Oskar Ojala

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Started photography in 1998 with my father's Olympus SLR and began learning BW darkroom work. Was bit ny the photo bug and purchased a Nikon in 2000. Played around with borrowed 6x6 medium format and digital P&S cameras for years, until I bought a Rolleiflex around 2002 and a digital camera of my own, a Nikon DSLR in 2005. Did also add a basic second hand view camera to my kit in the years. I've been using Photoshop since 1996, so I felt fairly comfortable working with digital. All my color work is digital at some point the workflow and I've been cutting down on BW darkroom work quite drastically, since I never really liked the long hours printing in a darkroom. In my photography, my interests include people, man made structures and nature. Especially the crossover from man made to nature is intriguing for me as are purely man made constructs. I also do some pure nature work as I find it relaxing to move around nature.

Country: FI