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Nature Nearby

Urban Flora

Urban Sculpture

Urban Landscape

Algonquin Park - July 2007

Urban Fauna

Urban Art

Southern England - Oct '07 - Megaliths & Historic Sites

London, UK - Impressions of the City - June and December '08

Rome - A Long Walk - December 2008


Paris: Walking in Summer - August 2009

London in Spring - 2010


Paris/Marseille/London - Oct-Nov 2010: Walkabout

Scotland - May 2011 - Coast to Coast to Coast

Manhattan in Fall - October 2011

Rome, Tuscany and London - Spring 2013


Geese on Golden Water

Natural Curves

Steel Bird 2

Steel Bird

Tall Tower in a Busy City

Pond Bud and Flower

Green Rock and Rivulet

Taste of Italy and a Naughty Little Girl

Fountain Fun

Leaves & Raindrops

Light on Night Light

Deco Stonehead

Sunlit Spire

Industrial Art Thing

Merlin's Caves Below Tintagel Castle

Land's End

The Cerne Abbas Giant (on the right, a.k.a. 'Rude Man') & Homer Simpson?

Near The Hurlers

The Cheesewring

Cheddar Gorge

St. Michael's Tower (1360), Glastonbury Tor

Clovelley - preserved and maintained as it was 200 hundred years ago.

HMS Warrior berthed in Portsmouth

Rainbow Near Tintagel

Cambridge University - Heading for Class

Cambridge University, Library Building

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle - Rampart viewed from the Moat

Tintagel Castle - Remains of History and Myth

Rollright Stones - Mystery and Macabre

A view of the main tower and a glimpse of the remarkable gardens at Windsor Castle

Countryside Modern - Sheep, Crops and Reactors

Cornwall coastline as seen through the lower Keep of Tintagel Castle

Stonehenge - The Ancient Mystery

Canterbury Cathedral - King's College Students

Canterbury Cathedral - Spires, Archways and Pillars

Storm Break Near The Hurlers

The Cheesewring - Ancient Monuments

Toronto Time at Old City Hall

Ajax Sunset

Highgate Cemetery - Sombre Footpath

Highgate Cemetery - Light Shines Through

Oxford High Street - Sea of Happy Humanity

A Couple Watching the Spaceship - Nathan Philips Square, Toronto

Woman, Child Trapped in Poster

V&A Archway

Bodies, Screens and Shadows

Butcher's Hall - Traditions & Guilds

V&A - Ceiling Vaults

Bound Unbound - 3 Girls: First impressions of this piece may be deceiving, but really, it's an outdoor wall painting. I do not know the name of the artist who did such a marvelous job on the concrete wall of an underpass. Cropped to fill the frame with the subjects, levels adjusted, otherwise unmanipulated.

Ceiling Arches & Portals

Brompton Cemetery - Strange Crypt

The Dumpling Girl

St. Paul's Cathedral & The Singing Bridge

The Tower Bridge at Sunset

Reason Against Rage

The Roman Wall: Remains of the Empire

St. Nectan's Kieve - Idyll

Duck at Me

Finial & Leaf Twist

Bad Teeth . . . Soon

Iron Fence at Sunset

Fall Flowers After the Rain

A Few of My Friends Say Hello!

Piazza San Pietro at Sunset

Fontana delle Naiadi in Piazza della Republica

Balcony Garden near the Spanish Steps

Old Woman - Beggar & Supplicant

Santa Maria Maggiore - The Basilica

Santa Maria Maggiore - Sacristi Ceiling

Stone Spindles on Quirinale

Ancient Gate near via Piave

Flower & Window Sill - Allen Gardens

Crooked Door - Red Wall

Table and Chair at Cafe Bernate

Alone on the Street

Spindles and Light

St. Paul's Basilica - Toronto

Morning in Rome - Pillar, Texture and Shadow

Door, Stone and Tree - Courtyard off Via Barberini

Late Fall - Garden Shed

St. Peter's - Mary and the Shroud

St. Peter's - Pillars, Columns, Design . . . and an idiot on his cell phone

The Colosseum - Backdrop to Rome

Holy Rome Against the Storm

Lucchetti D'Amore - Love Locks

Big Ben - Street Scene from Trafalgar Square

The Barber Shop - Central Rome

Tomb and Ivy - Highgate Cemetery

Zooming on Bay Street

Eiffel at Night

Napoleon the Emperor

Pattern of Technology - The Arab & Islamic Institute

Architectural Tech - The Arab and Islamic Institute

Not the Mona Lisa

Old Paris - Along the Seine

Homeless in Paris

Waiting at the Cafe

The Dome at Les Invalides

A Couple and Red Doors on the Right Bank

Arc de Triomphe . . . beep, beep, beep, beep

Crap at Centre Georges Pompidou (Pompidou Center)

