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Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80's. My undergraduate degree is from RIT Rochester, NY in Photo Illustration with a minor in Photo Science. As a commercial photographer, I was represented in San Francisco, LA, NY, and Tokyo advertising and stock photography. I am constantly learning new for me techniques and visual modalities from others as digital is pretty new for me. I love seeing how the work of others inspires us all. I am grateful to be part of this vital community.

Country: US


The Nature of Things

Fashion & Product -Table-Top

B&W Prints With Shades of Gray In Between

Portraits And Headshots

Festivals, Follies & Travels

Civil War Photos

Tangled Up in Blue

Sports Afoot

Sikhism in the West - A Documentary

Assorted B&W Uploads

Fine Art Imagery


New Mexico and Southwest

Ghosts & Near Ghosts

Contemplative Photography-

Contemplative Photography - Color Element

Model CJ Sparxx


Contemplative Photography -Simplicity, Space, Texture, Light & Color

Desert Landscapes & Ghost Towns in Infrared

Super Model Katlin Tucker

Autumn Fantasy


Fine Art Nudes


She's Only A Sweet Sixteen!

The Ruins of Fountain Abbey

Yorkshire Dales - Modern Day 18th Century

Elizabethan Period Piece

Friary & Ruins of Bolton Abbey

Iced Winter Berries

Rain Dance

13,000 Ft Dana Peak View

Impending Storm Over Mt Whitney From The Alabama Hills

Giant Desert Saguaro Cactus

Cloud Dance Over Mono Lake

End of The Line?

Redwing Blackbird Amidst Spring Mustard

Magenta Light of Alpenglow on The Fourteeners


Slice of Cycling 1984

Trumpeter Swans - Coastal Mudflats

17th Century Mission Doorway

Donne Dal Mare


Discourse on Quantum Mechanics

Kim For Valentino Garavani

Fashions of A Decade Passed


Prince William Sound

Splash Zone

On The Half

Window & Sky

Eda By North Light

Falls Off Canadice Lake

Frozen Mists

Watkins Glen Falls

Log Jam

Fly By - Dancer Russanne Thompson

Joys of The Top Half of The Cupcake

Shawna - In Royal Creations Swimwear

Any Which Way

Earth, Water & Sky I

Earth, Water & Sky II

Helga Howie Couture in Natural North Light

Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword

Actress - Beth Toussaint

Charlene Backed By Metallic Sheen

Eda For YSL

Karl & Ali - Homesteaders

Actress/Singer - Meg McShane

Valentino Garavani

Jennifer Cooke From Eighties Editorial Shoot

Kim Whittaker - Model

Mark Jaqua - Television News Director

Signy & Galen For Helga Howie Designs

Signy For Helga Howie - Ready to Wear

Actress - Lilian Casares

Antics On a Pedastel

Where Fire Has Been II

All By Myself

Where The Streets Have No Name

Turbulence And Tranquility

Like A Fish Out of Water

Sea of Tranquility

From The Misty Isles

Migrant Farm Camp Kids - Upstate New York

Serenity of Anna - Sodus Point, New York

Innocence of Youth

14th Century - Wells, England

Yasawa Islands, Fiji - Poisonous Lionfish

Coral Coast Sunset

Wild Rainforest Ginger

Peeling of Time

Eyes of The Tigress

Yasawa Islands, Fiji - Stags Head Coral

Sunrise From La Paz

Somewhere Out There

Actress & Model - Gigi Hull

Air Force Nine

Top Model Kim Fitch in Eighties Fashions

Dead Man Walking

Appalachicola Splash

Alien Garden

Street Musician/Political Activist

Helga Howie Fall Collection 1982

Outtake From Cosabella Lingerie Shoot

Petrified Torso

Crucifixion of The Goddess

Nessie In Dry Dock

Six Black Boxes - All in a Row

Decomposing Fungus - Genus Amanita - (muscaria)

Spooky Squash

Ruins of 14th Century Bolton Abbey

Light of The Night

Bug's Eye View

Mother & Child

Image of an Era Passed

Building With A View (View Large)

British Columbia Sunset Reflected

Samuel Mayer

Yorkshire Dales

Water Lily

Ticket Window From An Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theater

Web Work

Wrong Way Left Turn!

October's Last Hurrah

Stylized Image of Monica Bellucci

Toward Bastion Square - Victoria, B.C.

Princess Cerullia on The Home Planet

Peppering in the Marketplace

"Age of The Machine"

Pre-Glam Cam

Eda Holmes - Dancer With San Francisco Ballet

The Land That Time Forgot

The Twins of Gemini

Midsummer Night's Fascination


The Land That Time Forgot - II

Parker kaufmann

The Land That Time Forgot III - (Like a Fish Out of Water)

Dan McGrew - Motorcycle Road Racer

Shattered Dreams

Ashley on Silk

The Deadly Barbed Sunflower - At 50X Magnification

From The Fantail


Urban Camouflage

Icelandic Lava Flows

Bearer of The Light

The Matter of Things

Relics of a Bygone Era

Retro Couture

Water Lily - Pejeng, Bali

Body Scape

Thoroughly Modern Man (1972)!

