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Steve Gubin is a documentary and fine art photographer born in Chicago.

At his website,,  he regularly writes a blog on photography related topics such as  "Violation and Exploitation in Street Photography",   "How To Photograph Extreme Weather",  and thoughts on  "The Decisive Moment".

Steve's work has appeared in a number of print and online publications and has been exhibited at Bing Crosby Hall in San Diego, CA (2007, 2008), the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO (2009), and in Black & White Magazine (Issue 101, February 2014).  Since 2010, he has photographed, filmed, and produced documentary videos for the Balkan Spring Festival held each year at the University of Chicago.  His 2012 documentary was selected by the SALT Institute in Istanbul, Turkey for inclusion in their Balkan archives.

In 2014, he published a photography book on Balkan culture and community in Chicago entitled: "A Balkan State of Mind"

In 2015, Cyanatic Images published his book of contemporary Chicago street photography, "Chicagoland, Illusions of the Literal", currently available for sale on

He received a BA in Journalism from California State University, Northridge.

Country: US


The Street as Graphic Novel Series

Bensenville: Death of a Village

Weather Porn

Chicagoland: Illusions of the Literal

Port Reduction

The Coast of Chicago


Chiberia, Winter of 2014-2015

Books: Chicagoland, Illusions of the Literal

Springtime on the Streets of Chicago

Summer Begins, Chicago 2015

High Summer, Chicago 2015

Fall in The Windy City, Chicago 2015

A New Year Begins, Winter 2016

Chicago Spring 2016

Summer Begins, Chicago 2016

High Summer, Chicago 2016

Signs of Fall, Chicago 2016

The Return of Chiberia, Chicago Winter 2016-2017

Night Train, Chicago

Summertime Again, Chicago 2017

Chicago 2018


Child with lion mask, Field Museum, Chicago, 2004

The Street as Graphic Novel 6

The Street as Graphic Novel 4

The Street as Graphic Novel 2

The Street as Graphic Novel 3

The Street as Graphic Novel 1

The Street as Graphic Novel 32

The Street as Graphic Novel 28

The Steet as Graphic Novel 25

The Street as Graphic Novel 5

The Street as Graphic Novel 15

The Street as Graphic Novel 33

The Street as Graphic Novel 36

The Street as Graphic Novel 37

The Street as Graphic Novel 38

The Wrestler

Union Station

Metra, Chicago 2008

Chicago Gulag

Two women, Balkan Festival, Chicago 2010

On the Metra, Chicago 2009

Mannequin, Chicago 2010

Girl on swing, Morton Grove, IL 2009

Petroleum Planet, Chicago 2011

Blizzard of 2011, Ferris Ave, Morton Grove, IL

Opening Ceremony, Ice Show, Park Ridge, IL

Backyard, Wisconsin 2009

Carnival, Illinois 2009

North Side Playground

Bensenville Series 1

Bensenville Series 2

Bensenville Series 4

Bensenville Series 10

Bensenville Series 12

Bensenville Series 13

Bensenville Series 17

Bensenville Series 24

Bensenville Series 28

Bensenville Series 29

Bensenville Series 33

Bensenville Series 34

Bensenville Series 35

Bensenville Series 42

Bensenville Series 43

Bensenville Series 44

Bensenville Series 45

Bensenville Series 48

Bensenville Series 50

Bensenville Series 3

Bensenville Series 5

Bensenville Series 6

Bensenville Series 7

Bensenville Series 8

Bensenville Series 9

Bensenville Series 18

Bensenville Series 36

Bensenville Series 37

Bensenville Series 40

Bensenville Series 49

Bensenville Series 11

Bensenville Series 15

Bensenville Series 16

Bensenville Series 19

Bensenville Series 20

Bensenville Series 21

Bensenville Series 22

Bensenville Series 23

Bensenville Series 25

Bensenville Series 26

Bensenville Series 27

Bensenville Series 30

Bensenville Series 31

Bensenville Series 32

Bensenville Series 38

Bensenville Series 39

April Storm 2009

Bow echo

Cloud to ground lightning

Cold front

Front coming in

Illinois storm II, 2011

Illinois storm III, 2011

Illinois storm IV, 2011

Cloud to cloud lightning

Lightning Storm II June 2010

Lightning Storm III June 2010

Lightning Storm IV June 2010

Lightning Storm June 2010

Lightning Storm V June 2010

Tornado Warning ("Greenage")