A Street Beggar

Hands in the Rodin Museum

Is that Wilde lying there, or are you just happy to see me?

Light a Candle - Say a Prayer

A Young Couple

Insane Lunatic on a Paris Street

Woman in Prayer - Notre Dame

Docent - Contemplation at Musee d'Orsay

Strangers - Ignoring Each Other on the Metro

Pillars of Sacre Coeur

Le Poulbot

Marble Figure in Churchyard

Howard the Street Dweller

Busy Streets - Red, Blue, Orange After a Rain

Girl in the Motorcycle

I Did It All By Myself!

Do Not Sit In This Chair

Storybook Garden

Architecture of Modern London

The Flower Market - Columbia Road

Flower Shop on Jermyn Street

Church Garden Gate

Wisteria and Window Panes

Lunatic Tourist Interfering with Scene

Oldest Vespa on Earth

Regent's Park - A Natural Painting

Perfect Morning for a Walk

Quiet Resting Place

Regent's Park - Before Sunset

Spring Tulips at Eaton Square

Sculpture Court - Saatchi Gallery

Sculpture Tableau - Oxford

Southwark Row House

Tourist Trap on Oxford Street

St. Augustine's at Sunrise

St. Paul's Cathedral at Sunset

All Saints Margaret Street - Courtyard

The Monument Staircase

The Royal Oak Pub

Baker Street Tube

Film Festival '08

Cigarette at Night

Girl got Milk

Every Saturday

Homeless on Queen Street

Spadina Road Denizens

Steven the Mi'kmaq Lobsterman

Glenn the Street Guy

Fall Freighter

No Match Today

Quaint Veranda

Spadina Dummies

St. Stephens Tavern Clock

13 Rue Neuve des Augustins

Beautiful Old Entrance

Moat and Ducks - Bodiam Castle

The Village of Bodiam as seen from Bodiam Castle

Devotional Candles and Effigy at Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

Chez Michèle - Beneath London Bridge at Borough Market

Vieux Port - Contrails and Silhouettes at Sunset

Corporal in the Horse Guards

Devotional Candles at Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

iPod Guy

Late Afternoon at the British Museum

Light Painting near Leicester Square

London Eye and Contrails

Madame Marin-Pêcheuse - Felicienne

Palais Longchamp - Grand Entrance

M and J at the Cathédrale de la Major

Monsieur Claude the flower watch dog

Monsieur Marin-Pêcheur - Abdel the Fisherman

My Friend - Old Victorine

Pillar and Park at the Palace

Pompidou Center/Centre Georges Pompidou - industrial ugly in the heart of Paris

Regent Street - bustling crowds

Shaftesbury Avenue Theatres

The Private Sloop Marseille

Stupid Art - one white sunflower seed (see if you can find it)

Take Courage: England shall prevail

Anchor along the thames at low tide

The Giants Castle - Bodiam in Hastings

Very Nice Flower in London (but I don't know what it is)

Enormous Man Contemplating Entrance to Monster Records

Street Food - Hot Meal on a Cold Night

There is Always One Dead Bulb

Not a Mirror Image

Winter Sun on Vines

Graffiti is Better than Street Posters

Rivulets on a Window

Broken Dream - White Picket Fence

Birds on the Wires

Pipe Illusion

Rusty Ringer

Girl Not Real

Silhouette Saint

A View Overlooking the Seine near Musée d'Orsay

La Porte d'Aix - Arc de Triomphe, Marseille - Better Days Ahead Perhaps?

