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Black and White


John's Darkroom

Christmas in Europe, Holiday Snaps

The Pulp Mill Debate


Aurora Australis and Star Trails at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. 6x6 version.

Misty Myrtles

Blue Chair

St. Columba Creek


The stream within the Tree-fern Grove

The encroaching consequences of a litigious society

Little Horn

A Tasmanian Pastorale

The History of the USA, Condensed Version

Moon Over Snow Gums

Snowy River Wilderness

Morning Calm at Richies Mill

Upstream, Within The Tree Fern Grove

The Artist's Cottage.

The Unfulfilled Dream

Alexandra Suspension Bridge

Equinox Moon

Trial Harbour, Alternative View

Unnamed crags, Prince Of Wales Range

Maxwell Valley

Bridport Jetty Version III

Bridport Jetty, Version IV.

Schnell's Ridge

Prince of Wales Range, Tasmania

The Rock on Morey's Beach

Meander River

Meander River, Railway Bridge.

The Anne Range From Schnell's Ridge

Jonster's first 4x5 colour frame. Federation Peak from Mt. Bobs

Federation Peak and Eastern Arthur Range from Mt. Bobs

Solomon's Jewels

Jacob's Ladder

The Forest Path

Next in line for clearfelling

Let him sleep

Death Of An Orchardist

The Old State School

Rattler Range Rainforest

The Clearing

Tidal River

Devil's Gullet

Binalong Bay from The Gardens, at last light

The Gulch

The Svenor, Wreck Bay, Tasmania.

The Svenor, Wreck Bay.

Breakfast in bed

Greystone Bluff

The Svenor Deck

Mt. Hean, De Witt Range.

Matt on the Propstings

Summit Cairn, Propsting Range

Deny's Garden Shed

The Boat Shed

The Old Stove

Evening Calm

Summer's last days

The Svenor's Ribs

The Blue Tier Giant

The Granite Planet.

Granite Planet, colour.

The Blue Tier Giant

Federation Peak from Mt. Bobs

The Svenor Endures

Mt. Anne from Schnell's Ridge

Peron Dunes

Brid River at low tide

Sunrise at Mermaid's Pool

Bridport Foreshore

Pandani Grove, Mt. Rufus

Lake St. Clair

Shadow Lake

The first light of dawn, Bridport

Wild Forest

Cradle Mountain from Dove Lake

Bridge, Pencil Pine Creek

In The Corner

Deny's Dinghy

Melaleuca Weather Station

Stonjek's Lookout


John's Darkroom

Darlington Cemetery

Whale Skull and Convict Ruins, Darlington

Various trees

Huon Pine Forest

Summit Conference

Little Horn

Hazard's Creek

Hazards Beach

The Swimming Hole at Royal George

Dead Eucalypt. Barren Tier

du Cane Range from Mt. Thetis

Mt. Ossa from Mt. Thetis

Schouten Island

Pete wanted a trout for the pan.

Another non-descript creek in Tasmania

Meetus Falls

In the 1800's, adventurous Chinese prospectors searched for tin in Tasmania. There are still a few preserved campsites hidden in the remote wilds, untouched, almost unknown.

From Mt. Daedalus

Franklin River Valley

It is what it is.

Three years ago Matt Brain and I set a goal of bagging the three most remote peaks in Tasmania, as defined by ourselves, (and open to debate). We climbed the Propsting range first, in 10 days in early 04, (photo_id=2129705). The Provis Hills took two attempts, and was finally bagged in 11 days in November 2005. We're just back from the third and final of the trilogy, the Princess Range. Physically the easiest of the three, but the weather was very tough, a lot of rain, sleet and snow. Bagged in 8 days via the Franklin River in awful conditions. Here's a summit self portrait, John doing a poor Jack Johnson pose.

Newlands Cascades

Pig Trough

Franklin River Portage Zombies

No Dams

Bird River

A bridge in the wilderness

Dale, Matt and Rob preparing for another paddle on New River Lagoon, en route to Provis Hills. It took 4 long days of brutal load-carrying to put kayaks on this water.

Precipitous Bluff from New River Lagoon


"Bailed Up", after Tom Roberts













Somewhere in Wales


Wales, Tryfan



Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

Paris Disney



Adele's lesson

Sally with Spoon



Sally on the border






Icecreams in Monaco

Jack and Adele

Adele and Tommy

Aix-en-Provence TGV Station

Adele and Minnie

Disneyland Paris (camera propped on rubbish bin)

Sentosa Island

Pulp Mill Rally 1

Pulp Mill Rally 2


Tap Into Your River

Peter Cundall

Protect Old Growth Forests

Stop this pulp mill


Peter Cundall leads the march

Stop Pulp



In the gallery

Richard Flanagan


Peter Cundall


Anti-pulp mill rally: 16 June 2007. More than 10,000 people marched.


Tasmanians standing

Lennon Gov't + Gunns = Thugs

I've retrained, why can't the wood choppers?

Pulp Fiction

Leading 10,000 + out of City Park

Marching west on Brisbane Street, in the opposite direction to the first march shown in this folder.

More marchers

The Greens

Pulp Mill, the death of our wildlife

The march of 10,000+ viewed from Henty House

Savagery Tasmania, flogging our future


Thumb Up

Fence Sitters

Dirty dirty dirty, the mill, the government & the legislation

Two jobs Ivan, two bad decisions

Pollution free? You live beside the stinking mill!

Gunns are dangerous in the wrong hands

Up U Gunns


Stop 2

We're Ready

We Will Stop The Pulp Mill, Lunch Rally 05 October 07

Scotch Oakburn Girls at Rally 05 Oct 07


64,000 tons of effluent are to be pumped into the ocean here every day.

Waiting for the helicopter to take the main image. East Beach, 7 Oct 08

For the benefit of Mr. Gay

World class, world's arse

The Three Stooges

Senator Bob Brown in full flight, 07 Oct 07.

Senator Bob Brown defends the threatened wedge-tailed eagles.

Geoff Law

Nala Mansell welcomes us to her people's land

Resolute and Strong

Save the wildlife

No Mill