Broad Street Shopper's - Red Bank, New Jersey 1972

Bustling- Round Rocks, Arizona

Walking Down A Country Lane

Last One Aboard

Into The Canyon - Color Infrared

Stowe-On-The-Wold - Church Detail


Telephone Messaging Exchange- Circa 1972

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Fifth Alabama Infantry

The Fifth Alabama's General Isaac Trimble

Union Army's 2nd Pennsyvlvania Artillery Camp

Confederate 5th Alabama Infantry

Union Army's 2nd Pennsylvania Artillery Command


Model & Actress - Deborah Cirolini

Cathedral Rectory - Wells, Somerset UK

Boyhood Best Friend Ernie

For Her Honor

My Classmates Rick & Mike


Family Farm Early Fall

Covered Bridge- Northern Massachusetts

Bridge of Flowers- Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

White Mountains - New Hampshire

Civil War Wife

Touch The Sky

Reflections of Parliament & Inner Harbor (Reloaded 2015)

Eda For Yves St. Laurent

Deserted Island

Shawna In Royal Creations Swimwear

Fashions For Macy's West

Mindy - Test Shoot - Emporium-Capwell & The Broadway

Fruit-of-The-Loom - Test Shoot

Laura For Paradiso Designs

Woolrich Outake

Old Stowe Town Center at Twilight (View Large)

First Mate

Bustling Main Street in Downtown Ferndale, California

Fashions - Macy's West II

Heavenly Bodies

Eda in Yves Saint Laurent (San Francisco)

Shawna - Poolside After A Swimwear Shoot

Moana For Helga Howie Fall Couture 1986

Calm in The Peloton

Joni Mitchell With "Woodstock"

Joni Mitchell & Husband Larry Klein

Joni Mitchell Live Performance

Joni Mitchell Rare "Live" Performance

Hermes Print Advertising

Estee Lauder News Print Advertising

Anne Klein & Pierre Cardin Duratrans

Julia Pfeifer-Burns State Park

McWey Falls at Julia-Pfeifer-Burns State Park

Salem Town Hall

Mia Camera - In Jessica McClintock Gunne Sax

General Dynamics Shipyard (View Larger)

Mindy Woodside - Elite Models NY

Unretouched Working Contact Sheet For Actress Susan Baldacci

Contessa Maria Beatrice Lucchesi-Palli

"Hand Colored Lingerie"

Flowering Dogwood

16th Century Mission Doorway

Reflections of Wotan's Throne

Sand Castle Dreams

Beauty Queen Scene - Miss California and Her Court

Beach Landed Kelp

Mono Lake From Dana Peak II

Ghost's of the Civil War Marching Out of the 19th Century and Into the 21st.

Perfect Playground

Barry Bonds (Mr Balco) Swats Homerun #721 - Now In Nostalgic B&W

Light on His Feet And Halfway Home

S.S. Sat Dharm Singh and Daughter

S.S. Sat Dharm Singh and His Wife S.S. Sat Dharm Kaur

Kartar Singh Khalsa - Syracuse, NY Ashram

Father & Son

Ragis (Musicians) Performing Kirtan (Devotional Songs) After Dinner Out

Ragis (Musicians) Leading Kirtan (Devotional) Singing

Young Ragis (Musicians) Begin Their Musical Explorations

Ek Ong Kar Singh Khalsa - Rochester, NY

Sat Kaur From The Syracuse, NY Ashram

Sikh Childrens Gurdwara Service

Devi Kaur Khalsa as Granthi (Keeper of the Holy Scriptures)

S.S. Mahatma Kaur Khalsa as Granthi (Keeper of The Holy Scriptures)

Granthi (Keeper of the Sikh Holy Scriptures).

At The Feet of The Guru Granth Sahib (Holy Sikh Scriptures)

Sadh Sangat (Gathering or Congregation) - Rochester, NY, Gurdwara

Fern Canyon- Primeval Remnant

Days Last Light in Cathedral Redwoods

Edge of Destruction

Fern Canyon II - Primeval Remnant

Cinder Cone in Early Morning Light- Lassen Volcanic Park

Swallowtail Admidst The Flora

Lassen Volcanic Park

Is There Anybody Out There? (View Large)

The Lost Art of Reading

Red Tail Hawk (View Large)

Swearing-In of New U.S. Citizens

Country Singer Megan McShane

Jessica McClintock Couture

Wells Choir is Out For Summer

New Roadside Species

Pinto Basin at Joshua Tree N.P.

Fern Canyon III

13th Century Ruins of Haile's Abbey

Glory Days - The Motley Crew

Jessica McClintock Couture

Midsummer Night's Dream II

Vancouver Island Portal

Confederate Army Wives

Paddling Into The Sunset

Maha Atma Singh Khalsa & Bibi Nanki Kaur

Sharing of Prasad (Blessed Food)

SciFi - Final Docking Stage - Altare Seven

Sat Singh Khalsa on the Tablas

Sat Kaur Khalsa & American Sikh Children

Prasad (Blessed Food) Distributed To Sikh Children

Winter Thaw at Christmas

Charlie By North Light

Blue Jean

All Things Red & White on the Bridge of Light

Early New England Cemetery

Fall Seed Pods

Lava Beds At Butte Lake

Remnants of A Violent Past

Threatening Clouds Over Mt. Lassen Volcano

Northern California's Great Central Valley

Flotsam Kelp

Inner Harbour & Parliament - Victoria, Canada

Victoria's Inner Harbour & Fairmont Empress in Holiday Attire

Slight Turn To The Left

William Randolph Hearst's Indoor Pool

Mt Olympus In The Clouds

Fern Canyon - Prairie Creek Redwoods

In Search of The Blue Sky Mine Near Eureka Valley

Hidden Basin Near The Lucky Seven Mine

Eastern Sierra Crest From The Road To Bodie

COPIA - American Center For Food And Wine

There In My Dreams

Happy Spring, Easter, Passover, & Baisakhi Day!

