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By education I'm an electrical engineer having done graphics rendering machine research. I'm musician for 20 years with synthesizer building aspirations. For many years I've been into visual arts in various ways, and I've done video and digital photography and processing for some years.



Single Photos

Some trustcam pictures



Barbara Rosenstok


Hollands Historic Stuff

Northsea Jazz 2003



Is this work

Another Cam


Just in front of the Hague station

Delft station on a hot summer day

electronics development few years ago, can still built this stuff:

the beach at a small dutch place, Bergen

Me at a camping near the dutch sea, recent. Gimp processing for colors, contrast, sharpening, decreased picture size.

This is the lake of Bienne (Bieler See) in switserland, made with a pentax cam and standard 10x15 print, copied to digital domain with a trust 300 at 'macro' setting, with a little lighting setup.

a fireplace near the same lake, some Gimp (sort of free photoshop alike) processing after trustcam reading of traditional photo

French village house

amsterdam 2002

me piano in badkuip in amsterdam

amsterdam crossroad

camping north holland

Lamppost near a bridge with tramwire attached

roses in a street in a small french town

Roses in a street in a small french town. There's a higher resolution (nicer) version in the same folder.

A creek n france.

A snapshot, maybe, I like the way the keyboard comes out.

No electrical light photo without tripod

A view inside an empty french cottage with spider webs.

Some kind of go around track without a fair on a square in a small town in mid-france

Christmas trees in wide rows in France, at sunset.

A old shed in mid france

Me at a beach in north holland, holding a branch up, by a girlfriend.

Woman at the beach, lying on loads of pallets at half sunny day.

A bridge in a small mid french town

The same small french town called Saumur, main street toward the river, bar I have no affiliation with, it just looked like a fun picture.

A non coast french harbour and probably artificial lake somewhere on the way to the mid east.

Foto by Barbara Rosenstok, a swan in Bienne lake.

Houses in damp dusk facing the coast in the Hague, Scheveningen, my birthplace.

A non-cityscape near the place I lived most of my yought, one could have met me there regularly as a kid.

Scheveningen harbour

Scheveningen harbour and a small figure of a friend

Roses in France posing in the sun, seen from nearby.

Willem of Orange, The Hague

Monument for (late) dutch queen, I think during wo II.

Willem seen from behind, from between a statue and a curved wall, with trees.

Joe Lovano

North sea big hall

Sunlight entering the big hall.

North Sea Jazz.

North Sea Jazz 2003, friday.

North Sea Jazz the Hague congress building side of big hall with reflected view.

Dave Holland on upright (bass).

Arena with tent covering.

Well performed 70's music later friday night on the big stage.

North Sea Jazz exit.

A film set photo in Amsterdam, not showing most equipment, except a light in the door, and of course the overdone attributes.

Close to the edge, but the water is close, and the water not all polluted.

A deep into the night movie shoot scene in an amsterdam residential area.

Me playing electrical guitar in front of Centre Pompidou in Paris, on the self made portable high quality audio system.

This is from a digital picture (tourist like) of Paul Cezanne's painting 'La maison du Docteur Gachet a Auvers' 1873

My selfmade amplifier, it looks straight and big enough, and it is. The lighting may not be perfect for a catalog but it seems pleasing.

From recent exhibition at modern art section of Centre Pompidou.

A beach roof with sea birds.

From Centre Pompidou, exibition art moderne, recently. I don't remember Title or Artist.

double dutch beach

Is this where the rainbow is? Nah, its electronic circuit prototyping. It works, too, as a parallel port connected display and fast AD converter with fast buffer storage (O(50MHz).

PhotoSynthesis what is it good for?

Just a fun picture from a demolishion site in city area Amsterdam. This small image puts the picture in context: Here are some more demolishion picture of a sight of century old buildings, just getting lived in torn down. Maybe there was still asbest in them.

A little village in france, one of the main streets on a sunny day.

John Scofield, one of the world most prominent jazz/fusion guitarists, at North Sea Jazz, the Hague.

Lit up Church tower at Night, with Fall Tree in Front, Lit up by Street Light.

Electronic Equipment pictures of self made stuff (amplifier, Digital Signal Processing, Mixer).

life in a park in Amsterdam city

Robert Cray at North Sea Jazz 2005.

robert cray at northsea jazz.