Transition Triptych

Hightop Shoes

Old Man Marking Time Alone

Big Buick

A View Through Advocate's Close in Edinburgh - as seen from Royal Mile

Peculiar Scotsman Interfering with View of Loch Ness

Blithe Spirit at the Apollo Theatre

Churchyard and Grazing Sheep by the North Sea Coast

Culzean Castle

Dappled Light in Marleybone at Sunset

Early Evening in Derbyshire

Early Morning - Cafe in SOHO

Edinburgh Reflections on a Murky Day

Edinburgh Old and New

Eilean Donan Castle - A View from Loch Duich

Flowered Rock Wall

Highland Vale near Alness

Lindisfarne Castle in Morning Light

Lindisfarne Castle - Steely Sky

Stone Fence in the Highlands

Terraces in Old Edinburgh

John O'Groat's - Local Shepherd Demanding to Know What I've Done with his Sheep

Old Dory near Eilean Donan Castle

Painterly Arches - Ruins at Lindisfarne Priory

Pink Sunset Above Edinburgh Castle

The North Sea Coast at Portknockie

Pub Coloured Light

Royal Marine on Duty at Buckingham Palace

Sunset Storm Rolling in at Portknockie

Westminster and Big Ben at High Noon

Window and Curtains at Lindisfarne Castle

Peek-a-Boo Flower

Crates for the Recycler

Guardian Hydrant

Barista Girl

Studying in the Park

Guggenheim Curves

Hotel Wellington

Ollie at the Chambers

Neville the Beggar

Occupy . . . Something

Manhattan Skyline from the Reservoir

Vinnie the Baker

Vesuvio Bakery and the Power of Scent

Fanelli (not Fanelli's!) Cafe

Bistro les Amis (Friends Restaurant)

Cactus in a Dusty Window

Rocco Restaurant - Neighbourhood History and Wonderful Food in Greenwich Village

Angels in a Red Truck

New Yorker Hotel - Fame, Fortune and Art Deco

Tiles for America

Stretchy Pants

Window Cat

Billy is not Dancing Tonight

Albert at Mystic Muffin

Morning Light at Allen Gardens

Woman with a Lamp

Pillar Illusion

Old Window - Late Afternoon at University of Toronto

Manhattan Skyline Looking North from the ESB - A Million buildings

Antonio S. - Construction Project Manager

Mike G. - Eye of the Engineer

Steve A. - Contractor, Businessman

CNE Tilt-a-Whirl, aka I'm Old Enough to Know Better than to Ride It Myself

Metal Ghost Heads

Bananas on Spadina

Illusion in Metal

Cheap Watchbands

Stone Angel at Sunset

Late Night at the Laundromat

Yorkville Garden Girl

Geoff Asleep on Yonge Street

7 and 8

It May Be Art, But I Am Confused


After the Spring Rain in Pisa

Bicycle Vignette in Rome

Ancient Roman Bench in Tuscany

Checking the Guidebook

Colosseum Ruins

12th Century Column near Pienza Cathedral

Afternoon Light and Columns, St. Mary Le Strand, London

Columns and Shadows near Covent Garden

Ufficio del Dottore Callea

Fake Fakirs Running a Street Gag

Shutters, Flowers and Gate

Central Dome of Genoa Cathedral

Under the Tuscan Sun near Montepulciano

Getting Ready for the Spring Festival in Viterbo

Medieval Street in Viterbo

Doorway and Courtyard

Fountain of Pan at the Palazzo del Principe

Quiet Piazza at Sunset in Siena

Piazza Di Ferrari in Genova

River, Bridge and Dome

Poor Little Ape (Ah-Pay)

Shoemaker - Early Evening in Spoleto

Dome of San Matteo - Genoa

The Facade of Duomo di Siena di Santa Maria Assunta

Spring Tulip Pots in Pienza

Street Scene in Rome

Studying and Sketching

Sunset in Pisa Along the Arno River

Texting at Temple Church

The Goddess Juno

Senza Fissa Dimora - Homeless Women in Rome

Peace Vigil Woman


Imperial Rome - The Arch of Constantine

Cassie Wants To Go Home

I Am Not Calling This Number

Psychic Everything . . . Everything

A Taste of Italy 2014 . . . with Zombies!

Worn Out Everything



Five Dollars is all it is Worth