La Villa Restaurant, Irving Park

Alleyway, Michigan Ave


Skating Rink, Millenium Park

Two men on Wabash


7:40 Southbound

150 N Wacker



Arlington Park

Carnival 123, Morton Grove


Girl at Discoverers Monument, Michigan Ave

Oakton and Milwaukee

Patrol Boat, Chicago River

Dancer 5109

Wisconsin 2011

Agim, Owner, Infusion Balkan Cafe

Chicago Carnival

Crown Fountain

Oakton and Mannheim

Girl in crowd, Bristol, WI 2012

Adams St, August Afternoon 2012

Chicago 2012

308 S La Salle St

No Chip Manicure

Rainy day on Adams


Untitled, Chicago 2012

Woman with umbrella, Chicago 2012

Adams and Michigan

Halloween - Edison Park

State St, Chicago 2012

Woman at Dearborn and Adams, Chicago 2012

Morton Grove Metra Station I

Segways, Grant Park

German American Parade, Lincoln Square 2012

Figure Skater and Judges

Foster and Ashland 2012

North Branch Riverbank

Michigan and Wacker

Stride and shadow

Torn Jeans, Chicago 2012

Afternoon on Madison

Ravenswood Alley

Adam Crack, Fire Whip

Thunderstorm, I-57, Illinois

Farm Road, Central Illinois, 2012

8619 Ferris Rear

Carnival II

Halloween Parade, Chicago 2012

All Hallow's Eve, Chicago 2012

Chicago, December 2012

Three Women, Marshall Field Macys 2012

Millenium Station

russian pointe

State and Madison

Two women, State Street

Man on Adams, Chicago 2012

Boy with bicycle, Chicago 2012

E Wacker Place

Figure Skater With American Flag, Park Ridge, IL 2013

Rockne Brubaker and Lindsay Davis 2013


Por que?

Lunch Hour


Jungle Jim

Laughing Man

Helping Hand

Man in Porkpie Hat, Chicago 2013

Man in Sunglasses, Chicago 2013

Lifeguard, Foster Ave Beach, Chicago 2013

Millenium Park, September 2013

Calder's Flamingo, Chicago 2013

Two guys on Adams

After the Bears game, Union Station

Chicago Police Officer

Oriental Theatre, Chicago

Woman pulling her hair back on the steps of the Art Institute, Chicago 2013

Garage with three men and pigeons, Chicago 2013

Man on phone, Chicago 2013

Josiah, Set of Transformers 4, Chicago 2013

Madison and Wabash, Chicago 2013

Man viewing portraits from large camera, Chicago 2013

La Famiglia Es Todo

Storm November 2013 - Front arriving 2

Storm November 2013 - Front arriving 1

Storm November 2013

Storm November 2013 - Greenage

Storm November 2013 - Mammatus 1

Papillon and Girl in Snowstorm

Clark and Adams, Chicago 2013

Falling Ice, Chicago 2013

No 1 Should Go Hungry

B&W Mag Feb 2014 (Shameless self-promotion)

After the Blizzard, Chicago IL, 2011

Around The World, Chicago IL, 2010

California Dreaming, San Diego CA 2007

Empty Lot, Chicago IL, 2010

La Famiglia Es Todo, Chicago IL, 2013

Man on balcony, Chicago IL, 2010

Marilyn, Chicago IL, 2011

Metra, Chicago IL, 2008

Nightclub, San Diego CA, 2008

One Love One, San Diego CA, 2007

Por Que, Chicago IL, 2013

Sand, Coronado Beach CA, 2007

Three in the rain, Chicago 2012

Three pedestrians, Chicago 2013

December Night on Randolph

State Street Shoppers

Train Station, Homewood IL 2013

Smoke Break

Capulina Ave

The Levee Bar, Fullerton Ave

Morvain's Tomb

The Forest of the Long Winter

Crossing State Street, Chicago 2014

Park Bench on Michigan Ave

Dialogue II

Randolph and Michigan, Chicago 2014

Steps of Chicago Cultural Center 2014

Steps, Millenium Station 2014

Tales from the Street # 34

Macedonian Cultural Ambassador Atanas Kolarovski and Dancer Fusae Carroll, Chiago 2014

