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Prairie Rim Images is owned by Ben Hollingsworth. I'm a computer programmer / Unix system administrator by day and a freelance photographer by night, specializing in fine art, commercial, event, candid, and product photography. I'm based in Lincoln, Nebraska -- home of the conference-hopping Huskers. Born and raised on an acreage near Lincoln, I gained an appreciation for God's creation and the little details that most people pass by in their busy lives. My family is full of artists, so growing up, creative expression was always encouraged. I prefer to shoot with Canon digital bodies mated to a variety of old, manual lenses (my oldest camera dates from the 1930's and belonged to my great-grandfather). I view photography as a creative outlet, and try to bring a little something different to the photos I make.

The photo gallery here at Photo.Net is quite old and out of date, representing some of my earliest work. I've chosen to let it stay that way rather than pay the annual fee to maintain yet another gallery. Please visit Prairie Rim Images to see my professional portfolio, and be sure to keep up on my photography blog as well.

Country: US


Family & Friends





Andy's Wedding


Backpacking at Bear Lake in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park

Noelle shooting cows

Never Enough

Long ride home

On its way out

June Lightning 1. After the tornado sirens stopped, the most incredible lightning storm ensued. No wind, no rain, and non-stop cloud-to-cloud bolts.

June Lightning 2

June Lightning 3

Tulip 1

Tulip 2

Tulip 3

Purple & orange

Rose 1

Rose 2

Rose 3

Daisy 1

Daisy 2

Clover 1

Columbine & bug

Unidentified flower & worm

Unidentified flower

Black eyed susan

Dandylion 1

Lilly 1

Lilly & bee

Lightning 2007

This is where I grew up...

Are you my mother?

Three hungry little robins

Sandhill Cranes migrating through Nebraska

Dad, set the camera down and let me out of here!

Micah & Noelle's feet

Easter Eggs 2008

Please let me out of baby jail. I promise to be good...

Ran right out of his pants

2006 fireworks

2007 fireworks - 1

2007 fireworks - 2

2007 fireworks - 3

2007 sparklers

Ghost graffiti 1 (2008)

Ghost graffiti 2 (2008)

Hungry little kit

Haymarket Park Sunset


Micah blowing giant dandelion

Football practice on the prairie

Watching Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River

Micah reading

Hot tub

Bathing with Pooh

Lightning 2007, take 2


Waiting in Austin


You put your left foot in...

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

Puppy puzzle

Dinner time

Prairie grass at sunset

They're for you!

Spider and June Bug


The life of a 5-year-old

Peach Candy

Then you say, "I do."

Boarding pass

Bride with flowers


Awaiting their cue

Flower Girl's New Pet

Feeding the fish

Watching the fish

Poodle cut

Leader of the Pack

Final Touches

Packard and Shop (B&W)

Packard and Shop (color)

Packard taillight


Keeping an eye on the herd

Room to roam

It doesn't LOOK any greener over there.

Sunset on the pasture

Wine Rack

Outdoor wedding rehearsal (horizontal)

Outdoor wedding rehearsal (vertical)

With this ring...

Morning dew

Ready to Fly

My Little Friend

Proverbs 28:27

Men's Shelter

Prayer Warrior

Praying for the Harvest

Helping hands

Opportunities Lost

Pansy, B&W

Pansy, Color

Evening at the Park

Ready... Set...

I Love You

Three Amigos

A Single Ray of Sunshine

Climbing Higher

Peaking Through

Reach For It

Brilliant Lily

Fishing with Smidy

'41 Chevy 01

'41 Chevy 02

'41 Chevy 03


Grand Finale

Smoke and Mirrors

Still Waters

First Petting Zoo: Love

First Petting Zoo: Excitement

'41 Chevy 03 B&W

Grandma's Shed

Smith Falls 1

Smith Falls 2

Smith Falls 3

Smith Falls 4

Rat Patrol

The Old Landmark

Michael Tait of the Newsboys

First Canvas

Bedtime In the Fort

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Heading Home



Time To Die


Grandma's Kiss

Tiny Toes

Mother's Love



Chasing First Light

Standing on the promises 3

Standing on the promises 2

Standing on the promises 1

Which way now?

Grandma's Bowling Alley

Grandma's Storm Door

Every Boy's Dream

Morning Frost 1

Morning Frost 2

Morning Frost 3

Morning Frost 4

Morning Frost 5

Morning Frost 6

Winter wonderland

Always welcome

White Out

Too Cold

Fire In Ice


Water Under the Bridge




In My Room


Toward the Light

Organic Ice


It's Better Inside

Frosty Engraving

And They're Off!

Jedi Master Harrison

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset 4

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset 3

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset 2

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset 1

Sandhill Cranes and Deer at Sunset

Sandhill Cranes and Deer at Sunset 3

Sandhill Cranes at Sunset 5

Ben and Noelle at Sunset on Platte River

Noelle's Sandhill Cranes at Sunset

Noelle's Platte River Sunset 1

Noelle's Platte River Sunset 2

Past their prime

Happy Mothers' Day?

Happy Mothers' Day?


Where the wind takes us