Eureka Dunes - Near Death Valley, CA

Noted New York Photographer - Arnold Newman

Roosevelt Elk Stag With Harem (View Large)

Ms. Moana Diamond

Tina Hittenberger

Bald Eagles Out of The Nest

Humpback Whale Breaching - Stephens Passage, Alaska (View Large)

Humpback Whales Bubble Net Feeding

Taurian Vineyards - Finished Bottle Wine Label

Fishing Boat at Baranof Island Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier

Humpback Whale Pod Bubble Net Feeding

Street Musician/Activist

Sunflower And Visitor

Another Interchange on The Virtual Highway (View Large)

18th Century Village Textile & Leather Goods Store

Pelicans, Treasure Island & San Francisco Skyline at Dawn

Barry Bonds Homerun King* (View Large)

Mendenhall Glacier Melt-Down

Bewitching The Elements

On A Clear Day...(View Large)

P-51 Mustang With F-15 Jet Fighter (View Large)

Fall Foliage- Stowe, Vermont 2006 (View Large)

White Pass-Yukon Railroad

Baranoff Island Near Sitka, Alaska - Young Male Bald Eagles (View Large)

Joshua Tree in Bloom

The Great Salt Lake

Greg LeMond & Alex Stieda Coors Classic

The Legendary East German Cycling Team

Coors Devil's Cup Cycling Race - Mt Diablo Stage

Carson-Iceberg Wilderness

Champagne on Ice

Five-Time Olympic Gold Medalist- Eric Heiden Holds His Own at Nevada City Classic


The Fans

Entrance Sign From an Abandoned Drive-In Movie Theater

Portrait of Diane Burn Eden, ASID

Where Fire Has Been - III

Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji - Chief Sikh Religious Authority in the West (Siri Singh Sahib)

After An Intense Tantric Yoga Kriya - Winter Solstice

Post Tantric Yoga Session - Winter Solstice

Yogi Bhajan Walks With American Sikhs

Eventual Winner Dale Stetina in the Nevada City Classic 1983

Tombs at The Ruins of Bolton Abbey

Hand-Laid Wall - Ruins of Bolton Abbey circa 1323

Village of Bourton-On-The-Water

North Coast Succulents

Early California Bicyclist Cover Shoot - (Pre Color)

1984 Olympic Cycling Team Member - Cindy Olivarri - Subsequently Banned for Steroids

Helga Howie- "Pret é Porte" - Spring 1983

Laura Ashley Designs

Laura Ashley Fashions


High School Camera Club - 1977

Everybody's Warm with Fuzzy - Watkins Glen Rock Festival 1973

Becoming Gold

Jessica McClintock - Couture 1983

Women in Vogue - Digitized

Nice Day For a Black Wedding

Opinel Knife - Product Photo

Gravel Quarry - Wolcott, NY

South Pacific in The Sun

Helga Howie Fall Couture - 1982

Communal Living Experiment Near Sandts Eddy, Delaware River, PA

Purple Rustoleum in a Northern Exposure

White Pectoral Fin of a Humpback Whale - Stephens Passage, Alaska

Dance of The Blue Skinned Goddesses

Liliana - Teal in Motion

Gemstone in Pink

Fifties Style Pinup

Cathedral Rectory - Wells, Somerset, UK

Light Streaming

Dance of The Blue Skinned Goddesses II [View Large]

Nether Lands

Vassanta - Delicately

Vassanta and The Bubble Machine

Early Evening Humpback Whale Breech - Stephens Passage, Alaska

Liliana - Classic Nude

Coors Devil's Cup - Mt Diablo Stage

George Mount - 1976 Olympic Cyclist & Founding US Pro Member

John Howard - US Cycling Icon

Stormy Weather

Portrait of Dina Greyfeather

Into a Crystal Ball


Mountaineering at 13,000 Ft Below Trailcrest - Mt Whitney

La Fée Bleue de Glace


Renaissance Minstrels

Egret - Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge

Sidewalk Masterpiece

Fairmont Empress in Morning Light

Blue Angels - Fleet Week

Rain Washed Sidewalk Vermeer

Forest Passage

Valentines Day - Macy's Product Image Newsprint Use

Tableside Service

Model Kim Fitch in Givenchy


In The Garden of Perfection

Oceanic Designs

Point Arena Lighthouse

Oceanic Designs II


First Sign of Fall

Penthouse Pet - Jenni Czech

Top Model Signy Coleman in Helga Howie Pret-e-Porte

Underwater Garden


CJ Sparxx

Kerri - Blue Form


CJ Sparxx

A Little Glam

Native American Burial Ground - Northern New Mexico

Taos Pueblo & Ovens

Taos Pueblo & Spirit Poles

Taos Pueblo

Native American Jewelry Artist

Canyon of The Rio Grande River

Ancient Puebloan Cliff Ruins

Native American Artist Waiting Flower With Her Grandson Raindrops Falling

Larger Taos Pueblo Complex

Santa Fe Casita

In The Golden Light of Morning

Home By The Sea

Puye Cliff Ruins

Puye Cliffs Ancient Puebloan Cliff-Dwelling Culture

Taos Pueblo & Clay Ovens

A River Runs Through It - Taos Pueblo, NM (Please View Large)