Serbian Dancers and Brothers, Bojan and Branko Adjic, Chicago 2014

Ellas Greek Dance Ensemble, Chicago Spring Festival 2014

Atanas Kolarovski

Guergana, Milentije Gica, Raya, and Maja

Ventzi Sotirov

Adams and Wacker, Chicago 2014

La Salle and Randolph

Randolph and Wabash

Starbucks, Millenium Station 2014

Woman on Adams II

3 Women, Chicago

Woman on Adams

Couple on Adams

Gull and Wave, Foster Ave Beach

No Trespassing, Chicago 2012

Analog v Digital, Chicago 2012

Tree and Bench, Opeka Lake 2014

Two men, Foster Ave Beach 2013 redux wm

Argyle Sweater, Chicago 2012

Michigan Ave Reflections, Chicago 2012

This Location Only, Chicago 2012

100 Shots for $3, Morton Grove IL 2014

Carnival 1, Morton Grove IL 2014

Death and the Maypole

Boy with string, Lake Michigan, Chicago 2014

Boys in the surf, Lake Michigan, Chicago 2014

Children at play, Lake Michigan, Chicago 2014

Couple on the beach, Chicago 2014

Mother and daughter, Lake Michigan, Chicago 2014

Sisyphus, Chicago 2014

Woman under umbrella, Chicago 2014

Forbidden Tower, Foster Ave Beach, Chicago 2014

Gulls and beach crowd, Chicago 2014

Three twenty-somethings, Foster Ave Beach, Chicago 2014

Three women with Tommy Bahama Gear, Chicago 2014

Woman reading a book, Foster Ave Beach, Chicago 2014

Man under the El, Chicago 2014

Man with scarf, Michigan Ave 2014

Women at picnic table, Gateway Park, Chicago 2014

Woman and Man, Foster Ave Beach, Chicago 2014

200 W Adams

Brent Minor Way

Bus Stop on Adams

Woman on Adams III

Couple on Park Bench, Millenium Park, Chicago 2014

Teenagers at Adams St Bridge

Sunday on Michigan Ave

325 N Michigan Ave

Car 2961, Chicago 2014

Family at Adams and Wabash

Family on Michigan Ave

Parallel Lines, Union Station, Chicago 2014

Parental Advisory No Ketchup, Max's Chicago 2014

Adams St, Saturday Afternoon, Chicago 2014

Two Men on the Blue Line, Chicago 2014

Wabash 2014

77 E Van Buren St 2014

Books A Million, Chicago 2014

December on Van Buren St, 2014

Van Buren and La Salle, Chicago 2014

Parking Lot at Wabash and Van Buren, 2014

Winter Gloves, Michigan Ave 2014

Hardcover, "Chicagoland: Illusions of the Literal"

