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Born in 1982 in France, near to the Alps, I early discovered photography and mountain with my father. I took my first photograph ten years ago in the Alps... ten years after, mountains allways give me the same pleasure and I devote much of my time to nature photography... Here are two websites were is exposed more of my work : my personnal website - www.ecrinsdelumiere.com - and a collective website founded with five photographers friends - www.boutsdeplanete.com - Thanks for your visits! Xavier

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Mountain lights


Single Photos


Sunset on the Taillefer - French Alps


Meije reflections

First rays on the mountain called "Les Agneaux", Ecrins National Park, France.

A smile from Elgol - Isle of Skye

Rainbow and the Cuillins - Isle of Skye, Scotland

By a cloudy day, Muande Lake (2400m) in Ecrins National Park - Alpes, France.

Automn colors on the Aiguilles d'Arves, French Alps.

The Cuillins from Elgol - Scotland

Meije and Rateau summits, Ecrins National Park, France

Arves Peaks from Quirlies Lake, Grande Rousses, Alpes, France

Grande Casse, higest summit of Vanoise National Park, Alpes, France

Taillefer Mountain near Grenoble city, Alpes, France

Muande Lake in Ecrins National Park, Alpes, France. First snow in Alpes, by a cold September day

Stoer Lighthouse - Scotland

Winter sunset on Arves Needles

Hills near Die, DrĂ´me

First Light on the Grande Casse Mountain.

Morning Light on the Grande Casse, Vanoise National Park, France

The Sound of Raasay. Skye - Scotland

Plan du Lac, in Vanoise National Park (French Alps). October light by a cloudy morning.

From Vercors in french alps to Mount Ventoux, a well known mountain of south of France.

Peach Blossom

Tuscany colors

Sunset on the Grand Roc Noir Summit, Vanoise National Park - France

Sunset on the North Face - Vanoise National Park, France

Tuscan sunrise

Matterhorn Sunrise

Matterhorn at dawn

Matterhorn reflection