Taos Pueblo Sun & Shade Patterns

Taos Pueblo to The North & Sangra de Christo Mountains

Maui Reef Fish

Jenni Czech

The Incomparable Jenni Czech

Penthouse & Met Art Model Jenni Czech

Variation #3 - Kerri in Blue


Variation #4 Kerri Through Blue

Bodies at Rest

CJ Sparxx Glam

Blue Horizon


The Dolls

Draped in Sapphire


Woodland Wild Flowers

In The Hollow of a Tree Stump

Woodland Orchids

Sharp & Soft

Rare Blooming Oxalis

Wild Iris

Foxglove and Marsh

Spikey Yellow Wildflowers

Sunlit Wildflowers

Cliffside Flora

Queen Anns Lace

Last Rays Catch The Wave Crest

Clifftop Wildflowers

Mendocino Coast


Agent Provocateur Lingerie

Sapphire Blue

Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan - Sun & Son

Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan Teaching Kundalini Yoga

Realm of the Astral .JPG

Kerri in Blue #4 (Please View Large)

Eyes in The Sky

The Dancer

North of Main Street - Bodie-The Ghost Town

Ghost Town of Bodie - Mining Equipment 1904


Home on The Range - Bodie Ghost Town

Corner Store - Bodie, CA - Ghost Town


Abandoned Residence

Ghost of the Chemung Mine II

Bodie Ghost Town

Working Wagon Survives at Bodie

Assassinated President James A. Garfield Memorial From 1889 - Bodie, CA



Vassanta Studio - Post Process Manipulation

Long Valley Caldera - Mammoth & Minarets Distant (View Large)

Playboy Playmate - CJ Sparxx

North Lake Road - 9,200 ft.(View Large)

Dust Devil Upper Sonoran Desert

American Icons

Classic Chevrolet

Shen Yun - Falun Gong

In the Trunk

1933 Ford & Owner

Toll House Ruins - Bodie to Aurora Road

Remnants of Swansea Ghost Town

Ghost Town of Swansea

Abandoned Railway Station - Keeler California

Benton Hot Springs - Wagons

Near Ghost of Downtown Benton Hot Springs

Water Colors

Sky & Shapes


The Space Between Man & Nature

Outlet, Conduit & Cement

Criss-Crossing Lines & Lights

Political Prisoners

Interruption in The Field


Designs in Cement


From a Point Outwards


Lines & Forms


Shadows & Light

Shadows & Sky

Color Glass Works

Contemplative Imagery - Color


Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Open Car Door

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Color Elements

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Contemplative Imagery - Color

Bluff & Tide Pools at Sunset

Impermanence - Tools

Impermanence - Plant & Wood Chips

Impermanence - Flower & Pollen

Impermanence - Vines on Wall

Impermanence - Leaves in The Gutter

Impermanence - Asphalt & Leaves

Impermanence - Bulletin Board Pattern

Impermanence - Leaf Rot

Impermanence - Wilted Brown Flower

Impermanence - Squash, Leaf & Vines

Impermanence - SOLD Palette

Impermanence - Rust Never Sleeps

Impermanence - River Reflections

Impermanence - Flag-in-Breeze

Impermanence - Poles & Streamers

Impermanence - Sunflower

Impermanence - Knot & Kayaks

Impermanence - Pollen & Cement

Impermanence - Fiber-in-Ground

Impermanence - Magazine Rack

Impermanence - Abbots Lagoon

Impermanence - Geese-Over-Lagoon

Impermanence - Feather Overgrown

Impermanence - Feather on Water

The Band Played On - Napoleons Tomb

Internment Camp at Manzanar - Guard Tower

Internment Camp at Manzanar - Road to No Where

Western Ghost Town - Wyoming

Water Flowing Over - Lava Fields

Shoshone Falls - Snake River

Niagara Springs - At 1000 Springs State Park

Grand Tetons & Wildlfowers

Remnants of Cunningham Cabin - Grand Tetons

Northwest Side of Mt Shasta - View Large

Lost in The Forest - North of Mt Shasta

Shasta Daisy's & Mt Shasta

Burney Falls

Wildflowers - North Coast

Coastal Vegetation Study

Flowering Cactus - North Coast

Coastal Flora - Near Ft Bragg

Coastal Flora - Woods Near Ft. Bragg

Coastal Flora Ft.Bragg

Coastal Woodland Flora

Wood Ducks

Ice & Rain on Budding Flower

Freezing Mist in the Meadow

Wild Peas

Burney Falls at Water Level

Dawes Glacier - Alaska

The Conversation

All About Me

Alley in the Rain - Heidelberg Germany

Heidelberg Castle Overlooking the River Neckar

Heidelberg Castle

Brugge Belgium

Brugge Belgium

Brugge Belgium

The Liliana Hood Ornament


Fern Canyon

Chateau de Vaux Le Vicomte

Saturday Luxembourg Park Paris

Chateau de Vaux Le Vicomte


On the River - South Holland


Waife in The Alley

At The Van Gogh Museum

Gothic Alley Barcelona Spain

La Sagrada Familia Basilica

Wedding at the Seville Cathedral

Royal Alcazar Palace - Seville Spain

Modernism Amidst The Gothic

Hill Town - Arcos de la Frontera

Mosque in Cordoba Spain

Way of Flowers - Minaret/Bell Tower

Western Wall of the Mosque - Cordoba, Spain

Tourists at The Alcazaba Citadel

Band of Gypsy's

Man & His Horse (Iron)

