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I live in Oernskoeldsvik, northen Sweden (birthplace Nokia, Finland). I started my "photographical career" back in 1974 when I got a Agfa Agfamatic 100 Sensor. I'm selftought in photography. But must confess that, via photomags one learns a lot and of course by looking at other peoples photos. 1986 I bought my first SLR a Canon T80. That camera was a total disappointment so I bought a Canon EOS 650 in May 1987 less than 1 year after the T80. In 1989 I also bought a used Canon EOS 620. At that moment I basically stopped using the 650. So, today over 20 years later that EOS 650 is like a brand new camera. During that EOS period I also wanted to test using cameras from the late 1970s and early 1980s so once I owned a Minolta X-700 and today I still have a Chinon CM-4. Since March 2007 I'm using a Pentax K10D and haven't regreted that I bought that camera for one second. Most of my photos are holiday photos but since I bought the Pentax DSLR my "photographical career" took a new turn. It became so much more interesting. As of November 4th 2010 I also am a user of a Pentax K-5.

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The Substitute

Sky High

Sonkajarvi, Finland 2007

Luukeri, Lappajärvi Finland

Emmi Flying...

Örnsköldsvik Quay area November 2013