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Chilean cityzen living in Chile. Born in Concepción close to 54 years ago. One wife and three children. Electronic engineer (Universidad de Concepción -1971). I own a small engineering firm specializing in industrial automatic control and instrumentation. Amateur photographer just because of it since I had money enough to buy a little Agfa point and shoot but taking photography the serious way only since some 15 years ago and more seriously (I mean expensively, of course) only since some 10 years ago. Mechanic cameras fan (Leica M3, Nikon FM2-n, Yashica TLR G). Shoot slides and B&W only. I'll much welcome and answer any mailing.


First Attempt










8AM-Work day-early Winter

What a character

At the kitchen, in my office

Fawcet in the kitchen at my office early at evening

Lulu's left eye

Quite his portrait

Right before summer storm - Coming back from the mountains

Sharing earnings

Fernanda in dad's blue hat

Brilliant job

Fernanda, years after Blue Hat

Sister in law, Lily, reading El Sur at my home

Nice light that afternoon at my office

Aunts Eliana (left) and Amelia were concerned


Manuel at Los Lleuques, up in the mountains

Stop in my way to buy empanadas in Lenga

From my walk by the lake at Llacolén

People looking at the Falls by the last light at evening

Fernanda up the hill at Desembocadura del Bío Bío

Fernanda doing a puzzle in Coñaripe. Summertime 1999

Our friend Gastón at our home - Summer 2001

Luis looking happy at the office

Luis after lunch in Los Lleuques

Marcos at my home

Jocking at my brother's home in Talca

Raúl reading at the Hospital

Rudy at aunt Mely's home

Alexis (left), Luis and Abel in Lirquén after big year-end lunch

Aunt Amelia (left), Betty and Paty at Hospital del Trabajador waiting for news

My youngest daughter Fernanda and friends dancing for a charity in arauco

Fernanda (2nd from right) and friends at flamenco dancing in Arauco

Fernanda and friends dancing in Arauco. Sevillana

At the bus stop


Early Worker

Didn't show up

Under the Bridge

Suny old grocery store

La Moneda - Chilean Government Palace

Concepción Cathedral at evening

Llacolén Bridge at North end

Llacolén Bridge at North end

Llacolén Bridge at North end

Mom - In deep depression

At the birthday party

Dad and children at street native folk exhibition

Cueca - Chilean national folk dance

Sunday afternoon at the Main Square

Street performers at rest

Argueing while shoe shining

Awaiting for us all

Watchman at Night

Sun set at the Mall

Santiago Cathedral

R. Watson's inspiration

Favorit Hotel

Evangelic Church

Early night at INACAP Tech School

Bridge hand rail

At the Cemetery

Escalator at the Airport


Children in Penco

Swings in Laraquete

Doing my stuff


My self, avoiding flare

At a Japanese Garden

Sunset in the sink

Binder at late afternoon in my office

Half body


Sunset in the Sink - 2

Vertical M3

Ariel á contre jour



Carlos, Manuel y Pancho

Visiting the Photo Club

Fernanda in happy chating after Sunday lunch at home

Fernanda's spectacles on the cofee table

Old Car been exhibited at Bus Station in Santiago

The Fountain at Patio de los Cañones - La Moneda

The singer in the restaurante by the beach

The waitress in the little restaurante by the beach

Corner in Room 27

Political statement

Crab with inclined horizon line


Mom smiling at something

Fernanda dancing at Sala Andes

Cristóbal in "Cubano" T-shirt

Cover of Lulu's old pot

Lulú at the Cofee Shop

Devil's Horse

Sunday morning by the lagoon

Young lady greengrocer at the open market

Plying games

Leeves in the back yard of my office

Mom's plants at home

Sirens Fountain at Main Square in Concepción


By the lake at the Club

Old Ford in Talcahuano

Pedestrians early on sunny Sunday morning

Leaf in the grate

For children

Late evening at the mountains

Lulú - 1992A

Lulú - 1992B

Past last model

Electric post by the high way

Late at night at the cafe

Ladies section (black)

Lonely runner by Lenga beach


Last day in Pucón

Last day in Pucón - Boats

In the Glass Mill


Lulú at Café de la P, in Pucón

Lonely boat by Villarica Lake - Pucón


Rocas en la Segunda Playa - Constitución

At the open Market

Winter afternoon in Lota

Uncle Reinaldo

Naked at the Cemetery

It's ready. Just stand here, look through and softly push the button


Crabs at sunset in Laraquete

In Lago Villarica by Pucón

At Hotel Pucón after the rain

Waiting for the master at Café de la P, in Pucón