Mt Shasta During Storm

Gypsy Musicians & Flamenco Dancers

Granada From The Alhambra

Alhambra Gardens

Portal From The Alhambra Overlooking Granada

Informal Dress on The Formal Parade Grounds

Lone Flamingo


Zebra Mom & Baby

Blue Street

Alaskan Fjord

Church Albuquerque New Mexico

Native American Artisan

Oxbow Bend - Snake River - Grand Tetons

Sacre Couer

Chateau de Vaux Le Vicomte

Saturday In The Park - Luxemborg Park


National Veterans Cemetery - Christmas Day

The Xmas Tree

Noted Interior Designer Diane Burn-Eden

Lily - Blue Streak

Close-Up Freezing Rain on Flora

Mt Shasta & Wildflowers in a Late Season Storm

Headless Mannequins Performing on the Runway

Watchers Before The Watch

Handmade Wooden Bike

Soccer Mom - Dutch Style

Behind The Amsterdam Sign

Painted Lava Flows

Dormant Mt. Lassen Volcano at 8,800 Ft

Nest Egg

Thousand Springs S.P. - Niagara Springs Pools

Yellowstone N.P. - Mineral Growth

Yellowstone N.P. - Lower Geyser Basin

Yellowstone N.P. - Midway Geyser Basin

Yellowstone N.P. - Excelsior-Geyser

Yellowstone N.P. - Norris Basin - Steamboat Geyser

Yellowstone N.P. - Grand Prismatic Spring - II

Yellowstone N.P. - Grand Prismatic Spring

Yellowstone N.P.- Norris Geyser Basin at Firehole River

Minerva's Terrace I

Rail Workers Glove - Abandoned Rail Line

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens

Saturday in The Park

Late Afternoon Grand Tetons N.P.

Nyhavn - Copenhagen

Gas Pump & Grapes - Napa Valley

Fall Vines

Marlin Slough

House of Palms

Iris Leaves - Infrared

Admiralty Slough Midday - Infrared

Feet on The Grass/Snow?

