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Computer network engineer by trade in financial industry. Father was into photography and I got into it young. My first 35mm was an old Kodak 35 (manual everything including focus by scale). First SLR was the Canon ftb, later AE-1, T-70. Had collected cameras when I was young (had a collection of over 800). Got out of 35mm for quite a few years because of cost. First digital was an Olympus Ultra-zoom C700. Liked the picture quality, but was horribly slow with shutter lag so I only used it for snapshots. My wife convinced me to get back into it (as she knew how much I enjoyed it) and we bought a Canon Rebel XT. My wife got into it - I got her a Canon S3 IS, but she wants to upgrade to a DSLR now also. We bought a used Canon 20D so I gave her my Rebel XT and I have the 20D. My son (9 years old) now has the Powershot S3. Found out about lens adapter on ebay and have a collection of lenses in M42, Nikon and Olympus OM mount that I use with my XT. Have 2 daughters (12/2002 and 12/2005) and a son 12/1998. Son is now into photography and has my wife's Powershot S3. Just upgraded my wife to the XTi (she likes small and lightweight).


Single Photos


Night time photo of a memorial at Forest Park (botanical garden and zoo) in Springfield, MA

My older daughter in downtown Boston on a rainy day.

My middle daughter portrait

Color on a rainy day in Boston

Victorian dressed beauty at Green Animals Topiary in Portsmouth, RI. My wife and I were site seeing and there was a group of people visiting the gardens after an event - all were dressed in Victorian period garb. I saw her at the shrubs and thought the shrubs expressed her shape.

Seagull Pose - Castle Hill in Truro, MA on Cape Cod

Castle Hill - Truro, MA on Cape Cod

Castle Hill - Truro, MA on Cape Cod

White Carnation Remembrance for a Loved One. Seen at a cemetary

Tiger's Eye Those are his whiskers - very long.

Portrait of My Older Daughter

Macro at f1.4 Handheld. GAF 55mm f1.4 Pentax M42 Screwmount lens (Tomioka made) with extension tubes - wide open.

You can take my color away, but not my beauty...

Salem, MA harbor - Forth of July 2008 - Friendship of Salem boat in foreground

Nantasket Beach Carousel - luckily not fading, but being restored!

Nantasket Beach Carousel Luckily - it is actually being restored!

Rare White Lion Yawn - Capron Park Zoo - Attleboro, Massachusetts

Wharton State Park - Wallingford, Connecticut Fall Foliage Colors reflecting on the water

My Daughter Portrait

Krohn Conservatory - Cincinnati, Ohio

Niagara Falls, New York Hotel (Seneca Niagara)

Boston Union Wharf 3.JPG

Boston Pavilion Rainbow Lights.JPG

Lenny Zakim Bridge Boston at Night .JPG

Ballteship Cove Sunset Fourth of July 2010

Male Lion Large


Male Lion - Franklin Park Zoo - Boston

My Daughter

Give Peace Stable Ground.JPG

There's Gold at the End of the Rainbow - Gold Hay That is!