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I started Photography in 1994, with Landscapes in black & white for several years before switching to colour in 2000 and digital now (Canon Eos 300D/Rebel D and A610).





Travel - Thailand

Travel - Laos




Martial Arts and Sports


Travel - India


SeaBird and Sunset in Belle-Ile en Mer (France)


Boat 4

Statue of horse and sky

Eiffel Tower and ray of light (storm coming)

Eiffel Tower and Statue

The bulb left...


Street Lamp and Trail

A cross in a trail

Eiffel Tower and street lamps

French Flag in the night

Conversation between two lamps

This is a Car...

The missing part...

Tuk-Tuk in a rainy night of Bangkok

Tuk-Tuk in Chiang Mai

Black umbrella, yellow wall and green door

Black umbrella, yellow wall and green door - detail

Sparrows and boy

Eiffel Tower and tree

A church in Paris

"Le petit oiseau va sortir..."

Eiffel Tower in the branches

Looking away...

Sacré Coeur and Campanile by night

Lampstreet and Campanile

Portrait of a Streetlamp

Car and Sacré Coeur's Campanile

Sacré Coeur (golden arch)

Sacré Coeur (Arches)

Rainbow and neighborhood

Two white tulips

Bud and colors

Lovers of the Pont des Arts

Looking at the other side


Bottle cap

The Morning News...

Observatoire de la Sorbonne

Pantheon (high contrast)


Growing near the Pantheon

Lampost and Pantheon

Tree and rice fields in Vang-Vieng, Laos

Buddha in the shadows

Monk at the window...

Shorinji Kempo: before Randori

Shorinji Kempo: Falling...

Fence and lighthouse under full moon

Portrait of a pelican

Chevet of Notre-Dame de Paris

Night fishing at the Pointe de la Coubre

Statue and Chevet de Notre-Dame de Paris

Tulip in contrast

Hand and face

Tulip in contrast 2

Flower in contrast and color

Tree and reflections

Umbrella in a field

Red umbrella in a field

India at a glance...