Field of Dreaming

Park Scene

Trees & Path

Tree Patterns

Playground Without Players


Palms Next to Boulevard

Bridge Parkway in Infrared

Bridgeway - Infrared

Path in The Park - Infrared

Electronic Arts Quad - Infrared

Tree Tunnel - Infrared

Human Sundial - Infrared

Concrete & Steel Meet Nature

Through The Web - Infrared

Miners Hall - Bodie Ghost Town

Fall Commences - North Lake

Schoolhouse at Bodie

Liliana - Moonstone Beach at Night


Vassanta Softly

Mono Lake at Sunset

Ghost Town at Bodie, CA

14,500 Ft Mt Whitney

Light & Space

Light, Shadow, Texture, & Space


Simplicity of Forms

Color of Spaces


Color & Texture


Light & Simplicity


Space, Texture & Color


Texture & Color

Light, Shadow & Space

Space, Light & Texture

End of The Line

Swansea Ghost Town

Remnants of Rhyolite Ghost Town

Gold Point Ghost Town

Perfection of Form




Golden Peach

The Kiss

The Veil

The Runaway Show




Breaching Humpback Whale

18th Century Russian Courtesans Attire


Graphic Nude

Eda - San Francisco Ballet Dancer





At The Door

Basking in Sunlight

Push It

Hanging Around


Field Work





Crouching Tigress


Cleopatra II



Nude Figure Study

Noted Fine Art Figure Model - Devi

Full Length Figure Study

The Lioness

Figure Study in Motion

Devi #2805


Album/CD Cover

Kinderdijk Windmill

Canal Fishing at Kinderdijk

Burney Falls

Jamie Lee in The Ruins

Vassanta - Desert Study

Peach Meadows on Film

Devi _DSC2726

Michelle Under Aqua



Devi Boudoir


Graphic Nude II

Suburban Park and Bicycle

Bayou, Ice Plants, Palms, and Water

Under The Canopy

Suburban Ft. Yard Landscape in Infrared

Cascade of Foilage in Infrared

Rhine River Town and Vineyards at Sunset

Rhine River Chateau and Vineyards

Heidelberg Germany from Heidelberg Castle

Near Ghost Town of Tuscarora Nevada


Katlin DSC5020

Katlin DSC4894

Katlin DSC4918

Katlin DSC4927

Form of the Goddess



Trista in Burgundy





Vintage Lingerie - Film Noir


Vintage Lingerie - Fim Noir

Jamie Lee on Polaroid 690 Film

Katlin Retro Blue

The Blue Room




Trista Mikail Stylized Headshot

Trista - Glamour Headshot Outdoors


Los Angeles Model Trista Mikail

Trista DSC5466


DSC6635_Lilah in MIG Jet Intake

Amy on DC6 in Vintage Color

Danger Zone - A-6 Intruder

Winging It

Lilah on The Runway

On The Ladder of an A-6 Intruder


Back To The Garden

Classic Nude in The Garden

Sheena in Valentine's Lingerie

Lovely Lilah

Grave at The Rhyolite Ghost Town

White Lace Covered Nude

Autumn Fantasy Warm Portrait

Model Autumn Fantasy - Draped in Lace

Asleep at The Wheel

Jamie Lee From - The Film Sessions #2

Jamie Lee - From The Film Sessions #1

Jamie Lee - Vintage Look

Ritual Wear Fashions III

Ritual Wear Fashions II

Ritual Wear Fashions I

Muirina in The Garden

Nude with Pearls


Muirina Fae in The Studio II

Lone Pine Peak From The Alabama Hills

Autumn's Studio Session 7011

Beside the Reflecting Pool

Alabaster Nude

Jessica McClintock Fashion Work - 1982

Valentino Fashion Work - 1982

Fountainesque - Albumen Print

Muirina's in The House

Muse Muirina Fae

Recent Fashion Shoot - Darya Sea - Japanese Garden

Recent Fashion Shoot - Darya Sea - Garden at Lake Merritt

Fashion Shoot with Darya Sea

Darya - Light and Shadow


Woodland Repose


Model "Nymph" at Home in The Woods

Vintage 1950s Look Glamour - Model Skye Blue

Beauty by The Fountain

Fashion Shoot with Darya Sea

Muirina Fae Studio Session

Model/Actress - Robin Stotka


Model Jenni Czech in Pink Lingerie

Adorna Couture by Valerie Cotton I

Adorna Couture by Valerie Cotton II

Adorna Couture by Valerie Cotton III

Print Advertising Tear Sheet - Vogue USA

Recent Fashion Shoot - Darya Sea

Shawna - Countryside Photo-Painting

Nude - California Coast

Temple of the Goddess


Cyclists Rest Hut

Woodland Nymph II

Water Sprite


Doesn't Mean That Much to a Tree


Ode to Julia Margaret Cameron

Modern Aphrodite

Bare Essentials

Ode to Andrew Wyeth

Aphrodite Revisited

Modern Model Benny Nikole on Victorian Feinting Couch

Not Just Another Carbon Unit

1940's Attire Alongside P-51 Mustang

Boarding a Vintage BOAC Passenger Float Plane

Kicking Back at The Aircraft Engine Repair Workbench

Purple Velvet

Jewel Tones

In The Light Tent

Perfectly Jewels

Iron and Steel Before Flesh

The Edge of The Earthly Realm

Sheer Blue Jewels

Muirina Fae Reclining

Splendor in the Poppies

Dasha in Studio

Dasha - Urban Graphic



Braelyn Intimately

On The Waterfront



Bridging The Divide

California Dreamin'

Primeval Nude


Ms Benny in Purple Lingerie

Model Benny Nikole in Natural Light

The Three Graces

Blackbird Fly

Nude Torso with Horns

Catalina - Textures and Forms


Catalina - Pepper #37

Mahogany Woman

Nude Still Life

Primeval Forest Nude

Nude on Aged Wood

Out on a Limb

Nude in Natural Light

Shadow and Light

Nosing Around

Form in The Formless

Nude off of a Pedestal

Nude in a Bunker Doorway


In The Shade

Railroad Dance

Miss Peach

Remembering Summertime

Nude on a Terrace

Nude on a Trunk

Beauty by The Crates

North Light Nude

Sleeping Beauty



In the Kitchen with Willa

Sheer Melody

The Conversation

The Boudoir

Noted Ballet Dancer Anna Russell

Sur Le Pointes

Window with a View

Blue Sheer

Into Light

In The Beginning

Smoke Dance

Nude on a Ledge

Luminous Nude

Devi in The Studio

Natural Beauty Willa Prescott


Behind Bars

A Melody

Soft and Curvy

Light in The Darkness

A Study in Contrasting Forms

Sudden Impact

Woodland Nymph

Eve in The Forest

Shades of Shawna

An Unusual Centerpiece


Amidst The Chaos

Dancing Down a Woodland Path

Nude as Landscape


Portrait of Willa

Melody on Glass

Tiny Dancer

Mãe Terra Divina

Collage From Model Citizen Magazine

Modern Mona Lisa

Purple Haze

Model on a Vintage A-6 Intruder Jet Ladder

Vintage Charm

Visions of Future Past

Maiden of The Mist

Danse de Lumière Dans la Forêt

Stunning Meghan Claire

Offrandes de la Déesse du Printemps

Enveloped in Pink and Blue

Nude on Parallel Lines

Cold of a Winter's Day

Jeune Fille du Printemp

Blue Sweep

Abandoned Vehicle Outside the Ghost Town of Ballarat


Nude Beside the Barn

Amber in The Luminous Light of a Forest Glen

Nude With Wheelbarrow

Warm Alabaster Nude

In The Warmth of The Sun

Blue Jean Blue

Moments in The Meadow

Benny in Black

Tree Urchin

In the Meadow of the Midnight Sun

House of Jewels

To Lie in The Meadow...