Milwaukee and Hubbard, January 2014

Wicker Park, January 2015

Bird Lady of Montrose Beach II

Divvy Bike, Michigan Ave 2014

Man in crosswalk, Van Buren 2014

Midtown Produce II, Milwaukee Ave

Six Corners, Old Irving Park, Chicago 2015

Superdawg, Milwaukee and Devon 2015

Van Buren El Station, 2014

Waiting for Spring, Chicago January 2015

Dempster St, Morton Grove IL, Blizzard February 1 2015

Boot on Wacker Drive 2015

On Michigan Ave, January 2015

Self Portrait at home, Steve Gubin, January 2015

Stairway Lower Wacker Drive, Chicago January 2015

Wacker and Wabash, Jan 31 2015

Woman in Red, Chicago 2015

Lake and Wacker, Jan 31 2015

State and Adams, Chicago 2015

Bus Stop, Chicago 2015

Couple on Adams II, Chicago 2015

Jogger on Wacker Drive, Chicago, January 2015

Palmer House Entrance, Chicago 2015

Washington St Bridge to Lyric Opera 2015

Woman entering building on Michigan Ave, Chicago 2015

Columbia College, Michigan Ave, Chicago 2015-1

Shatter Rupture Break, Chicago March 2015-1

Under the Wells Street El, Chicago March 2015

Bus Stop, Chicago March 2015

Larca Gallery, Chicago 2015-1

Live What You Love, Columbia College, Chicago 2015-1

State and Jackson, Chicago March 2015

Man at Wabash and Adams, Chicago

Chicago, May 2015

Adams St, Chicago 2015

Metra, Chicago 2015

Union Station at Adams St, Chicago 2015

Untitled 1, Chcago 2015

Untitled 3, Chicago 2015

Untitled 4, Chicago 2015

Untitled 5, Chicago 2015

Untitled 6, Chicago 2015

Untitled 7, Chicago 2015

Adams and Michigan, Chicago 2015

Untitled 8, Chicago 2015

S. Des Plaines St., Chicago 2015

Clinton St., Chicago 2015

Metra window, Chicago 2015

Monroe and Des Plaines

On the Metra, Chicago 2015

Union Station, 2015

Carnival, Morton Grove IL 2015

Carnival II, Morton Grove IL 2015

Carnival III, Morton Grove IL 2015

Lightning over Skokie, IL July 13 2015

Max and Jose at Couch Place Alley, Chicago July 2015

Couch Place Alley, Chicago July 2015

Rainy Day at the Metra Station, Morton Grove IL 2015

River Walk, Chicago July 2015

State and Washington, Chicago 2015

State St, Chicago July 2015

Urban Archaeology

Washington St, Chicago 2015

Chicago River from Franklin St Bridge

Sun Shower, Chicago River, 2015

Lake St, Chicago 2015

Wacker Drive, Chicago 2015

169 W Adams, Chicago 2015

LaSalle and Madison, 2015

Monroe and Wabash, Chicago 2015

State and Madison, 2015

State and Washington, Chicago 2015

State St, Chicago 2015

Woman on Wabash

-18 W Monroe St., Chicago 2015

-Monroe and Dearborn, Chicago 2015

Woman on Monroe, Chicago 2015

Lost Boy, North Ave Beach, Chicago 2015

Joan on La Salle St, Chicago 2015

Addison St, Chicago 2015

North Ave Beach, Chicago 2015

Veni Vidi Vici, North Ave Beach, Chicago 2015

Wrigleyville, 2015

Detour, Chicago 2015

Woman on the Red Line, Chicago 2015

Madison and Wabash, Chicago 2015

Untitled, Chicago 2015

Summer's End -- Man at Foster Ave Beach, Chicago

83 E Monroe, Chicago 2015

Michigan and E. Wacker Place, Chicago 2015

Randolph and Michigan, Chicago 2015

Man on Wacker Drive, Chicago 2015

Man with tie, Michigan Ave, Chicago 2015

Woman with selfie stick, Chicago 2015

Wacker and Michigan, Chicago 2015

17 W. Adams St., Chicago 2015

Adams and State, Chicago 2015

Couple on Wacker Drive

Huron and Michigan Ave, Chicago 2015

Bus Stop, Michigan Ave

Clark and Wacker

On the Michigan Ave bridge

410 N Michigan Ave

Michigan and Lake, Chicago 2015

91 E Adams, Chicago 2015

Crossing Michigan, Chicago 2015

Window on Adams, Chicago 2015

Lightning 1 Skokie, IL July 13 2015

Lightning 2 Skokie, IL July 13 2015

Lightning 3 Skokie, IL July 13 2015

Severe Storm August 2 2015, lightning over Lake Michigan 2

Severe Storm August 2 2015, lightning over Lake Michigan 3

Severe Storm August 2 2015, lightning over Lake Michigan

Vietnam War Memorial, Wabash Plaza, Chicago 2015

Central Staircase, Chicago Art Institute

Morton Grove Metra Station, January 2016

Outside the Marriott on Adams St., January 2016

