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Costa Rica




Nazare, Portugal

Nazare, Portugal surf

Eastern lubber grasshopper

Great egret

Waiting patiently

Jabiru in Northern Territories, Australia

Great egret ready for takeoff

On the boardwalk

Moon/Jupiter conjunction; 5 moons visible (view larger)

Dinnertime on the Little Merton River

Mitchell Falls in far northern Australia from a trip along the Gibb River Road

Near Caribou Ranch on Boulder Canyon Drive, Colorado LR-1000697

Near Twin Lakes, Co

Colorado fall scene

Sunset on Broome Beach LR-02082


Red-eyed tree frog lit by flashlight

Resplendent quetzal

Resplendent quetzal


Black bear foraging for berries

A kiss for Mom

Black bear cub high in an aspen tree

Panorama of Marion Lake in Grand Tetons

Panorama of Marion Lake, Grand Tetons


Marmot in a crack of a rock

Pika on hike to Middle Fork, Grand Tetons NP

Granite Canyon trail, Tetons NP

Panorama of Marion Lake, Tetons NP

Moonset at dawn

Two bull moose sparring

Bull moose

Black bear crossing the road

Black bear cub in an aspen tree

Herd of pronghorn antelope in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone NP

Pronghorn antelope

Dawn at Norris campground, Yellowstone NP

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Lower Falls

Panorama from the Beartooth Pass, MT

Panorama from Beartooth Pass,MT

Old farmhouse and Tetons

P1080470-72-74-76-78 mergeB

P1080484+486+496+501+505 merge


Island in the fog LR-1080383

Fishing in the fog LR-1080384

Tomb of Vasco de Gama LR-00098

Moorish castle in Sintra LR-00362

Lisbon by night LR-00383

Biblioteca Joanina at the University of Coimbra LR-00948

Ruins of Castelo de Almoural LR-01074

Castelo de Almoural LR-01116

Roman temple in Evora LR-01181

Exploring Lisbon frugally LR-00125

Perfect lighting for a wedding in Sintra LR-00375

Capuchin monkey LR-1060187

Bat under a leaf LR-1060102

Large iguana LR-1060655

Chestnut billed toucan LR-1060728

Scarlet macaw LR-1060740

Young spider monkey LR-1060835

Catching some rays LR-1060940

Nice place for a snooze LR-1060950


Red-legged honeycreeper LR-1070128

Blue jeans poison dart frog LR-1070145

Black and green poison dart frog LR-1070179

Tails up LR-1070277

Poor man's umbrella plant LR-1070419

Red-tailed hawk eyeass LR-1040638

Red-tailed hawk eyeass LR-1040645

Cruising Grand Lake in an American classic LR-1040009-2

Bull elk in Rocky Mtn. NP LR-1040206

Bull elk in Rocky Mtn. NP LR-1040210

Bull elk in Rocky Mtn. NP LR-1040215-2

Winter scene

Wisconsin state capitol at sunset

Spider web high in the rainforest

Web-casting spider lit by flashlight

Melomys lit by flashlight

Koala (captive)

Praying mantis

Australian marsupial possum and young

Marsupial possum and young

Green sea turtle

Large clam

Melomys lit by flashlight

Black reef heron

Take off!

Dead Horse point panorama

Ruby throated hummer

Biking on the Xian city wall

Great Wall

Panorama of water town

Old bridge

Canal in a watertown

Pillars in Zhangjiajie

Flicker leaving nest

Takeoff !

Hummer acrobatics

Hummer acrobatics

Snoozing otter

Waiting for the facilities

Recently fledged eaglet flying across the moon

Yellow swallowtail butterfly and azaleas

Sailing at sunset

Eye to eye

Guanaco and mountains

Condor soaring against the Andes


Panorama view of Cuernos del Paine

Dust storm and lenticular cloud


Backroad vista

Making hay on the plains

Badlands vista

Pelican struggling to swallow a large fish

Pelican with large fish attracts a crowd

Bald eaglet learning to fly

Great blue heron admiring Comet Neowise

Autumn splendor