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surfer dudes

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whitetail deer


may 1, 2002


extreme sports skating



Beach girl dancing to bongos

bongos in action

everybody plays the bongos

Wheat against the late sun.

US/Mexico border child

B&W child eating bubbles

california bathers

short depth of (corn) field

beautiful kids

indian summer

only watching

sand surfer


presenting: surfer dude

bw lone surfer

young surf god

surfer getting it up

color surfer biting air

pier surfer

late surfers

please comment: drowning horse and rider


ms. barbie

looking in, looking out

dancing nudes (please rate)

mother with child (please rate)

mother and child2 (please rate)

mother, daughter3

surfer fighting (please critique)

buck deer at dusk

daughter by candle light

suburb dancers

Black winner- White loser.

savannah flower


predator; please critique

3 deer prancing; please critique

busy wall; please critique

last sun; please critique

sarah as ballet; please critique

the serious artist; please critique

jumping on the bed; please critique

will run you down; please critique

jumping and throwing; please critique

don't make me come over there; please critique

sarah w/ ball; please critique

sarah with ball2; please critique

sarah with ball3; please critique

concentrating on speed; please critique

run you down 2; please critique

speed of light; please critique

speed racer; please critique




snake, ran over- but not dead

bad paint and windows


plane over pond

kansas city plaza in rain


water sunset

macro of bee and flower; please evaluate

montage of redemption1

montage of redemption2


losing the skateboard! please review

spread eagle extreme sports

extreme sports, please review

extreme sports, please review

extreme sports, please review

extreme sports, please review

stunt remote control car actually JUMPED me as i shot this photo!

please review, resting skater

young child stunt riding

free flow of thought; please review

blue fire (negative of flame), please critique

disturbed girl