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Retired. Recovering (from two hip surgeries ... finally walking fine!.) Settling down into another part of Florida. Looking for opportunities to work with charities. And once again enjoying photography.

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Lucky Peterson at the Ringside Café in 1988

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Lucky Peterson 2007

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1936 Summer XI Olympiad Postcard

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Lizard on a Wet Screen at Sunset

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Harley Drive By

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Downtown on Glass #5

Blue Angel Mutton Snapper

Some faces were extra specially well done

The working dogs were working

Fake towers to climb (and fall down, too :)

Left, Right

Flower Child

Drive-By Tail Light Doves

Almost Home

Do The Funky Chicken, Take Two

Where There's A Line . . .

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She Came With the House

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Ancestry v2



Hoboken Drive By

Holiday Lights at the World Financial Center

First Night

Tricia Light and Dark

Ground Zero

Dessert at Mr. Tangs

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Heliotropic (seeking the sun)

Heliotropic 2


Testing Tricia

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Tricia Till I Get It Right

Mother of Exiles

Raindrops on Pronto Pizza

The View

The Tree in My Back Yard

Pinchy Winchy (using PhotoShop's Pinch filter)

Till Death Do Us Part



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Skyway Soliloquy (please view Larger)

Central Convergence

(New) Stepshadow thanks to Dave H.

Proof That Cats Can't Skateboard

Glades Gator

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Big Cypress Swamp Drive-By

Fido, hydrant, HERE BOY!

Wendy Rich

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I Love My Job

He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

One-finial Funky Chair

Sunday Morning Go To Church Meeting

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Darling #2

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Rub My Belly. Pleeeeeeze?

Sunset Through a Wet Screen

Pyrotec Reflect

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The Mullet Ballet

Concrete Jungle

The Trop (Tropicana Field)

Blues Lover

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Brack Water

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Silver Star

If Everybody Had an Ocean . . .

If There Were Plants on the Moon . . .

Watching David Lynch

Disfraces y la Magia

The Merry Widow

Green Light Getaway

Celestial Strings

3-Month Olds Do Smile

Caribbean Queen

We Have Liftoff

On the Surface

Mobile Home

War of the Ultra Booms

Mystery in White and Blue

Vice Grips II

The Slacker

Struttin' (square crop)

Inside "The Bean" - Millennium Park, Chicago

Outside "The Bean"

No Peeking


Poke in the Eye

Age'd Hippie Queen

The Observer

Asparagus Densiflorus


Caterpillar No. 2 - Brought His Own Cutlery

Caterpillar No. 3 - Hanging On By a Thread

Speed Bump

Sunshine Skyway Bridge


Sunrise on the Bay

The Pole Sitter

The Two Tenors (please view larger)

Portuguese Waitress Pursuing a Civil Engineering Degree - Brava!

Double Your Pleasure (please view larger)

Harry Potter and the White Castle

Yellow Crested Night Heron

Another Place, Another Time

First Dance

Mike Love at a Beach Boys Concert

Low and Outside

The Baker'sWife and Prince Charming (Into the Woods)

Finale - Into the Woods

Hang On Sloopy

It was a dark and stormy night . . .

Tickle Your Fancy?

Goin' to the Mardi Gras Ball

Blonds Do Have More Fun


Adorable PDOA (public display of affection)

Unchain My Heart


Bald Eagle

Carmen Poster

Going to the Prom

A Little Night Music Poster

Rigoletto Poster

Madama Butterfly Poster

"Schnoerkel" (a tube used by German sub crews in WW2)

Carmen (Cherry Duke) meets her end at the knife of Don José (John Tsotsoros)

Heavy Metal Nostril (on the Side of a NYC Bus)

Opera Lamp Post Banner for the City of St. Petersburg Florida

I Survived Hemingway Days 2010 - Key West

For me? Oh, you shouldn't have!

You Can't Get There From Here

Hemingway Days - Key West - July 24, 2010

Buffy Baggott sings "Send In the Clowns" - St. Petersburg Opera's production of A Little Night...

My Boss - Maestro Mark Sforzini

Head Shot

Louie's Lookout

Pelican Planing

Dolphin Dancing

I Believe I Can Fly

Orange Clouds Embrace

Blackjack John

Through the Kaleidoscope: Lamp Shade

Darling #4

Baby Barracuda

Alpha Hydrae Iris

Snowflake Bird Bottom

State of Undress

Unsold Opera Company Graphic :(

First Night St. Petersburg Shadow Screen

Sara Peeples is Gilda in Rigoletto



Kaleidoscopic Valentine Soup

Illuminated Macro Raindrop

Spring Has Sprung

Incredible, Edible Arugula Flower


Great horses. Lousy, expensive beer.

Will you oftly/Murmur softly

Worm: Parts I and II

Rough Landing

Pretty in color, but . . .

Man, Bird, Bucket

When Noses Collide

Bite Me

A Prisoner in the Garden

Level II Lizard

Green Heron Spotlight Café


Hemingway Days 2011

Tricia on the Rocks

Not Every Game is a Video

The Lion Lookout

Moonlight Becomes You

A Gnawing Tale of a Bird at the Beach

Silver Bells 2010 ~ St. Petersburg FL Opera Guild Holiday Party

Where the Water Meets the Sky

We Loved Each Other Not Long Ago

Bye Bye Birdie

Last Kiss - Back to Basic (training)

Swimming Salmon Skin (please view large)

Bad Hair Day

Southernmost Darling

Big Night Out


I Can't Believe I'm That Skinny!

What a Pair!

And the Sweaters Go Down With the Ship


Bouncy Bouncy

2nd St. Darling

Tropical Storm

Fillet o Fish (view LARGE please)

Good Thing Birds Don't See in B&W

from the St. Petersburg (Florida) Opera's production of Così fan tutti

Swimming the Light Fantastic

The Prisoner

Summer Time, And The Catfish Are Jumpin'

Wearable Art 8, Dunedin Florida


Berry Buzz (please view large)

Christmas Love

Little League Baseball in Puerto Plata (DR) Please view LARGE

Dali Meets Escher

Number 19 (at the first annual Pass-a-Grille FL Boat Parade)

A Mallard Contemplates What He Thinks is His Reflection

The 2013 Model "Petal"

Can the Bill Hold More Than the Belly? (please view large)


Boat on Water #5

Boat on Water #4

Boat on Water #3

Boat on Water #2

Boat on Water #1

Harvest II

Local Key West Color

Hot Enough without the Hat and Hair

Amazing what you can do with a cheap disposable underwater camera ...

Boat on Water #6

Boat on Water # 7