Adams and Wabash 2, Chicago 2016

Alley entrance, Chicago 2016

Homage to Jack McRitchie, Milwaukee Ave 2016

Honore and Milwaukee, Wicker Park

Milwaukee at the Kennedy

Adams and Michigan, Chicago 2016

Clark St., Chicago 2016

La Salle St., Chicago 2016

Pork Chop, Adams St, Chicago 2016

Wabash and Adams, Chicago 2016

Wabash beneath the El, Chicago 2016

Degas' Little Dancer, Chicago Art Institute 2016

Franklin and Madison, Chicago 2016

Franklin and Washngton, Chicago 2016

Franklin St., Chicago 2016

La Salle St., Chicago 2016

Modern Art Wing, Chicago Art Institute

Washington and Clark, Chicago 2016

Dearborn and Madison, Chicago 2016

In a crowd on Adams St., Chicago 2016

Late afternoon outside Macy's, Chicago 2016

Randolph and State, Chicago 2016

Woman on Randolph St., Chicago 2016

22 W Monroe, Hampton Majestic

111 South Wacker

Adams and S. Des Plaines St., Chicago 2016

Jessica Line and Ed Gilardon, Chicago urban photographers

Midday sun, Monroe and Franklin

The Street as Graphic Novel. University Club of Chicago

Union Station, Chicago 2016

Washington and Wells, Chicago 2016

Anti-Trump Protesters, Chicago 2016

Dance for Bernie, Chicago 2016

Monroe St., blinded by the light

Allley off LaSalle

Chicago reflections

Clark St. Canyon, Chicago 2016

Graphic Novel Street Corner # 30

Gull on Wacker Drive

Madison and La Salle

Monroe and Wabash

Randolph & State

Randolph and Dearborn 2016

Randolph St, April 2016

Skyline from Greektown, Chicago 2016

Chicago Trump Rally, CPD Sergeant at the end of a long night

Daley Plaza 1, Chicago 2016

Daley Plaza 2, Chicago 2016

Madison & Franklin, Chicago 2016

Madison St. Bridge, Chicago 2016

Michigan Ave, Chicago 2016

Monroe St. Bridge, Chicago 2016

On Street, Chicago 2016

State St., Chicago 2016

Under the Wells St. El, Chicago 2016

Washington & Clark, Chicago 2016

Washington & Garland Ct, Chicago 2016

Lake and Michigan

10 W Madison, Chicago 2016

Bus Stop on Madison

Crosswalk, Randolph and Michigan 2016

Crosswalk, Michigan Ave

Medium Brown Bag, Michigan Ave 2016

Monroe and La Salle 2016

Tag Heuer Redux, Michigan Ave

Washington and Wabash 2016

Wells St. 2016

Adams and Franklin, May 2016

Chicago's Finest, Adams and Michigan 2016

Garage entrance, Adams St 2016

Jim at La Salle and Monroe, Chicago 2016

Memorial Day Parade, Lake St, Chicago 2016

Memorial Day Parade, State & Lake, Chicago 2016

Memorial Day Parade, State & Madison, Chicago 2016

Restaurant Sign, Adams St, Chicago 2016

Smoker on Adams St, Chicago 2016

Three women, Memorial Day Parade, Chicago 2016

Union Station, May 2016

Van Buren & Plymouth, Chicago 2016

Veteran, State St Memorial Day Parade, Chicago 2016

Woman on the Metra, May 2016

Wells St, Chicago 2016

625 N Michigan Ave, Chicago 2016

Cloud Gate, Millennium Park 2016

Dog on Michigan Ave, 2016

Doug Rahden and Steve Gubin, Chicago 2016

Du Sable Bridge, Michigan Ave 2016

La Salle St, Chicago, June 2016

Michigan and Adams, Chicago June 2016

State and Adams, Chicago June 2016

State and Monroe, Chicago June 2016

State Street, June 2016

Wacker and Adams, Chicago June 2016

Adams and Dearborn, Chicago June 2016

Adams and Michigan, Chicago June 2016

Adams and State, Chicago June 2016

Bus stop, Michigan Ave, Chicago June 2016

Man at Adams and State, Chicago June 2016

Man at Wacker and Adams, Chicago June 2016

Michigan and Monroe, Chicago June 2016

Randolph and Wabash, Chicago June 2016

Wabash and Adams, Chicago June 2016

Wells and Franklin, Chicago June 2016

Man on Wabash, Chicago June 2016

Bus stop at Adams and Wabash

Couple at Wabash and Adams, July 2016

Food Truck on Monroe

Good Humor Truck

Joan with bust of Roman Emperor

Michigan and Monroe, July 2016

North Garden, Chicago Art Institute

July 4th, Edison Park

La Salle and Adams, July 2016

Missing Person Poster, Chicago July 2016

Crown Fountain, Chicago 2016

State St., Chicago 2016

Illinois State Beach, 2016