Bathing in Shadow and Light

Before The Kiss

Trunk With a View

Light, Shadows and Lace

Striped Nude

On Misty Mountain

Jamie Lee

Red Shoes

Arched Back Nude

Tête à Tête

Illuminated Eva

Three Muses

Amidst The Dunes

Archetypal Nudes

Nude Sand Bathing

Fly Away

Three Muses Movement Capture

The Colors of Music

Desert Hieroglyphics

Hair, Leather & Attitude

Beauty Amidst The Decay

The World In-Between

Ready To Pounce

Desert Sand, Sky And Muses

Tree of Life

Cliff-Side Nude

Stirring The Waters

Dancing With Sunlight

It's Only Natural



Forest Fauna



She's Becoming Gold


Desert Rendezvous

Elemental Air

Forest Fauna Revisited

Victorian Jewel

Elemental Earth

Sunrise Upper Mojave Desert

Elemental Water

Cool Kat

The Song of The Siren

The Three Sphinxes

Desert Hieroglyphics II

Nude at Bodie House

Goddess of Fertility

Curves & Doorways

Rock, Sand and Nude

Anoush at Wildcat Hill

Big Sur - Nude on Rock Wall

Contrasting Forms

Nude in a Shattered Window

Merrique in the Studio

Merrique in Natural Light

Shrouded in Mystery

Crags of Capricorn

Divine Light

The Emerald Forest

Nude Reclines in the Ruins of The Roundhouse

The Mystery Behind Lace

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Black Hat and Shadows



Door Jammed

Nude and Seascape

Nude Study of Anoush in The Pear Tree


Becca - Wet Plate Treatment

Deeper Into The Woods

Fall Colors

Fire Below

Arched Nude

Cheeky Leatherette


Hanging Art

Craters of The Moon Floral

Lava Flow Colors

Classic Nude - Victorian Decor

Black Lingerie

The Cinder Cone

Feather in The Sand

Feather Floating

Beauty By The Crates


Sveet in Shuttered Window Light

Sveet With Blue Sheer Cover


Barn Dance


Hands Down Nude

Rockin' At The Hippie Swing

Retro Lux Lounging

Hold The Light

Enveloped in Black

Autumn in North Light

Floor Plan

Mt Tamalpais View

Ode To Maxfield Parrish

Sienna - Upper Mojave Desert


Sienna - Ryan Ranch Ruins

Tabled Nude

Sienna in The Shadows

Steady As Stone

Veiled Lace

Sienna at The Prytz Mansion

Cat Wrapped

Jenni Czech at The Citadel

Anoush With Apples in The Garden

Rubber Ducky and Muse

Splendor of Jewels

True Jewel

Prisoner of The Self



Veiled Goddess

Remnants of Days Gone By

Desolate Ghost of Tuscarora Nevada

Nevada Ghost Town

Craters of The Moon N.M.

Wyoming Ghost Town

Minerva's Terrace

Swansea Ghost Town

The Ghost at Bodie

Craters of The Moon

Still Standing

Still Standing

Abandoned Community Pool

Peach Meadows

Wheels Off

Miners Hall and Wagon

Abandoned Drilling Equipment

Near Ghost of Benton Hot Springs

The Ghost of Bonnie Claire

Ghost of Rhyolite Nevada

At Home in the Ghost

Remnants of the Ghost

Winter Weathering

Ore Hopper and Dry Wash Plant

Infrared Dreamscape

The Inner Sanctum

Jamie Lee in Studio

Ghostly Chemung Mine

American-Japanese Internment

Taos Pueblo and Cemetery

Succulent Blooming

Stirring the Waters

Ancient Cliff Dwellings

Bridging Nude at Pink Adobe Ruins

Beauty Reflected

Beach Blanket Babylon

Boardwalk Arcade at Sunrise

Abandoned Gas Station - Nevada

Abandoned Train Station

First Tee - Devil's Golf Course

Death Valley Ravine

Ghost of Rhyolite Nevada

Wyoming Ghost Town

Outpost Station 7


Angel Down

Moors Castle

Reflecting Pools

Hill Town of Toledo Spain

North Gate Mosque-Cathedral

Mt. Whitney And Alabama Hills

Abandoned Railway Station

Abandoned Schoolhouse

Old Keeler Gas Station

Got To Get Back To The Garden


Gwen Nymph

Realm of the Perpetual Dancer

Katlin in Natural Light

Jewels Stylized

Rock Art

Inside Taos Pueblo

Desert Nude

Christina's World

Soft on Gnarled and Burned

Desert Sunrise Synchronization

Still Life

Sand Dance

Beauty in the Dunes

Earthy Eva

Natural Bridge

Amid The Discarded

Living Art (A Desert Installation)

