento, Victoria, Australia - An unexpected weather change is bringing along beautiful light during sunset.

"The Pier" - panoramic photograph taken in Sorento, Victoria, Australia

"Below the Stairs" photograph taken near Flinders, Victoria, Australia

"Koi 1" - photo-based very large painting of hungry Koi fish.

"Fire Clouds" - winterly sunset near Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia<p<

"Moonrise" - grass on a cliff near Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"Speer Fishers" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu, Korolevu

"Octopus Fishing I" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu, Korolevu. - after a long wrestle in knee-deep water an old woman is bringing home her catch.

"Foggy Morning" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu, Nasigatoka. - as the sun is rising, the cloud blanket covering this mountain village quickly disappears.

"Speer Fishers II" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu, Korolevu

"The Ride" - a lonely bicycle on a country road in Inner Mongolia, China

"Water Buffaloes I" - Soutch China, Pearl River. After a hot summer day the buffuloes are sent to the river for a bath.

"Hermit Crab" - a crab's eye perspective on another crab and the coast. Pangkor Island, Malaysia<p< (resubmit)

"Koi Fish I" - it's feeding time for the hungry Koi in a park in South China.

"The Bamboo Raft" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu, Komave

"The Pine" - infrared photograph taken in Melbourne, Australia

"Edge of the Cliff" - infrared photo - Melbourne, Australia - this grass-covered cliff was illuminated with the light of the setting sun when photograph was taken.

"The Townhouse" - wide angle infrared photograph, Melbourne, Australia

"Silent Screams III" - infrared panorama of a landscape in Malaysia

"The Gazebo" - infrared panorama. Photograph taken in Singapore Botanical Garden.

"Deep Water" - infrared panorama of a landscape in Malaysia

"Sugar Cane Train" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu, Lautoka

"Viti Levu Mountains" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu

"Under the Baka Tree" - Fiji Islands, Highlands of Viti Levu

"Path in the Field" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu Highlands

"Nadarivatu Mountains" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu

"The Seagull" - at the beach in Rye, Victoria, Australia

"Tea Time" - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu - ... boiling the water. Photo taken in a mountain village on Viti Levu island.

"Mornington Beachhouses" - infrared panorama - Victoria, Australia

"Highrise" - detail of a highrise building in in South China (resubmitted)

"Highrise II" - detail of a highrise building in South China (resubmit)

"Seaside Terrasse" - remaining daylight photo. Mornington, Victoria, Australia.

"Leaves" - digital montage of leaves photographed against the blue sky (resubmit)

"Abandoned House" - remaining daylight photograph taken in a village in Malaysia, Western Peninsula (resubmit)

"Mushrooms" - used the optics of a scanner to take this photo of a group of mushrooms (resubmit)

"Golden Sand" - beachstrip abstract (resubmit)

"The Operator" - a lady operating the gear on a river barge on the Pearl River in South China. (resubmit)

"Chinese Water Cypress" - photo taken in Guangdong Province, South China. (resubmit)

"Gum Tree Circle" - infrared photograph taken in an Australian landscape.

"The Gum Tree" - Sherbrook Forest, Victoria, Australia

"Field near Flinders" - photo of my blue-toned Van-Dyke watercolor paper print.

"The Skysweeper" - an old tree, regrown in a field in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

"Lost in Time" - infrared photograph - in a field near Frankston, Victoria, Australia

"On the Sideline" - infrared photograph - looking into a field with old gum-trees in Victoria, Australia

"Bamboo at Noon" - infrared photograph - young bamboo grass is shaping itself around old stones. infrared was choosen to catch the radiating light emitted from the plants.

"Chain of Cane" - an old sugar-cane-train is creeping forward, slowed down by its heavy load. - Fiji Islands, Viti Levu, Lautoka

"Bending Over" - the OLD bending over, protecting the YOUNG ... in a village in Malaysia, Western Peninsula

"Bamboo" - this is a photograph of my actual Van Dyke print made on Hahnemuehle watercolor paper, handcolored with pigmented watercolor.

"Westerfolds Park Gum Trees" - Melbourne Australia Nature in Australia is fascinating, especially the trees which show that they have been exposed to the elements, even in urban areas.

"Wave Pattern" - an old piece of driftwood is washed ashore. Photograph was taken just after sunset in Malaysia, Western Peninsula.

"Rocky Field" - infrared panorama photograph of a landscape in South Australia

"Highland Pony" - infrared photograph taken in early morning. Victoria, Australia

"Breeze" - infrared photograph. Taken in Portland, Victoria, Australia

"Exposed to the Elements" - Bavaria, Germany

"Teatree on the Rocks" - South Australia

"Forgotten Forest" - Victoria, Australia - submerged for decades in an artificial lake, a forest reappeares during an extended period of draught.

"Castle Hohenfreyberg Ruins" Bavaria, Germany

"silent witness" - windows which have been bypassed by time, yet seen everything ...

"The 3rd Rock" - at "The Granites" in Victoria, Australia

"Sunset Fog" - digitally stiched panorama, Bavaria, Germany

"River Willows" - willows and paddle steamer. Murray River, South Australia.

"Yasawa Lagoon" - one of the lagoons of the Yasawa Group, Fiji Islands

"The Brickoven" - in a landscape in Victoria, Australia

"Portsea Landing Point" - a beach with some history. Victoria, Australia

Nasigatoka Fog - late afternoon fog in the highlands of Nasigatoka, Fiji Islands

The Deerwatch - a lookout in the fields in Bavaria, Germany.

Rooftop - on the roof of a shopping-mall in Melbourne, Australia

"Tales of the River" - .... reading under the tree at the banks of a River in Viti Levu, Fiji Islands

"In Tidal Waters" - infrared panoramic photograph, Melaka Malaysia

"submerged" - rocks in the sea, late afternoon, Malaysia, Western Peninsula

"the walk" - yearly walk on the 15th of the lunar new year. <p<infrared photograph, Melaka, Malaysia.

"Along the Fences" - infrared photo taken in Bavaria, Germany.

"Waterworld", there is a whole fleet of abandoned ships at the shore. Here I have shot one of them as a panoramic photograph (digitally stiched). Malaysia, Western Peninsula.

"Hidden Secret" - unfortunately I forgot the name of the fruit. I used several torchlights as studio-setup for this small lantern.

"the ferntree" - infrared digital photograph toned in Photoshop.