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Trying to depict a personal form of beauty through photography since 2003 Facebook page | Website

Country: FR


Of Divine Nature

Of Divine Nature

Of Divine Nature - Panoramic view

Single Photos


Early morning, the golden reflection of the morning dew is due to the yellow trees behing the lake.

Summoning The Manifold Wisdom

Towards The Gates Of Serenity

Lost In Purple Harmonies

Collapsing sphere amidst the spectral firmament

From the Sapphirian Fall

Emotional Winter

Secret Wood

Frozen shadows

Silhouete Playing Towards the distorted sky

A Pastoral Theme



Autumn Ethereal Part IV

Autumn Ethereal , pArt V

undergrowth confinement

Silver and Gold

This is a View from the "Cerce Valley" in early autumn;

"Chant atonal et Semblant d'eternité" Col de la ponsoniere

NightFall In Middle-Earth

Glacial World

Crystal Mountain

Iceland. the black sand beach of VIK in a thick fog .. An abstract water evocation

Within the Dephts of Silence

Out of the Depths

Outer Shadows

Chamonix Needles