Bus stop, Michigan Ave

Cardinals fans on State St, Chicago 2016

Jet Ski on the Chicago River, 2016

Three women, Madison St, Chicago 2016

Wabash and Adams, Chicago, August 2016

55 E Monroe,Chicago 2016

Monroe and State, Chicago 2016

Are You Modern, Chicago 2014

Bus stop, Michigan Ave, Chicago 2016

Flag on Michigan Ave, Chicago 2016

Michigan and Ontario, Chicago 2014

Wabash and Monroe, Chicago 2016

Wacker and Michigan, Chicago 2016

Chicago Art Institute Lion with Cubs hat

Crowd at Erie and Michigan, Cubs Parade

Cubs Fan, Washington Street Bridge

Cubs Fans on Wabash

Cubs Fans on Wacker 2

Cubs Merchandise Vendor

Cubs Parade -- Boy waving Cubs flag

Cubs Parade -- Girl and father

Cubs Parade - Lester, Wood, and Ross with trophy

Monroe St. Bridge, November 2016

Mother and Child at Erie and Michigan

Cubs Parade -- Sergeant Cotter

South Riverside Plaza and Monroe

Wacker and Michigan, November 2016

Cubs fan

Cubs Parade - Anthony Rizzo

Cubs Parade - Jake Arrieta

Cubs World Series Parade, "Goodbye Tomorrow"

Merchandise Mart with Cubs W Flags

Monroe St. Bridge, Chicago 2016

October Light on Randolph, Chicago 2016

Rooftop workers, Randolph St., Chicago 2016

La Salle and Madison, November 2016

Madison and Wells, November 2016

Rainy Day 2, Madison St. Bridge, November 2016

Rainy Day, Madison St. Bridge, November 2016

Rainy Day, Willis Tower, November 2016

Washington St Bridge, November 2016

Chicago Skyline from the North Steps of the Field Museum

Cyclist in the snow at the Metra Station

Falling Ice, Monroe St, Chicago 2016

Friday Commute, Monroe St Bridge 2016

Winter Afternoon, Grant Park, Chicago 2016

Inbound Metra, Morton Grove, December 2016

Jackson St. Bridge, 2016

Lake and Wabash, December 2016

Lake and Wacker, December 2016

Madison and Wabash, Chicago 2016

Metra Station BW, Morton Grove, IL, December 2016

Monroe and Clark, Chicago 2016

Monroe and Michigan, Chicago 2016

Monroe St Bridge, Chicago 2016

Morton Grove Metra Station, December 2016

Riverside Plaza and Monroe, Chicago 2016

Riverside Plaza, Chicago 2016

Skyscrapers in the Loop, December 2016

Snowy Friday Night Rush Hour on State St

Alley off Madison, Chicago 2016

State and Monroe, Chicago 2016

Storefront on Madison, Chicago 2016

Clark and Monroe, December 2016

Visitors to Moholy Nagy Exhibit, The Room of the Present, Chicago Art Institute 2016

Night Train 1, Chicago 2016

Night Train 2, Chicago 2016

Night Train 3, Chicago 2016

Night Train 4, Chicago 2016

Night Train 5, Chicago 2016

Night Train 6, Chicago 2016

Night Train 7, Chicago 2016

Night Train 8, Chicago 2016

Night Train 9, Chicago 2017

Night Train 10, Chicago 2017

Alley off Randolph, Chicago 2017

Bus stop on State St., Chicago 2017

Pedestrians at State and Madison, Chicago 2017

"Get off my back", State St., Chicago 2017

Ticket booth, Chicago Carnival 2017

Sauvage bus stop, Chicago 2017

Man with children, Wabash Ave, Chicago 2017

Michigan Ave Bridge, Chicago 2017

2 S Michigan Ave, Chicago 2017

Child with toy car, Michigan Ave, Chicao 2017

Wacker Drive, Chicago 2017

Amtrak snowcloud, Morton Grove 2018

Man descending CTA stairs, Chicago 2018

Man exiting the Red Line, Chicago 2018

Snowfall at the Metra Station, Morton Grove 2018




Wells St. Bridge, Chicago 2018

Beneath the El on Wabash, Chicago 2018

Eyes on the city, CPD, Chicago 2018


Hopper's "Nighthawks", Chicago Art Institute 2018

Men at Monroe and Dearborn, Chicago 2018

Skateboarder at Federal Plaza, Chicago 2018

Special Patrol, State and Madison, Chicago 2018

The Street as Graphic Novel, Wells and Wacker, Chicago 2018



Adams and State St, Chicago 2018

Adams St, Chicago 2018

Memorial at E. Wacker Place and Wabash, Chicago 2018

Kayaker approaching Wabash Ave Bridge, Chicago 2018

Navy Pier, Chicago 2018

Sunset on the Chicago River, Chicago 2018

Truth, State St, Chicago 2018

Two men on DuSable Bridge, Chicago 2018

Portrait of the Artist as a 9th Century Viking