Earth Mother Eva


From The Ashes

In The Light

Beauty in Chaos


Arching Nude

Gabi In The Hood


Becca - Forest Nymph

Cradled in Rock

Lightness of Being

Free As a Bird

Nude at Lava Flow Terminus

Primeval Canyon

Kayla on The Lost Coast

Greetings From The Lost Coast

Sunrise on a Lava Flow

Shadow Play

Nude in a Volcanic Lava Field

Dancing in an Alcove

Sunrise Nude - Upper Mojave Desert

Jenni Czech on Film

Eva as Earth Element 2

Sea Breeze

Sister Golden Hair

Nude, Lava Field and Boulders

Shadows and Light

Forest Clearing


Classic Nude on Victorian Settee

Meghan Claire


Confines of the Physical

World Ajar

The Goddess

Fern Canyon

Grand Scheme of Things


Primeval Forest Nude

Beauty Amidst The Decay

Ghost Town Beauty


Fern Canyon Nude

Emerald Forest Play

Moonlight Form

Angel of the Morning

Water Falling

Waterfall Nude

Sonora Pass Sunrise

Sonora Pass Sunrise (B&W)

Portrait of Rebecca

Nude In a Nevada Ghost Town


Dual Emergence


Big Bronze Ring

Desert Melody

Splash Zone II

Nude With Leaf Applique

Kayla On The Rocks

Annie Get Your Gun

Portrait of Rebecca II

Abandoned Gas Station - UFO Highway

Steady As Stone

Gabrielle in Monochromatic Color

Soft Strength

L'eau Qui Recule (The Receding Water)

Ethereal Beauty

Jules Reclining

Elle Beth in Studio

In The Garden

Katlin in Natural Light

Sun Dress Glam

Color Explosion

Safe Haven

Seats and Legs

River of Dreams

Primal Elements (Earth, Air, and Water)

Log Jam

Waiting Room

Treetop Dancing



Thousand Shades of Gray

Soft Morning Light

The Workshop

Lace Shadows


Life Sprang Forth

Lady Madonna

Bombshell in The Bunker

Jump Start


The Artist's Model

Forest Solitude

Stillness Personified

Table Top Still Life

Back in Time

Symbols in The Sand

Shadows in The Sand

Beauty in the Sun Rise

Diamond in The Rough


The Ramparts

The Studio

Smith River Siren

Uprooted Nude

Forest Grotto


Sunset Shadows

Nude, Aspens, & Pines


Nude - Desert Ruins at Sunrise

Momentary Touch Down

The Intersection

Golden Creek


House of Two Doors

Over and Under

The Burning Zone

Le Danse

Big Brass Ring



Reflected Beauty

Sun Salutations

Emergence III

Heart Song



Three Intertwined


Pure Glam


Enclosed in a Light Well

Nude And Strata

Last Rays of The Sun

Something is Not Quite Right

Ode To Julia Margaret Cameron

Reserved Seating

The Great Immersion

On The Rocks

Flaming Cliffs

Into a Dream

Silhouetted By The Setting Sun


Jewels at The Prytz

Eucalyptus Waves


The Transient Covenant

Nymph in The Oaks

Swan Song



Desert Cradle

Nude in Natural Light

Paleolithic Nude

The Terraces

Nude in Open Shade

Victorian Decor

Beauty on Film

Recursive Nude

Blue Sweep

Ode to The Sea

Country Comfort

Bio Diversity

Into The Light

Shear Profundity



One Blue Umbrella

Red Shoes II

Morphic Nude



Dancer's Repose

Out of Frame

Benny Nikole

Form on Structure

Traces of Teal

In The Moment

Figure Study


On The Edge of Darkness

Single Stocking


By The Sea

Progressive Nude and Landscape

Hook on a Ring

Rolling Nude Triptych


Echoes of The Sea

Nature's Child

Concrete Jungle


Space Between Us


The Light Shower

Soft Curves on Satin

Eye Popping Art

Breaking Out of The World of Art


Sanctuary II

Sun Salutations - Planet Earth

Shapes, Forms and Texture

Muirina is The View

Magenta Mist

Cares Just Melt Away

Longitude and Latitude



Offsetting The Balance

The Light Shower #2

Sienna at The Prytz Mansion


Jewels at The Prytz Mansion

Nude on A Victorian Settee II

Three Faces of Monique

Faded Recollections

The Light Becomes Her

The Intersection of Form and Line

Warmth of the Light

Nude On The Rocks

Life Springs Forth

Lying in a Tree

Ladies of The Lillie's

A Dream Weighs Upon Her

Roots of Mother Earth

Into The Light II

Black Lingerie

The Princess and The Chair


Amidst The Ruins

Nude in The Cedars

Moon Dance

Songs of Daylight

At The Workbench

Lace Curtains

Ladies of The Lilies

Running Through The Jungle

Primeval Forest Nude II


Shadows and Light

In a Blue Dream



In The Gardening Shed

Nature's Child

The Pose

Woodland in Water

Contemplation of Perfection

Portrait of Sienna

The Land of Cinder & Snow

Line and Shadow

Still Life Nude

Boulder Dash

Pepper #38

Lyrical Impressions

Sand Casting

Eva Luna

Jewels in The Window

Portrait of Tima

Portrait of Tima II

Warming Trend

Boot Hill - Virginia City Nevada

Boot Hill - Virginia City

Home of The Ancients

Cook Bank Building

Craters of The Moon N.P.


Lunar Landscape

The Devils Gorge

Blooms in Lava

Minerva's Terrace

Last of The Monterey Cypress

Nude in Front of Blast Doors


Dancing Between Raindrops

The Front Entry

Casual Perfection


Wood Nymph